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Hey all

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Hey all on this forum,


I'm Rob. I have zero experience with forums (until now), so I'll see how it works out for me.

I'm really glad that I found this place. I played LEGO Racers for over a decade now, as well as LEGO Island, and the longer you play a game, the more you like to do some research on it. That's how I came across this forum. After reading some topics I really am amazed with the information and discussions here. A big analysis on missing shortcuts, glitches and even modding! I never thought people would thoroughly investigate these games.

I'll see if I can contribute to the growing list of discoveries on these games (as soon as I get some file problems fixed on my PC).



Welcome to RRU! (I believe I'm qualified to welcome members now?)


Enjoy your stay, just make sure to wear pants at all times (or at least around Extreme110).


And I'm sure we look forward to any contributions you can make :)


Welcome, Rob! As you might be aware, it is part of your contract to wear pants at all times! Offenders will be punished! Enjoy your stay!




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Hey Rob welcome to the community.  I hope you enjoy your stay.  Maybe you could build a car and post it on the community?