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Community and Common Cause - What happened?

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The Brigadier

Oh dear. I've been here since October 2011, and I've never seen anything like this.
This community is falling apart like a wet cake. We cannot let our own opinions and petty arguments get the better of us on this one. We have to overcome our individual problems; there has been wrong done on both sides. I spoke with Phoenyx earlier, he said that he and IceHusky are thinking about leaving RRU. We cannot afford to lose any key members of this community. Communities have to stay together, to press through the bad times, overcome arguments and leave the situation as better individuals.
We need to lock this topic. Put this thing six feet under before anybody does anything they're going to regret.
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One does not need LRR to make textures or even maps for it, just Cyrem's map editor or a image editor. If one has Lightwave, one can even make a full overhaul. The same applies to the other games we have selfcontained tools for. So what are we waiting for?




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I leave for several days and one of these topics appears :0 . Anyway, to business. 

I'm going to quote what I wrote in IceHusky's blog since I saw that before this.

The reason I believe, is that back then members didn't know each other well, they didn't see each others faults, nor did they look for them. Over time, you get to know more about the people you talk to, you see their faults, you learn their opinions etc. People judge other people more often and this carries on in their future engagements with them. Eventually, you've built this wall where you dislike certain people, ignore them, hate them and hold grudges.

The only solution to this issue I can see is: dropping those grudges and forgetting/ignoring their personal faults.

I have said this before, only the community can make RRU a better place. It cannot be done by one person, everyone must take part.

Expanding on what I have said above, I think it is important to note that there is a time and place for HEALTHY arguments. If I look at the 'argument' in this topic, it really isn't that bad compared to past ones. There is little name calling, and the argument itself is simply based on the opinions of the site failing vs site getting better. Which was bound to happen since different people have different opinions of RRU. Some questions require arguments to take place in order to get a result, an answer, the weighing of opinions to find truth. So having some sort of expectation of one big happy family, isn't really realistic despite how much everyone would love that (myself included).

Phoenyx, everyone can see that you are trying to do good here with this topic. Some may not be vocal about this, but I assure you, they know. When anyone gets involved in arguments tensions and frustration will arise, it always does. When that happens, you need to step back as if in third person, look at it from the view of the other person, take some time out then later come back when fresh. This helps me and I'm pretty sure it works for all humankind. If you don't, it continues to build up, it's not good for your physical health.

Common Cause
I don't believe the community has lost it's cause. In fact, I think it has regained it with the furthering of LEGO Racers modding, not to mention the opening of the other classic forums. The cause of existence has morphed from dedication to LEGO Rock Raiders to dedication to Classic LEGO Gaming. The reason this was done, I think, is clear.

We're All Over the Place
If you mean "connected", RRU members are indeed very connected as Extreme has pointed out. People talk everywhere. If you mean what games people are interested in, or focusing on... yes there is variety, but this is for giving something for everyone. The main modding focus should be on LRR and LR, as these two have the most progress... however I change around because I like to have some variety. I don't think it is a bad thing.

The Tension
I can see this to be a problem (see quote above).

Community Help
Cirevam touched on this. No one really helps each other out with modding. It's like we're all waiting around a campfire for someone to start cooking the sausages, but no-one wants to put in the effort to prepare the food and cook it. This needs to change. People need to put in the effort even if they don't gain anything themselves, just be a good neighbor. Some people have been doing this, and I will give one example. LRR Level, people make them... almost no one can be bothered to play them.... why? Someone took the time to make it for US, can we not take the time to see what they made for you and everyone? It's practically a present... and how many of you ignore or deny presents from people? Lair of Rockwhales has thankfully taken some time to play and record the past levels that were made, and he is enjoying them. Cirevam has put up his hand for help, be a brother, lend a hand and not only will you have the pride of being apart of the development of TR, but you've done a good thing... you were apart of something. Take the plunge like Lair, and give them a try... show that you are thankful for what other people have made for you!

I'm going to throw this in. I have a gut feeling that due to lack of proper documentation that works, people a less inclined to mod or even try mods. LR has some excellent tutorials written by JimbobJeffers that are detailed an understandable (not saying the other tuts aren't, just an example). When we go over to LRR tutorials, I see incomplete(I have one of these), un-detailed and tiny tutorials. And there are some things that people just don't understand which we (the more knowledgeable modders) expect them to know.... "or get out". It seems we've gotten into this middle ground where we "know" but haven't turned our knowledge in words. Tutorials need to be clean, need to be understandable for most people and need to reference additional material, such as content on the Wiki(which again, areas have lack of documentation).

Off-topic Club
It's time to bring this up. RRU has an off-topic club. That is, users who visit and solely (or almost) post in the off-topic areas of RRU. Now, the off-topic areas are not an "evil of RRU", it's purpose it to fill in the gaps, help all members to be more casual and have fun. If you notice the forum layout, it's at the bottom. It's there because it is the least important part of the community. If you post in the areas of the community of which RRU is purposed and in off-topic, there is nothing wrong. However too much of one thing is bad, and in this case, if you are only here to live in that section, you are not productive to this community and your time is probably better spent on a forum that is dedicated to 'off-topic' discussion. One other thing, off-topic club members generally are viewed as the ... "lower class", I know this sounds bad, but if you think about what I've just said... you'll will see why. I guess, on RRU, your reputation depends more on how productive you are on the community.

I don't think this is an issue we should "bury" and hope it goes away, thats been tried and it only comes back to the surface over time. I think this does need to be addressed so that we can kiss it goodbye for at least a long while. Phoenyx, I hope you do come back because I don't think you gave this topic a real chance before making up your mind.
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I am sort of new here (and my opinion doesn't count) and when I see an argument like this it doesn't promote me to come to rock raiders. I hope you take this thread down soon Cyrem, for if new members see this thread they might not be too inclined to come back lets say...


when I see an argument like this it doesn't promote me to come to rock raiders.

It should be irrelevant, though, because if you're a modding person, you'll only look at the modding topics, where there's no fighting or arguments.

I hope you take this thread down soon Cyrem, for if new members see this thread they might not be too inclined to come back lets say...

I'm going to disagree again. Jimbo up above is still technically new and he's staying here? I don't think people join a site for the community, they join for what the community might offer as far as modding or discussion surrounding media or whatever. Some people will stay because they made friends with specific people in the community, and they look past the problems because they're busy having fun with other people they like to talk to. Some people will stay because this is a great place to give brilliant insight on new modding research as far as classic LEGO games are concerned, and they aren't concerned with other matters on the site. People don't stay because all 25 or so active members are good at working together, because I believe that's an impossibility due to everybody here being in a cesspool of conflicting interests.

If a new member leaves because they think the community has problems, not the actual content and discussion on offer, then I'm not even worried they left.