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Rock Racers Overhaul (WIP)

- - - - - Rock Raiders Overhaul Power-Up Custom Textures

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For my 1,001st post, I present to you a response to your comments! :P


Firstly, thanks for your feedback aidenpons, I really appreciate it and it's great to see people still playing this barely-started mod. :) Now...


Crystal Fort  

1. Wow... did you really swap Willa (in her airship) with a slug? WHY?

2. The torches in Crystal Fort seem to follow which way you are facing...

3. I think that the dragon there could be replaced with something like a Rock Monster?

4. The RR logo on various posts seems to be detached from the post itself... Go sideways to it and you'll see what I mean. Also the crystals (in the first castle) follow you too.

5. Those sliding things on the top of the castle... What're those for? You don't need to have something moving just because you can.

6. In the castle at the beginning of the map, there are too many pictures of Chief posing for the same thing. Also, that cauldron could be replaced with a large Slimy Slug head (That's just an idea - if you have a better way to exploit the rolling function, go ahead)

7. There's too much turquoise in the first castle. I think it should be dark grey and that little band (now yellow) should be turquoise.

8. The 'crystals on chains' idea doesn't seem to work for me. What's the point of having them there? Can you not just have nothing at the end of the chains?

9. The 'slimy slug' area has too many holes for it. Having that many holes is never seen anywhere, especially as there are no slugs nearby.

10. Also, changing Willa's laugh to the slimy slug 'ooh, ooooOOh' noise might work well.

11. Changing the sky colour to a cavern roof might look nice, 'cause then the pillars would make sense.


Ice Exploration  

The ice textures on the side of the road seem to clash often, with jarring lines as one abrubtly ends and another begins...

The obelisks could be replaced by those ice pillars. Those palm trees (in the original) things.. can you just remove them?

Inside the thingy at the beginning of the race, I've noticed that a) a lot of hieroglyphic stuff still remains, and b) the reinforced solid rock texture is slightly too short so it duplicates the bottom up near the top. This looks awful.

I'm not sure if you could do much about this, but it is fairly blocky inside the thingy and thus this doesn't suit RR walls.

Going inside the first shortcut, something seems to have glitched with the textures at the very beginning of it. Also, the oasis could be replaced by ice.

Still in the shortcut area, those Recharge Seams are cut off half-way and look awful.

Those recoloured tents just don't seem right. Perhaps they could be some rocks, but they're just too angular for RR...

That ice shortcut is great. It's almost a shame to smash it. :P But having the Sphinx there doesn't really work...

1. Because slugs love crystals! I don't know, who else would you choose?

2. That's not my fault, that's the game's attempt to use 2D textures in a 3D way.

3. I would love to do this, but it would require model editing. I don't mean actual 3D modelling, rather I'll see if I can find a large 2D texture somewhere (as mentioned above) and give it a Rock Monster texture, perhaps.

4. Can't remember those textures now, but again it might be the game's fault. I'll check it out.

5. I'm meaning to replace those, particularly with object editing now. But they're animated, so why not use them? :)

6. If you play the vanilla game, you'll see those pictures are all the same too. Perhaps this can be object edited as well, I dunno. Slimy Slug head? Ew :P But yeah, I'll find something.

7. I agree. I'll change it, thanks.

8. No idea why I did that, I could do bats or something?

9. Maybe it's their habitat? I'm not sure how easy it is to change it, other than removing the textures completely.

10. Who knows, maybe I've already begun sound editing already? DUN DUN DUUUUN ;)

11. Thanks, nice idea.


I won't respond to the Ice Exploration feedback, as Creator answered it very well (thanks Creator). I know, there's a LOT of work to do on it.


Again, thank you very much for your comments!


Thanks for your feedback, aidenpons. While I'm only in charge of making PWB layouts and texturing the AI opponents' cars [Any feedback with regards to those, btw?], I'd still like to respond to some of your criticisms with regards to the maps themselves.


First of all, it should be noted that Ice Exploration is just a nasty and unfinished beta version. We know that the textures still need work. When it comes to the palm trees, well, we can remove them now, but the necessary techniques hadn't yet been developed when we last worked on this track. There isn't much wen can do about the blockiness inside the temple-passage, unfortunately, because that's the way it exists :-\ The same applies to the rotating torches and the weird, floating logos, sadly.


When it comes to me, I'm currently in the process of replacing some of the A.I. characters and their cars for the Theme Overhaul mod, but when JimbobJeffers needs me for something, anything related to Rock Racers, I will be there to assist him, because I love this project as well! xD

As aforementioned, thank you for replying. :) You know what? This has provided a much-needed boost, perhaps I'll dig this project out of the closet again and do some more to it, so thanks.

Rock Monster

Superb mod, JimbobJeffers! Thanks for making this!!!!  :)

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