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Review: 9497 Republic Striker-Class Starfighter

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9497 Republic Striker-Class Starfighter

Review by Cyrem



It's Friday, so I'm back again with another set review. This time it is of the Republic Striker-Class Starfighter. This set contains some 376 pieces and cost me just under $70 but retails for about $80.

As most sets do, it comes with minifigs. In this set you get: Satele Shan, Republic Trooper and the T7-01 (Aka TeeSeven) astro-droid.

Unlike "TeeVee Here! TeeVee Here! TeeVee Here!" (Alpha Team), TeeSeven actually looks good and isn't half as annoying. R5-J2 from the 9492 TIE Fighter set only consisted of 2 parts to make his body, for T7 however you need to build his body out of some 12 pieces.

As I was putting together the minifigs I found something I did not like, the Republic Trooper's gun is too big. You need to bend him back a fair bit in order to balance the minifigure so that he can stand. Other than that I found the detailing of his body and face very good!

So then I begun building this great Starfighter... everything seems legit. And the colours are doing well together, no randoms this time.

Thats bag 1 done, onto bag 2 where we will add the wings.

That's one wing done. I especially like how it has two "lock-in" points on the wing (the black and the white connectors). Each wing has 2 flick fire missiles (they shoot well, I tested ;) ). The wing itself doesn't take very long to make, maybe 5 minutes?

Now that's both wings on. No stickers yet and the wings are quite sturdy.

I started on bag 3 and as it contains many small pieces it wasn't long till it was having trouble finding THAT ONE PIECE.


The cockpit is very nicely done. I just wish the TIE Fighter had the detail of this one. It's just missing one tiny thing... a seat.

RocketRacer would be proud of these rockets

All done! And it's looking good.


When I made this I made one slight mistake internally, resulting in this one piece of LEGO sticking out. It didn't effect anything else surprisingly and I didn't notice till I had finished making it and was putting the lightsabers in the back.


A great set. It has great detail and the wings can be moved into two positions. This ship will be some fun to play around with. A recommended purchase.


Design: 9 / 10

Quality: 9 / 10

Fun: 8 / 10

Price: 8 / 10

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I've been looking into this set, along with the other Old Republic set. I was probably going to pick them up, if for no other reason other than the neat collection factor. (I believe the only other set not based directly on the movies/TV series was Rogue Shadow, so sets based on the games are always cool.) But it's nice to see that it's a good set on it's own.

As for the "Republic Trooper" (Who appears to be more-or-less based on Jace Malcom) and his autocannon.. lol. Those things look big and goofy ingame, I guess it's only fitting that the minifig can hardly balance with it.

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I was actually thinking of breaking tradition and actually buying this set (save for the Millennium Falcon, I NEVER go out of my way to get Star Wars sets).

Needless to say, if I get some more money, I'll be putting this set on my list. Thanks for the review, Cyrem!

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Did I see chrome? <Finds set inventory on Bricklink.> Nope, just clear.

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