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Rock Raiders United is a discussion community. This allows many people of many backgrounds to come together to discuss all things LEGO. To keep this community in a healthy working order, forum rules do apply to protect both the website and its members. By registering an account you agree to follow the rules below.

These rules apply to all sections of Rock Raiders United including the Personal Message System, Gallery and Blogs unless specified elsewhere.

Rules: Posting 
Spam is considers as posts that do not add anything constructive to a topic/blog. Examples of such posts would be single word/emoticon posts, posts containing repetitive sentences.

DO NOT Double Post
Double posting is when you make more than one post directly after a previous post you wrote. Use the 'EDIT' button to add or make changes to your post, then wait for another member to reply before making another post. The only exception to this is if the previous post is a few days old and your new post is going to contain purposeful information and not just "Bumping....".

DO NOT Flame
Flaming refers to the insulting of other members because of an opinion, personal background or beliefs they have.

DO NOT Troll
Deliberately starting arguments or attempting to provoke a negative emotional response is not permitted and is damaging to your own reputation on the forum.

DO NOT Post or Upload Illegal Material
This refers to posting any form of pirated materials such as applications/games, including posting of links to such materials. Rock Raiders United DOES NOT support piracy.

DO NOT Post or Upload NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Material
This covers all forms of pornographic material or sexually suggestive material. Materials containing high levels of gore are also not permitted. If you feel the content is questionable, don't post it!

DO NOT Post Personally Identifiable Information
The internet is full of creeps and thieves, do not post any information about yourself that may be stolen or identify you personally. The moderation team will remove such details from posts if they are found.

DO NOT Discuss Religion or Politics
These subjects fuel flaming. If you would like to discuss either of these, do so on a different forum.

DO NOT Evade the Language Filter
This refers to deliberately changing the lettering or using other tricks in order to get around our swear word filter. Slang however is tolerated.
DO NOT Post from the Future
Futureposting is highly frowned upon as it can cause paradoxes, the advancement of technology before culture can catch up, and timestamp shenanigans. Always consult a licensed time lord before futureposting if you feel it is absolutely necessary.
Also read the topic on Posting Etiquette.

Rules: Accounts 
DO NOT Create Multiple Accounts
You are only allowed to use one account for yourself on this forum. If you would like your username changed, contact an Administrator. If you have been banned you are allowed to appeal to have a new account.

DO NOT Use Rude, Offensive or Spam Usernames
Account usernames that imply that your account is a dummy account to achieve access to something on the forum will get your account deleted. If your username is offensive, rude or designed to impersonate a member of this community or an official from another community your account may be renamed or deleted without warning.

DO NOT Use Disposable Email Addresses
If you can't trust us with your legitimate email address, don't register! Accounts with fake emails will be removed promptly without warning.

Rules: General 
Respect Members
All members should respect each other, including their opinions (See Flaming). If you are having problems with a particular member, you should seek to resolve it with them without causing disruption to the rest of the community.

Respect Moderators
The moderators not only spend time on the community as a normal member, they also having taken on extra responsibility to ensure members are following the rules. They 'keep the streets clean' as it were.
Community Environment Sabotage
If your actions (e.g post destruction, DDOS, spam etc) and attitude (e.g disrespect for moderators, members or the forum itself) and posts show or imply that you are trying to destroy the website or the community atmosphere causing the driving away of other members, you may be subject to a warning/restrictions or account ban.

Excessive Sized Signatures
Please be thoughtful of the many other viewers of RRU. Your signature should not be a distraction to the topic being read nor should it stretch pages needlessly. It is recommended you keep your signature under 250px (Pixels) high. Using spoilers should not be used for reducing the size. If your signature is deemed too big, it may be removed.

My Little Pony Fandom
This fandom has become a large part of the internet as of recent, however, again be thoughtful of the other viewers of RRU. Not all members like (and some dislike) the MLP fandom. All topics should remain clean of "Pony posts" except for the "Offtopic" category where they are permitted.

 These rules are subject to additions and alterations.
Last Updated: 7/12/2014
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