Rock Raiders: Invasion

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So I've read about a page into it so far, it's quite good. Interesting perspective with the logs. I noticed this is vol 1, do you intend to write more volumes?

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I hate to break it to you guys, but I think I have to declare this story dead. I really have lost all motivation to work on it. I can explain. You see, when I started I had all of the plot laid out already. It was a really tight plot I could fit into just a few chapters. I wanted to stick to that plot exactly and not stray off course. But, I gave into temptation as I realized that I could expand the story in so many different ways. however, changing the plot as I was writing it was a discouraging prospect when you sit down and realize that where you left off and what was supposed to go next are now driven miles apart by new material.

Not to mention the format. multiple first person narrators sounded novel, but ultimately it served no purpose but to make actually writing extremely hard.

So you wind up with a situation where I update once in a blue moon, doing less than a paragraph at a time. Writing for this story became like pulling teeth and eventually I figured it wasn't worth doing anymore.

I want to come back to this story one day. I really want to. But that'll be once I sort out all it's problems.

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