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In-game Music (DEV CONTACT)

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Dave Punshon contacted me about my upload of the LEGOLAND music on YouTube, asking if I had actually heard the music in-game. Apparently (as said in a PM), one of the audio programmers accidentally made it so that only the main theme played and not anything else. Does anyone have a 2006/2008/newer copy of LEGOLAND, and if so is the rest of the music activated in it? If you have a 2000/2001/older copy, is it active there, or does only the main theme play?


I have an 2000/2001/older copy of the game. If I recall correctly, various music played. I'll have to reinstall to confirm, though.


I have a PC Fun Club release. I just installed it and played through the tutorial levels.
They all had the main theme. The first level also has the same music. I got bored after that. :/

Anyone got a save with all the areas unlocked?

EDIT: My .exe is dated 7th of April 2000



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I haven't played LEGOLAND for a few years, last I played it was in 2010-ish. However, I do remember one time years back - Like, in 2002 or 2003 - I was playing, and the music did in fact change after I had my park up and running for a while. I think it was the Wild West theme. I remember going into the options menu and trying to find out if I had accidentally changed something, but was unable to get the music to go back to the main theme until I restarted the game. :P


I've got the release that claims to be "Windows XP Compatible" (it was just to get it to sell, tons of other games had this label too despite not actually being updated for XP). I only hear the main theme no matter what, but you can change it thanks to a cheat.


I have my disc but no case, so I can't verify the year, but the music is always the same on my installation. The alternate music files are present, however.



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I have an original release copy, and I have never heard the music change once. This is probably one of the games that I've played the most. I never knew there was other music!

And, ah, how exactly do you make it otherwise? I'd really like to play with other music.


You can either use DirectMusic Producer (it's free) or change it using a cheat. To do such, hold right Shift during the game and type one of these (including the colon):



    I guess you should go with Alyx.

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I'll try that!