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1:1 scale LMS Explorer (ldr file available)

LMS Explorer big digital detail epic

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Thanks :). I've uploaded a lxf-file (LDD) of the bridge on mocpages several months ago, but I somehow forgot to post this in the first post (I added the download link at the end of the entry post now).


Uploading the whole L.M.S. Explorer is possible, but in my opinion only the file for MLCAD is usable (a.k.a. it loads fast, but the controls of this program aren't that easy), because the ship contains ~57000 bricks and is almost 8 metres long.




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This is just outstanding!


Thanks :). I also made these new POV-Ray render pictures ~ one week ago, because the old LDView render pictures weren't good (although it was the best possibility, I knew of, two years ago).


about other high-res pictures: I tried to upload bigger pictures of the 1:1 L.M.S. Explorer on flickr, but it didn't work (the upload itself probably worked, but not the approval process), which means, that the maximum resolution in this case is somewhere in the 16k range. It's a bit sad, because I personally like pictures for my Lego projects, where you can zoom in. Maybe I should upload them somewhere else, too.

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LMS Explorer Hangar Bays [WIP]

This is still very much a work-in-progress, but I just thought I'd share it with you all prematurely in case anyone felt ambitious enough to expand on it where we left off as it's unlikely I'll continue it myself for sometime in my current mental state. The aim of this project was to assist Arthuriel in recreating the entirety of the LMS Explorer to an even greater extent. This was/is a collaborative effort between myself and Lair in that I built the large majority of it and did all the numerically-intensive calculations whilst he helped me circumvent some issues I was encountering with the positioning of the hangar doors on either side, and incorporated the Small Transport Truck and Granite Grinder, and a few other elements into the scene. Before I continue I should also give credit to Daedalus304, who to quote PeabodySam "provided LXF models of the Rock Raiders sets and created custom replacements for the Rock Raiders cockpit, chassis, drill, and mining laser." 


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Yay, finally you uploaded it :D.  I think, that you have done a good job and that it looks pretty accurate.

I don't know, if I have the patience to work on it now (I remember the time, when I built that spaceship), but there are many active users on RRU.


Some years (2 or 3) ago I tried to recreate the LMS Explorer on an old RRU Minecraft server (including the hangar bay, which looked pretty good for Minecraft standards).

Sadly enough the server went offline and I couldn't finish it.

I wonder, if I could add that stuff to the ship. I guess, that it shares the same fate like the updated bridge: it would take ages to integrate it into the LeoCAD or MLCAD files (the LeoCAD files are slow or unloadable and I hate the MLCAD controls (maybe I'm just too stupid xD)). Therefore I won't do that at the moment.


it would take ages to integrate it into the LeoCAD or MLCAD files (the LeoCAD files are slow or unloadable and I hate the MLCAD controls (maybe I'm just too stupid xD))


Maybe you should try one of the other alternatives... I'm currently using SR 3D Builder (I love how snappy it is), but there's also Bricksmith, LDCad and Konstruktor. Go try them all!


Good idea with using different programs. I think, that I even tried to use the SR 3D Builder, but it didn't really load (I guess, that it was a runtime error). Maybe/hopefully the other alternatives are better.

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