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I just got this game today and I'm wondering if there's any modding possibilities to it because I want to make new minifig skins or perhaps even enhance it's graphics.


I loved this game. I have to say, it's my most played game.

However, I never modded it for I was a wee lad.
Reinstalling it on my new computer is pending.

Anyway, should be possible. I just don't know how.

Edit: I recall lair or somebody saying there are mods for it, actually.


I would assume it is modable. When I looked at the files a while back, apart from the movies and sounds, I didn't see too much of interest.

But hey, the potential is there. If you wanted to remake LDD in Creator, I'm sure you could...



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Addict, Doc and I (and maybe Cyrem?) looked into this once. The brick models appear to be some strange format that has no (common?) program to open. Even worse is that the files also have actions (flashing, minifig behaviors, Destructabrick actions, vehicle properties...) in them, so it's not just models.

Making custom models and worlds into ones in the default menus is perfectly easy though.


Oh, wad. THIS game. I got it from a friend of mine a few months back, and I must say, it FAILS in some ways, yet totally WINS in others. But the fails outweigh the wins. No, I don't think there's a way to mod CREATOR. But, then again, I'm not a modder.


I remember when I installed this game many years ago, my computer died.
I got in free in a box of cereal or something too.



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This is like the one classic lego game I never had :'( I know there's a demo of it on one of the demo discs I have, I'll have to play it again sometime.


Never managed to get it running on XP unfortunately. :(


Never managed to get it running on XP unfortunately. :(

I have an XP compatible version. It's a RE:FLEX re-release.