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Should I Get Lego Racers 2?

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I'm tossed up between recommending it and not recommending it. On one hand, it's one of only a handful of racing games with some RPG elements. It's also, well, fun. One of the things I did was try and see how much I can break the tracks by taking ultra shortcuts and generally ignoring the course radar. Turns out almost every stretch between checkpoints potentially has a shortcut. Plus, multiplayer is a lot better than LR1.

On the other hand, the AI is abysmal. The AI cars only travel in one shared path as though they were on rails. Also, the vehicle builder is not as good as LR1's, and the game only has five venues (to use F-Zero terms). I know that there were only a limited number of themes at the time, but I'm sure they could have subdivided the themes into multiple locations.

I guess I have to give this game a 50% recommendation. It's a bit of a niche game and isn't for everyone, but if you're a hard-core LEGO game fan it's one of the stronger titles.

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I highly recommend this game, It's the best lego game in the series. But the weird thing is that the AI Kicks my butt when I play! I am good, it's just that they shoot those stupid homing missles all the time! :rf: But then I get my revenge with the blow up brick powerup! :smug: