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Not Translate Well

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Quisoves Pugnat

Quisoves Pugnat


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Does this program argue with itself? In the description of Bad Translator it says
"Machine translations are useful for getting a general idea about what text written in a foreign language means. However, "general idea" isn't always exactly accurate."

Translate it thirty five times and you get
"The problem, of course, it is best to translate foreign languages, but the basic idea is still full and continuous."

Bad Translator cannot comprehend Shakespeare;
"Thou lackest a cup of canary."
"If the football Jianalidaolaxishi."

Whut O _ o
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Lego to replace their ABS plastic with pork fat when making their bricks from now on starting in 2014


turns into


2014- location of pig in ABS plastic

Quisoves Pugnat

Quisoves Pugnat


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Original text:

"rru is ausome."

...8 translations later, Bing gives us:

"RRU is a family atmosphere."


yes it is......Wait what?


For once, the Bad Translator gives us a Good Translation.



Badly translated, it becomes

"There is a lot of tradition in a good movie."


Just in case you thought that one good translation was a precedent.


Original text:
"The informaniac is a terrible person."
...35 translations later, Bing gives us:
"Informaniak is a man of honor."

Wait, what?
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