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A Pair of Slimy Slugs

Slimy Slugs are a somewhat rare enemy. They may not seem overly threatening, but they can be a serious threat to Rock Raiders HQ. They have very large tunnel systems, the entrances to which are Slimy Slug Holes. The Slugs, like monsters, feed off the power of Energy Crystals. Slugs typically move at a pokey 0.3 squares/sec, and half this speed across rubble, though when feeling aggressive, in danger, or energized by a snack of Energy Crystals, they can become one of the fastest creatures around.

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Unlike the case of emerging monsters, the frequency of slug emergencies and the number of slugs that emerge at a specific time is controlled in the NPL file.

Slimy Slugs emerge from their holes. Instead of destroying buildings, they latch onto one and suck the power out of any Energy Crystals inside through the building walls. They also frequently attack in numbers, which can be quite dangerous to Rock Raider outposts. (more...)

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