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Rendition of Planet U from outer space.

Planet U, also known as the Planet of the Monsters, is the alien planet featured in Lego Rock Raiders. The entire plot takes place on this planet. Planet U is located in an another galaxy parallel to the Milky Way (possibly the Andromeda). Planet U is approximataly 20,000 miles in diameter. Its Star System has five other planets which are orbiting a reddish star. What the "U" stands for is, in actuality, unknown (it could literally stand for "unknown," though it could also be a designation somewhat like "uncharted").

Planet U was home to an ancient and mysterious civilization, the Elemental Creatures. It is unknown exactly when this civilization was active, but the ruins found suggest it was millions of years old. Some millennia ago, a cataclysmic event occurred and the civilization was broken and the Elemental Creatures were reduced to simple-minded brutes, the Rock, Ice and Lava Monsters who now inhabit the planet's numerous caverns. All that remains are the ruins found by the Rock Raiders. (more...)

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