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Three Energy Crystals

Energy Crystals are a valuable natural material in the Rock Raiders franchise that are the main focus of the Rock Raiders' mission on Planet U. They also have gone by the more technical name Brickonium, as well as several variants of "Power" Crystal. They are probably one of the most important parts of the franchise as they appear in most of the sets and almost all media related to the franchise in one form or another.

Energy Crystals are a green glowing, (usually) five-pointed crystal. They are very light, and make resonating sounds when grabbed, thrown or dropped, but they are very hard to break. Their glowing radiation is harmless to Rock Raiders, who need to use energy crystals to power up the LMS Explorer so they can get back home. They also appear to have a distinctive smell, which many of the Creatures of Planet U, many of which feed on the crystals for their energy, can sense. Because of this, the Rock Raiders often have to fight over the Energy Crystals with these creatures. Monsters in particular are attracted to crystals and will destroy anything that gets in their way of feeding on them. (more...)

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