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    You may not be familiar with it, but in 2003 (supposedly), a Galidor game for PC/PS2/GameCube (supposedly) was released. If you're wondering what it's like, its own lead designer called it "Possibly the worst game ever made" in a gameplay video description. There's also a GBA game but it was by a different studio and is unrelated to all this. While looking for more info on the canceled PS1 version of LEGO Stunt Rally for PS1 - which was being developed by Asylum Software, who also made the PC/Console Galidor game - I found this article: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/asylum-entertainment-clears-up-closure-rumours As I started reading I was thinking it was about the cancellation of LEGO Stunt Rally for PS1, which was supposed to be released in March 2001 (the PC game was September 2000)... Then I noticed this article is from September 3rd, 2003. Wat? I then had the following conversation with Pereki: [10:06 AM] Terrev: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/asylum-entertainment-clears-up-closure-rumours [10:06 AM] Terrev: Hang on [10:06 AM] Terrev: That's from 2003 [10:06 AM] Pereki: Yes [10:06 AM] Pereki: The galidor pc game was cancelled [10:07 AM] Pereki: Then got put out in it's incomplete state by people who obtained rights to Lego games later on [10:07 AM] Terrev: wwwwwwwwhat [10:07 AM] Pereki: That's the best I can figure, anyway [10:07 AM] Pereki: Never seen an actual 2003 release copy [10:08 AM] Pereki: Just the one in the TT four games pack and another 2006ish one that I have from a publisher I don't recall (Note: Around 2007-08, TT Games Publishing re-released older LEGO games in various 2 and 4 packs, distributed by ValuSoft, including a LEGO Creator/Drome Racers/Galidor/LEGOLAND pack in 2008, which is what's being referred to in that last line. It had Galidor and LEGO Creator on the same disc, and the other two games on their own discs.) Google then led me to the resume of Leigh Christian, who worked at Intelligent Games from 1997 until 1999, when he moved to Asylum Entertainment, where he remained until 2003. This is pretty interesting as Intelligent Games was the developer of LEGO Stunt Rally for PC and the original developer of the PS1 version, but then the job for the PS1 version was transferred to Asylum Entertainment due to IG not having the manpower/resources to tackle both versions at once. Of course, the PS1 version was then canceled entirely. It seems reasonable to assume he moved from IG to Asylum along with Stunt Rally PS1, but there's no mention of him working on Stunt Rally while at Asylum in his resume - so who knows. He's listed as an "Additional Artist" in the PC credits and has the game listed as "Lego Racers" in his resume under the Intelligent Games section - given that Stunt Rally was originally called LEGO Moto, and the game actually called LEGO Racers was released right in the middle of Moto/Stunt Rally's development, it's easy to see how you could get names confused (who knows, maybe he moved on to other work at Asylum before the Moto/Stunt Rally name change and wasn't entirely aware of what happened to it, or something - just a guess). But here's the really interesting bit: The only thing he has listed for his time at Asylum Entertainment, 1999-2003, is "Galidor (unfinished)". Unfinished. More conversation with Pereki: [10:11 AM] Terrev: This guy worked at both IG and Asylum [10:11 AM] Terrev: And lists Galidor as unfinished [10:11 AM] Pereki: welp [10:11 AM] Terrev: What the hell lol [10:15 AM] Pereki: well [10:16 AM] Pereki: we know the console versions for sure never made it out [10:16 AM] Terrev: 56 listings for the galidor game on ebay [10:16 AM] Terrev: All but 3 are gba [10:17 AM] Pereki: yeeeeep [10:17 AM] Terrev: And the 3 that aren't are PC in the four pack with other lego games (Note: I was on mobile and only viewing listings in the US, there's more besides the TT Games 4-pack currently available on eBay but from other countries, not to mention other sites like Amazon... The takeaway here is that 53 out of 56 current listings in the US are for the unrelated GBA game, the 3 for PC are in TT's 2008 bundle) [10:18 AM] Pereki: Also [10:18 AM] Pereki: The copy I got [10:18 AM] Pereki: From another publisher [10:18 AM] Pereki: Advertised an independent galidor release [10:19 AM] Terrev: ??? [10:19 AM] Pereki: But my actual copy was in a two pack with bionicle the game [10:19 AM] Pereki: Iirc [10:19 AM] Terrev: How deep does this rabbit hole go [10:20 AM] Pereki: here we go [10:20 AM] Pereki: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/gameseek.images/products/380/lego_bionicle_lego_galidor_pc.jpg [10:20 AM] Pereki: Focus is publisher [10:26 AM] Pereki: https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/lego/images/e/e1/Galidor_video_game_PC.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111025081214 [10:26 AM] Terrev: Hmm [10:27 AM] Pereki: http://img.brickowl.com/files/image_cache/larger/lego-pc-cd-rom-game-galidor-defenders-of-the-outer-dimension-25.jpg [10:28 AM] Pereki: Ok so it's a real thing [10:29 AM] Terrev: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?G=DCG902790#T=S&O={} [10:30 AM] Terrev: 2005 listed here So... I went digging through online listings. Here's all the releases of the PC Galidor game I could find (as far as I've seen the PS2 and GameCube versions were never released at all). The 2008 TT Games 4-pack mentioned earlier This other 4-pack with a hilarious choice of games, from 2006, which also had TT's involvement This big box of 10 games which is from 2007 according to the Amazon listing (there were some listings for the games from this pack in their individual sleeves too, in case you want a better look at the simplistic packaging) The Bionicle the Game/Galidor combo released by Focus, in 2006 according to Amazon. It also seems they may have released the game individually, probably around the same time, but I can't find any real photos of the box, just what seems to be a scan of the cover (same as you can see on the Bionicle combo). And the earliest release that I've found, and the only one not to be in a combo (aside from the possible individual Focus release)... This release by Dice, from 2005. TL;DR: Asylum Entertainment had a LEGO project canceled in 2003 and people working on it lost their jobs. The only known LEGO project they had at the time was Galidor for PC/PS1/GameCube; their PS1 port of LEGO Stunt Rally had also been canceled but that was 2 years prior. A developer who worked on Galidor lists it as "unfinished" on their resume. There's no evidence of the game being released in 2003 as planned, or the PS2 and GameCube versions ever being released. However, the PC version was mysteriously released in 2005, 2 years after the cancelation and layoffs, and the game was included in several LEGO game bundles/packs in the following years. Galidor for PC essentially seems to be a zombie, resurrected to haunt game shelves years after its death. My question now - besides why/how the hell this all happened - is if the game was fixed up in any way for its releases from 2005 onwards. Asylum Entertainment was still around, so they could have in theory... But did they, or did LEGO release a blatantly unfinished, previously canceled game? The game's splash screen still says 2003 from what I've seen in videos. It'd be easy to tell by looking at file modification dates, but I don't own the game myself. Update - @Tweesee has the individual Focus release - the folders on the disc are from late March 2004, the files are a mix of things from 2002 to 2004, and the copyright date on the back of the box is "2003-2004". So that makes it the earliest release of the game, though still quite a while after the cancellation article.
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    Can you call them cutscenes when they're more like slideshows? Ah well. 134 images. Enjoy? http://imgur.com/a/kuhOZ
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    By pure luck, I got the original version of the instructions in my set I got as an early birthday present. Sorry I couldn't get better pictures. It seems the Alpha Team isn't present at all here. Do we know what order the comics go in including this one?
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    [1:28 PM] Ayliffe Innit: wonder if they'll annouce any worlds stuff at E3 [1:28 PM] Ayliffe Innit: DLC and the like [1:28 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: Lots more to look forward to than just some agents DLC. [1:28 PM] ProfessorBrickkeeper: There's a lot of fan-requested stuff in the woodwork. [1:30 PM] Ayliffe Innit: by "fan-requested" do you mean "yelled repeatedly on the steam forums"
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    uh oh...
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    Hi everyone, sorry for the radio silence! I've been extremely busy with work, class, midterms, finals, etc. However, this project is far from abandoned! I am still working on it when I can, and you can expect lots of updates this summer. Thanks @Ben24x7 for showing me that review, that's incredible. Also thanks @Wirza for introducing the game to "HeavyMetalGamerShow". @tomfyhr releasing the source code is not something I have planned yet. Maybe in the future when the code is better commented and more polished, it could be possible. Keep in mind that a lot of the assets used in REDUX are not necessarily mine to share or distribute in their current form. However, down the road if I find myself unable to work on the project any longer (unlikely) and have the permission from everyone whose assets are used, I will consider releasing all source code, assets, and project files. Even if it came to that, anyone who wanted to even open or run the project inside the engine would need Unity Pro as well as paid versions of all plugins and assets used, aside from editor plugins that I have created myself specifically for this project. Anyway, to everyone else, expect updates soon! I just finished finals but am busy until early June, afterwards I will resume work on REDUX.
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    Juniper-Yesterday at 5:25 PM I made art Tweesee-Yesterday at 5:25 PM knife art JAL The Composer-Yesterday at 5:26 PM knife art you have there. It's a real eye stabber, er catcher. I meant catcher... Juniper-Yesterday at 5:30 PM I wanna buy bravely default but it's $40 Business-24x7-Yesterday at 5:31 PM Holy crap, @Juniper Business-24x7-Yesterday at 5:31 PM Your art... has touched my heart Tweesee-Yesterday at 5:31 PM stabbed you could say Business-24x7-Yesterday at 5:31 PM I think.... I think I finally understand mankind's true struggle... the meaning of life... ...my eyes are open to the secrets of the universe... ...and its boring stuff Dazz-Yesterday at 5:32 PM how boring is it? Business-24x7-Yesterday at 5:32 PM Yes Dazz-Yesterday at 5:32 PM i see noghiri-Yesterday at 5:45 PM @Juniper This exquisite work of sculpture speaks to the modern mundanity of the great technological advancements of our society - the cutting edge is juxtaposed with the basic butter knife - and the artist speaks to the strife inherent in today's throw-away, technologic, rapidly prototyped culture. Indeed, its delicate visual balance speaks to the similarly delicate balance of our society. Yet as one contemplates the piece, one comes to a realization that it is not all bleak - the handles reach to the sky, striving for advancement upon the sharp balance and precarious platform of the blades, much as we ourselves reach upwards. Greatly representative of the modern trends democratizing the avant garde of the technologisia for ease of use and friendliness to the public at large, the design of the handles themselves is clean, utilitarian, yet oddly inviting. One wonders, however, whether their cold homogenity is symbolic of the pressures to conform within the artist's environment - and what the artist thinks of these. Sadly, the piece is silent in this regard, as silent as the cold stainless steel of its construction. Juniper-Yesterday at 5:45 PM I walked past a discarded condom noghiri-Yesterday at 5:45 PM o
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    I finally got around to doing this and I would like to let you know that it works! Adding 0x0B to FORM, SURF, and TIMG and adding " (sequence)" to the texture path in my test model made the textures move. MODDING IS BACK ON THE MENU
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    Okay, first this blog is overdue. About half a year overdue. I meant to type it up at the beginning of the year, then two weeks in, then at the break, and now I’m finally stopping procrastinating & am actually writing it up. Anyway, the reason I have not been around here nearly as much as a) I was and b) I would like to be is because last year I was at high school = not fantastically amazing and plenty of free time except for the infamous fifteen exams in two-and-a-bit months. Now, my life has taken a most interesting turn and I am at University! I’m studying Mechanical Engineering and have decided to skip the first year and launch straight into the second (it’s a four-year degree). After talking to many people it’s become apparent that by skipping the first year the only thing I’ve missed is large quantities of boredom. Naturally, this is extremely busy, as Engineering is widely viewed as one of the most time-consuming of the degrees. There are two types of engineering students: drunk dropouts who get C’s and D’s, and people who turtle in their studies and work hard. While that’s fairly accurate of any subject, for Engineering the gap is even more pronounced. As such I can’t come over to this wonderful place as much as I’d like. But that is less than half the reason. An important part, yes, but less than half. The other half of the reason lies in the fact that I have never had a social life before. Never. My maximum number of friends at school hit a top of about three, and was usually two. This was because I was at a small school (400 student spread all the way over from 5 year olds to 17 year olds) and there were very few people who were as dedicated to their studies as I was. (The few that did do a large quantity of work were in different years, and they were my few friends). About half of my class wouldn’t mind failing the final year. This made me incredibly lonely – but because I’d never known anything different, that was the status quo and I was fine with that. I’d never known anything else to exist. Then I found RRU and I found a whole bunch of other intelligent gamers (let’s be real, this is a nerd community. I mean that in the nicest way possible. ) Well, you could say that RRU became a very rudimentary form of my social life. I enjoyed chatting to you all even if I was a jerk on multiple occasions (as well as a… uh… rather bumpy introduction…). So for… it’d basically be the past five years, my social life has been non-existent and my friends included two people at school and RRU. Why is this important and why am I ranting to you about it? Because you lot are my friends, in that I can rant to you (and you can just block your ears, that often happens ). I don’t want to name anyone because then those that don’t get named don’t feel so happy, and that’s not the point – the point is that you lot, in a wide sense and with a variable continuum, have been my friends over the past years where I can just come and hang out in the empty, desolate shoutbox. Now University comes into the picture and I have found that there are actually other intelligent nerds that aren’t just on the internet. This is… actually somewhat of a surprise. Not really a “surprise,” just a departure from the status quo for the past thirteen years. As a result, I can now actually say that I have more friends than I can count on one hand for… well, to be honest, the first time in my existence. In fact, more decent friends than I can count on two hands – which is a huge deal for me and you can scoff at it if you like. Go ahead, I’m used to being scoffed at. Story of my life for the past sixteen years. This means… that I don’t need to spend as much time on RRU as normal, because my “socializing” is actually done with people in the real world – yes, that’s phrased awfully, but that hasn’t really happened before. It’s almost as if I don’t need RRU anymore, but that sounds too harsh. It’s just that I now actually have friends in the real world that I can talk to, and RRU is no longer my sole social outpost. This isn’t a farewell letter by no means – rather, it’s a long-overdue explanation of why I’m late. I’ll be around, if I can and when I can to chat with all you wonderful lot (for a given definition of wonderful ). See ya around!
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    (don't worry, it's just "Hello!" in polish :)) My name is Piotr, and I'm 26 (I hope that I'm not too old :)). I live in Poland, in a city called Bydgoszcz (who can read it :)?) I play Lego Racers since I was in school (maybe in age 9-10). I still love this game, but I completed it many times and it started to be so boring playing it "normally", so now I prefer playing it in some different ways (the first effects of my playing you can watch here). I also completed LR2, but didn't enjoyed it as much as LR1. Except my not so perfect english I speak polish and russian, so if someone of you will need any help with these two languages, just ask :).
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    Terrev tried to feed a dead body rice pudding.
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    He's done this many times with different "games" but this particular one has LEGO people so I think you fellas will like it the most. https://lumalin.wordpress.com/demo-noir/ Oh my god this is legendary.
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    face has finally been defeated!! Long live !
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    We enter the spider cave, defeat a few spiders and progress to the monument, where we try to survive a construction site that seems to adhere to no safety standards. There's some interesting server features showcased here, like the bouncers, moving platforms and the server physics necessary for the fans, switches and lasers.
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    I ate my own cooking and puked all over the medbay, i'm a bad cook.
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    The LEGO Racers 2 graphics options have a "compression" option. If you were just absentmindedly trying to max out the game's settings, you might put it all the way to "high" like the rest of them: But the menu is a bit unintuitive and what you'd actually want to do is turn it down to low. High compression = the game applying lossy compression to the textures so they take up less memory.
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    If you may not know by now, when you go to race in LI, an alternate version of the island is loaded; one that is completely empty besides the race track. Now, you can't go outside of the race track to explore. There are many invisible walls and barriers in every corner to stop you. But that didn't stop me. I wanted to go up close and see the empty island beyond the race track. Enjoy
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    Thanks for the pictures! This actually helps the comics make a lot more sense together. The revised comic has an encounter between Dash and Ogel that didn't fit in with the rest of the story - I guess because it wasn't really supposed to be a part of the story! Best as I can figure, this is the reading order: Ogel Control Center AT Cruiser Ogel Command Striker AT ATV AT Bomb Squad AT Helicopter So the story goes: Ogel bombs a city for drones -> Radia goes to scope out his island but is captured -> Flex and Cam rescue her -> Charge and Crunch come in and just f****ing blow up the entire base, but cant find Ogel -> Dash flies in and catches Ogel
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEWD2BpRlKo Yesterday I won Captain Redbeard circuit with 52 points. I don't know if it is possible to win with "better" score. Can anybody do it lower?
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    So the game reached version 1.0 on June 23, 2003. The cancellation/layoffs article is from September 3rd, 2003. But then LEGO/the publisher changed their minds, apparently, and released the PC version in 2004 (in March at the earliest), while the PS2/GameCube versions remained canceled. The guy who lists it on his resume as "unfinished" had moved on from Asylum Entertainment by 2004 (for all we know he could have been one of the people who lost their jobs there when it was canceled), so it's possible that he never knew it was eventually released... What a weird story.
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    Oh geese I don't know how to do this but these are the file dates listed: Most of the final files such as support and the manual are listed as being from 2004 but the setup.skin is from 2002 Edit: This is from the 2003-2004 copy of the game (Focus Release): Edit 2: A date found
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    Thank you for joining RRU, but before we continue please sign this 100% legal document:
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    Replaces "PLAYER ONE" slot. Download: http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/496
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    Hey all! I'm new to the site! Lego Rock Raiders has been a great childhood memory for me. One of my most favorite PC games for sure! One thing I loved about the game was the unique music tracks that immersed me into the game. In my spare time I enjoy producing music. Been doing it for a good 10 years now. I figured "Hey why don't I try creating some LRR inspired music tracks!" I tried to keep some of the sounds, and FX of the original LRR music tracks. I'm not super familiar with the PlayStation tracks because I played the PC version WAY MORE. So these will have more of the PC version Musictracks "vibe". I would like to produce and release at least 4 tracks that can be used here on the forum and used in the game! This track is mostly done just a few more tweaks here and there and it will be done! UPDATE! 5/9/17 9:35pm This track I now consider to be complete! Hope you Enjoy! =D http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/499 Give me some feedback on this one and let me know what you think! If you like it, I'll continue to work on some more! d-_-b
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    Hello, as I realized that my business will need my entire freetime the next 4 weeks, I quickly decided to expand the modding ability of Lego Island 2. This is one of my fastest software-projects I developed, as I managed to do this on 2 days of hard and exhausting work. LI2TA - Lego Island 2 Texture Animator LI2TA is just another modding tool for Lego Island 2. You are now able import your custom textures (see supported image-formats below), rearrange them with the tool and export the final animations to *.WIB-format (Lego Island 2 internal texture animation format). The tool will automatically check for transparency (as it's supported by it's file format) and export it like this. This time, the tool doesn't have an update-system. So watchout for updates. They will be published in this thread (title) and on the SourceForge project page. Supported import-formats: *.bmp *.gif *.jpg *.png *.pbm *.pgm *.ppm *.xbm (Choose the correct format for alpha-transparency) Screenshot Download You can download the tool on the SourceForge project page: SourceForge project page (This tool is, just like LI2GE, opensource and under GNU-GPL license) Bugs & Improvements LI2TA isn't outgoing tested. When you have improvements, problems or you are encountering bugs, please feel free to create a ticket on the SourceForge project page. You can create a ticket anonymously and without registration here: https://sourceforge.net/p/li2ta/tickets. Remember that you are helping other people too with your commitment. Testing and limits Until now I didn't discover any problems with limits. On very large texture animations (like >300 images with the size of 512x512 pixels) the tool may take about 2-3 minutes. It'll give you the impression of being frozen, but you only have to wait for it. This actually isn't a performance issue, because the tool unavoidably needs to load every single image into a image-object (internally). The same behaviour can apply for the exporting function on large files. ------- Testing I've tested an ultra hd texture animation (>300 textures, 326MB) ingame and posted it on youtube. As it seems, Lego Island 2 easily handles those big files. Watch here:
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    So, as I am wont to do on occasion, I was spinning my merry way through my spamfolder in search of something that isn't merely boring advertisement. Lo and behold, hidden under a pile of duct tape advertisements lay this gem. As usual, commentary in Red. Attention Payment beneficiary, This e-mail is to acquaint you officially regarding the release of part payment of your contract /inheritance fund totalling $5.5M (Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States dollars only) under the auspices of the Debt Management Office (D.M.O) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Ah, the check from my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather 32 times removed from the old Birthplace of Mankind must have just come through. I've been waiting about a hundred thousand years for this. It will interest you to know that the acting president of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osibanjo have approved and authorized the immediate release of all outstanding debt approved for release by the last two administration that is yet to ne released to the beneficiaries. He's actually the Vice President. The President of Nigeria is named Osikazooie. Everyone knows this. The Debt Management Office (DMO) was immediately asked to produce the list of all beneficiaries both private and cooperate entities for verification before money will be released to them accordingly. During verification it was discovered that several unsuccessful attempts have been made to divert your money. Yeah, one was nearly pulled off by a General Ki Ban-Moon, who was masquerading as some guy in California. We discovered also that your classified payment file have been distorted and some virtal information either lost or intentionally replced to aid the failed attempt to divert your money. Another discovery was the wrong impression created by fake government and bank offcials that the money will be released by cash payment, ATM card, through offshore bank payment etc. You can never trust artificial government. It's like stevia, but it tries to pass laws saying that you must release all your money via offshore bank payments instead of just really bad gas. Be informed that your money will be released to you through bank to bank swift wire transfer direct into your bank account. ATM card and cash payment is not a global acceptable method of payment for such large amount of money. On your reply to this email i will give you further directives on how your money will be released to you. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Is Swift Wire Transfer where they transfer small birds using wires? Sincerely, Mr. Ronald Eze. Debt Management Office. His assistant is named Peze, and when they're not managing debts, they're busy fighting crime as the famous duo, Eze Peze. Quite an upstanding character, 10/10, would get randomly large money from again. Phone: <Interestingly enough, the phone number given maps to a mobile phone actually in Nigeria. I have no cheap way to call it. Oh well...>
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    Can you believe it's been almost a year since I wrote the original preliminary report on what LEGO Investigations was supposed to be? Turns out that getting a job (and having an existential crisis) can really derail you. After a very long time away, I moved on to design a secondary project; a Mad Max-inspired combat racer (born out of me poking around into LR2/Drome Racers a bit). As it turns out, that design really conveniently fit in the investigation mechanics of this project, and this I returned, opting to finish this proof of concept before attempting to integrate it into a much larger, more complex whole. A lot of my writing and rambling has been in a bunch of unrelated Discords with Game Design channels. To save you going on a long, painful journey through the history of how everything has changed, I'm going to format the current state of the design and the key things I've been working out. This isn't a formal document; merely a write-up of the crucial aspects to understand what this thing is. Summary of Story The meta-goal of the story is CHANGE. NON SUM QUALIS ERAM; you will not succeed unless you can progress. The game's first few cases are linear; these serve the purpose of acting as a progress tutorial, but also to tie into the meta plot-point of Change. After a certain mission, you die in an extremely similar fashion to the prologue. It's from this point forward that the player can really take control and change things up, and rightly so. Past the Point of Linearity, the game needs to be hardcore hard. The ending of the game reveals that the protagonist is permanently dead, his inability to pass on previously due to stubbornness and an unwillingness to change and accept facts. A smart player should be able to dig under the hints and determine the true killer (The Commissioner, acting to protect his job security), and evaluate that all of the cases are linked together to the killer. Summary of Mechanics Looking back, the original mechanics list was a rough, rushed approximation of the design goals I was going for. It only continued the dialogue issues I identified in modern detective games, and it placed a lot more challenge in the seeking of evidence, as opposed to the logical thinking of connections. It was too Point-and-Click like. This new set of mechanics should address that, adding a wider variety of player choice and fixing the problems that annoy me most when playing detective games. Camera Controls By default, the game will be in First Person perspective. The player must walk around the level to look for clues and to approach witnesses. As per Social/Streamer mode (see the Game Modes section below), there is also a static camera mode available, which acts as a bunch of Security Cameras focusing on all the evidence and witnesses within the scene, to reduce the amount of physical control required to play. Evidence/Event Collection Evidence Items, which can be anything from junk on the streets to known facts, are used to unlock Events, potential happening which give context to why the crime might have happened. The ultimate goal of the game is to prove the exact sequence of events that occurred, thereby proving the innocence or guilt of the suspects. Evidence can be collected in three forms; physical items lying about (such as a gun), unique details on a location in the scene (such as a bloody spray), or talking points from witnesses and suspects (such as a confession of guilt to firing the weapon). Collected Evidence is used as below to create Event Items, and both are stored inside the player inventory called the "Notebook". While Evidence Items are simply kept in a big pool, Events are categorised. Every level's sequence has a different number of "slots"; each slot represents a different type of Event, such as one slot for explaining how a suspect arrived on the scene while another showing how they procured a specific item. Every player is automatically granted 1 Event Item per slot at the start of the level (what the "official police report" has turned up), and the Beginning and Ending slot Events are always correct and cannot be changed (you are focusing on figuring out how the scene changed from A to B). As per the Skill System outlined below, tools such as object highlighting can be available with a purchase. Evidence Crafting/Management In order to actually get new Events, you must demonstrate how Evidence fits together by "crafting" multiple relevant pieces together. Evidence Items have lengthy descriptions about their context and known facts; within the descriptions are keywords, highlighted in set colours. You must link together not just evidence with keywords of the same colour, but also where the keywords match a set theme (such as getting red keywords which are all computer part names). Generally, the keywords are relevant to the Event they unlock, as a bit of foreshadowing. Evidence Items can have more than one set of keywords in their description (colour and/or theme), which indicates that specific item can be used to produce multiple Events. Furthermore, as a helpful management aspect; Evidence and Event Items can be "ruled out"; this effectively disables them and puts them on another tab in the Notebook. If an Evidence Item was used to generate an Event and gets ruled out, then the Event Item is by proxy also ruled out. Ruled out items will not show at all in the Question Time screen, but can still be used in interrogations. Event Simulation Once Events have been unlocked, they can be previewed. The Previewer works like a video player, with a reverse, fast forward and pause. You control the scene a bit like the camera system in any modelling package/LDD, where you can click and drag to rotate the scene, and you can zoom in and out to focus on details. The Event will appear as a hologram over the top of the actual scene, allowing you to double check if evidence items end up where they should, and if certain witnesses/suspects were present or not. Jotter Players have a space in the Notebook to record their own notes and thoughts. Interrogations As is the rest of the game, the focus of the Interrogation System is to either prove or disprove "facts" by using what knowledge you've acquired. Players can talk to witnesses/suspects in the world and ask them questions. The responder will then give their response, at which point the player must either agree, disprove it, cancel out with no penalty or use the Disturbance Mode option (detailed below). If the player is correct, they will be awarded new evidence, otherwise, the evidence reward is lost. Once a question has been asked, unless if the "Cancel" option was selected, that question cannot be asked again. Questions are not pre-determined, only answered. Players generate questions from a basic syntax, designed to focus on what the player wishes to know. The first two elements of the syntax are mandatory, whereas the second two are optional (but must be used together). The Mode [Who | What | Where | Why | How]. The Primary Subject (Either collected evidence, or "general knowledge", as in temporary evidence based on the context of the scene and who you're talking to). The Verb/Subject Modifier (Had, Used, Doing, or another word to indicate the relationship you're testing between the two subjects). The Secondary Subject (As above, minus the Primary Subject). Valid examples may include, "Why You Have Key", "Where Key" and "How Car Stuck Fence". If the player accepts the response, then no further input for that question chain is required. If the player believes the responder is lying, they will need to select from their collected evidence for something that proves they're in the wrong. As per the Skill System outlined below, one potential purchasable skill is the Voice Recorder, which records every line of dialogue to a section in the player's Notebook for a player's benefit. Disturbance Mode To engage in Disturbance Mode, the player must select the Disturbance option during an interrogation. On the surface, it appears to act as a dice roller; a successful pass will make the dialogue play out as if the player successfully chose truth or lie (with correct evidence, even if they didn't have it). However, fail a Disturbance check, and your player will engage in an aggressive (and odd) argument with the responder, losing you the evidence, locking you out of that question and reducing the success chance on any Disturbance rolls with that character. Regardless of a win or loss, use of Disturbance Mode will also have effects on the outside world; colours will distort, ghost objects will appear and other effects will occur. Ordinary dialogue lines for both player and response in all interrogations will also become more abstract (in tiers, depending on how many Disturbance options the player has used). The only way to revert to normal is to use the standard Truth and Lie dialogue options. As per the Skill System outlined below, Disturbance Mode itself is purchased through tokens, and has an upgrade chain which increases the chances of success, and also makes the effects of Disturbance Mode wackier. Infiltrations As a reinforcement of the Event mechanics, some Evidence Items might be in the possession of hostile forces, and require a combat sequence to collect. In a combat scenario, the player is locked to a specific camera angle, and must (within a turn limit) identify and select items within the world to use against enemies, in some ways similar to certain sections of Telltale Games' Batman. Players have a pool of points they can spend to observe on elements inside the combat ring, such as the enemies themselves, nearby objects and potential hazards. These offer Combat Advantages, which are functionality the same to Evidence Items, except that they are not permanently stored in the Notebook, and will automatically be turned into Combat Choices (Event Items) which you collect enough, as opposed to needing to craft them. Previewing of Combat Choices is limited to watching a small clip in-frame of how the combat sequence may play out if successful. When players are happy they have enough Combat Choices, they can line them up with a similar feeling to Fallout 3 V.A.T.S., and watch the event play out. Depending on the difficulty and the enemies, the player must successfully beat a set number of goons without taking more than a threshold of damage to get the Evidence item. Enemies cannot contribute to Combat Advantages; they instead bring up a popup with a description of that enemy's weaknesses and strengths, but viewing them costs points. As per the Skill System outlined below, there are a number of skills to upgrade to improve Infiltration ability, such as reducing the cost of viewing elements in the scene, or giving the player a larger threshold of damage. Question Time When the player is convinced they have every shred of evidence they need to conclusively rule what happened (and by proxy lay blame), they can visit whatever is used in the level to represent the end, and will be presented with a form split into two sections. The Event Sequence section requires the player to place the relevant events in order as they would have happened. The Question section requires the player to put Evidence Items in the gaps of sentences to demonstrate that the player understands what has happened. After submitting the form, the player is shown their points tally (50% for the Event Sequence, 50% split between each question for the rest). If they didn't get 100%, they are given a list of potential hints as to how they can improve when they retry. The level ends and the player is sent back to the hub. Skill System To reward (and encourage) players for getting stuff right, every correct question, every individual goon defeated in an Infiltration sequence and every successful Disturbance check unlocks a token. Tokens are finite, and there is one for every unique instance of these encounters in the game, essentially acting as way to track how complete your progress in the game is. Tokens are used both to make the game a bit easier by making subtle things obvious (to reduce player mistakes), and to give the player some more fun content (such as concept art or funny "cheat codes"). Level Structure The bulk of the game's content is intended for the Campaign mode, although individual levels for Streamer Mode and Workshop integration for custom levels would be nice. Within the campaign, once you are past the Point of Linearity and free to select what you'd like to do, there are two types of Investigations to choose from; Cases & Scenarios. Scenarios are individual crime scenes, and the entire investigation can be solved in that one level. Replaying the scenario will always act as if you are starting it anew; your campaign progress will only ever take your best result however. Cases are a string of multiple, linked scenarios. (Relevant, as predetermined by the designer) Evidence that was collected in previous levels is passed on to the next, for continued usage. Since it's possible to fail by not having cruical evidence from a previous level, the game will warn at the end of a level (after submitting answers) if they have screwed themselves. When replaying a single investigation in a case, if you elect to replay from the second or further missions in to that case, the game will carry forward your best results from the previous levels (i.e. if you replay from Mission 3 and 100%'d both previous missions, the game will automatically grant you all relevant evidence). Disturbance Mode effects are limited within the scope of a single Scenario/length of a full Case, and will not passthrough to other Scenarios/Cases. You can play, save, quit and load any Scenario or Case you like at any time from the hub, although you are restricted to one save per Scenario/Case. Every Investigation has an associated Difficulty Rating; this is used to warn a player if something is considered a bit too hard for them yet. Completing other Scenarios/Cases and purchasing skills will dynamically decrease the numbers for each Investigation (according to their individual rules on what makes them that difficulty), but ultimately should only be considered a guide and players may find their experience easier or harder compared to what's listed. Summary of Visual Design There's not yet a significant amount of work to report in this department, aside from some basic concepts. The game is aiming for that classic black and white noir style. Colours are used incredibly sparingly to represent important details; blues are good, reds are bad (and show connection to the killer). Consider that police lights are blue and red... Certain abilities can increase the colour within the world, and Disturbance Mode will add sickly greens while also adding unique filters. Smoke and Fog are the most important elements of the scene, usually lining the way towards something of critical importance. The construction of the world is a mix of 40s - 50s American culture with classic LEGO craziness. Stereotypes should be played to their absolute max. Game Modes While the intention of the game is mainly to attract solo players who wish to get inside the atmosphere, it's important to recognise that everybody lives in different circumstances; different audiences will have different requirements for the game. For this reason, I wish to introduce three modes which modify some of the game's mechanics and functionality. Normal: The intended mode of play, everything remains the same. By default, all social features are hidden and the default UI layout is Single Mode, which is better for viewing individual items at a time. Social: A local co-op experience, designed for multiple people inside the same room. The intent here is to remove the physical elements of play and focus more on the logical, group-minded tasks (so it doesn't matter who actually clicks the buttons to make the game progress, as everyone can participate to the thought process). Firstly, the First Person camera is disabled, replaced by static Security Cameras to scroll through, with all the relevant evidence/witnesses/red herrings visible. Since they rely more on fast reflexes (and we want to encourage players to go back and try the game in solo mode), combat sequences are outright disabled and any evidence they would have given can be simply collected. Cutscenes are disabled. The default UI is Multi Mode, allowing for seeing many items at one time to let players all fan out. Streamer: An extension of Social Mode, better suited to larger audiences over digital interfaces. Streamer has its own, much more complex campaign levels that require a lot of people working together to solve. To that end, a companion app will be available that lets users scroll through all the unlocked evidence, events and also view dialogue if the player is in an interrogation sequence. The player can configure and allow the audience the ability to vote on actions, either limiting or increasing how much power and options the audience has. If the player is streaming through a service with a chat API (such as Twitch), the chat can be directly viewed inside the game. It's a lot more more work, but building the game with these three audience types in mind will grant significant selling power to the title at a whole. There's still many questions to be answered, but this is already a good start into understanding what the different audiences needs will be. Level Design Methodology The actual implementation of the core mechanics (for the vertical slice, so long as you ignore a lot of the polish stuff like the game modes or localisation) is really simple; what's made to be tough is the puzzle design, to stress only the most enjoyable (through being challenging) experiences. As far as I've worked out, this is currently the best way to approach designing the levels. This process begins by having a very vague idea for a location, crime type and difficulty (how many events for the sequence, how many combat encounters etc) and then continues on; A rough outline of the level's floor plan is drawn (specifically only the playable space). It needs not be any more complex than some cubes, since everything can be shifted around and changed. There just needs to be a physical map for the sake of concepting to help motivate better choices. At this stage, plot the sequence of events as crappy little stick figures on the map. Put circles for people, and draw tiny symbols and arrows to represent interesting detail that will be critical to note for the next phase. Add a number next to each event to say which stage it is. It's all about understanding what the player's goal is, and trying to space the content of the level around the entire level, instead of making the crime stuck to one tiny portion of the map. For every event on your map, jot down in notes a description of what should be animated, who and what it involves and so on, so forth. Going even further, circle the things that would make for conclusive evidence that the event happened. We're not yet ready to say what form of evidence they'll be found in, but we can at least confirm every single thing the player will need to finish the level. With a high-level overview of the critical path ready now, it's time to go conspiracy-theorist and draw lines. Evidence "Elements" need to be connected together to show the relationship in how you can collect and use them. Some elements will simply only contribute to the unlocking of the event, while other elements should be used to unlock more pieces of evidence. Some evidence items prove, some disprove (both of those for dialogue sequences), and some act like keys. It's not time yet to say exactly what one does to another, you need only to mess around and try decide on some open or closed chains of progression for your player. Now that you understand the item relationships, you can place them into the level. Mix it up; have some items as physical collections, some as environment details to study, and some as evidence extrapolated from interrogating witnesses. This is also the time to create your red herrings, witnesses, and flesh out the scene itself. Lastly, you need to create all the valid permutations of dialogue and item descriptions (including the little coloured hints) for this level. There needs to be a mix of valid Truth and Lie cases. It'll also pay to begin thinking about Disturbance Mode modifiers for the level. It's not a perfect process yet, but it's a start. As I become more comfortable making levels, I'll refine this process and figure out smart shortcuts, as well as a clearer set of designer rules for working within the bounds of the mechanics.
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    not sure if this counts as quoting myself but I still think it's pretty funny
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    Snatching that 1st at 6:50 in Magma Moon Marathon I didn't know it was possible to be "pro" in Lego Racers, given the absurdity of the AI.... but wow. What I find so interesting is you manage to overtake the AI just by driving - no green bricks because they send you "backward", as it were. Abusing the shortcuts certainly helps, but I recall the hosts being ever so slightly faster than the player.... Plan to do the other circuits?
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    I can't believe this is a legitimate way to race.
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    Some previews, Axle is 100%, Barney needs his other expressions.
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    From the album Random/Misc stuff

    SOMEHOW, I went from drawing Minifigures jumping off of a cliff (based on the video in this topic: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/7873-of-minifigures-spongebob-a-gas-station-and-a-doomed-game-demo/) to... this... thing. I honestly don't know how I ended up making this, or even why I bothered to complete it... but it's here. Enjoy this... thing. (And yes, I'll be doing more with this vector graphic art-style, mainly because I feel it looks nice and clean compared to my scrawly pen and pencil drawings).
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    they could've at least auto-scored based on the drivers' current positions if they couldn't speed up the drivers after you win - absolutely amazing when the boss is in 4th place but still ends up with a 2nd place score if you finish far enough ahead of everyone else
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    so just f**** over the circuit host specifically and the game wimps out because it can't apply that stupid auto-score thing, got it
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    I've got a large collection of LR1 alpha/beta screenshots here: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=469944 I just added a new screenshot to the folder a few days ago, so Brickshelf hasn't moderated it and made the folder public yet... But yeah, those screenshots are in there, though the versions I have uploaded are from another site with different watermarks (also, the ones you posted seem to be cropped slightly...? Huh, strange): Anyway... While we wait for Brickshelf moderate/approve the folder, you can browse a slightly outdated version on the web archives: http://web.archive.org/web/20170425052633/http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=469944 Note the "Next" button at the bottom right of the page; there's 3 pages of screenshots in total. And by "slightly outdated" I only mean it doesn't have this one screenshot I recently uploaded: Which is just a higher res version of a screenshot that was already in there.
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    According to the case of the PC game that I have, which was distributed by Disc Multimedia, the game was released 2005. For some strange reason, it is also one of the few LEGO games from that era that was not dubbed or translated into other languages when it was localized. The other one that comes to mind is that Bionicle game.
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    I can't imagine they'd do that as a design choice; I'd bet it was just how things were at that point in development for whatever reasons. Also: Turns out this is its own weird story... Made a separate topic for it:
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    A little update, game is now updated to "version:0.70.55221" , built date is 2017-05-08 (2 days ago). It looks like the game will release in Summer 2017.
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    The spider queen script was serverside, not clientside, so it wasn't strictly necessary to be included in the client at all. Lego figured that out at some point (roughly starting with Crux Prime) and from then on removed serverside scripts from the client. Older server scripts are still present in the client, which is actually lucky for us, since they could have been removed as well but weren't for some reason. Every world has some scripted objects, and the scripts have to be recreated one by one. Most general mechanics are working at this point, but we simply haven't gotten to some scripts yet.