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    So, hello again, RRU. For whatever reason, I was vaguely aware that the forums have been back from their big update/maintenance/downtime last year, but I haven't gotten around to really being as active here as I used to. Oh, well. Time to start posting random crap again. Like this, for example. I was sure not to miss the 20th anniversary of LEGO Island last year, so I threw together some animated clips of LEGO Island characters speaking lines from other roles played by their respective actors from the first game. Plus John Guerrasio as IXS Brickster, because he's actually a pretty decent actor when he's not doing voice acting for IXS. This was actually an idea that I've had for years, and it took the 20th anniversary to get me to stop procrastinating and just do it. Also, here's the DeviantArt mirror. When it comes to choosing a wretched hive of scum and villainy on the internet, I imagine most of you prefer YouTube over DeviantArt, but I also suppose that some may prefer to watch the Flash animation in its original higher quality, so there's that. I'm sure most of you have already seen this... but just in case, I figured I'd make my first topic on the new and improved RRU forums. Also, thanks Terrev for reminding me how to embed YouTube videos in Invision Forums posts, in the midst of a late-night Steam chat where my tired sleep-deprived brain turned my pretentious typing into an illegible mess.
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    I didn't have time for any in-depth analysis, but I wanted to compare the two versions by building the same car and doing a time trial at Imperial Grand Prix. I think the difference is really obvious, you can see it in the video below:
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    I'm creating a multiplayer Island themed Lego RP/Sandbox/Minigame type game. I'll post new media here when I have it. New Media: https://gfycat.com/PortlyPrestigiousHagfish https://gfycat.com/SilverNaiveAmericanbobtail Old Media:
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    Download here (Manual) / Cafeteria Patch Just paste the contents of the folder to Buildings/BIGTeleport (overwriting the files) and you should be good to go. Replaces the models for the Super Teleport. Because one of the pipes was misaligned, the animations contain a slight tweak to the coordinates to fix it. Additionally, the Teleport.lwo edited is from World/Shared, but the game should load the one from Buildings/BIGTeleport first.
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    So recently me and Darren Drabwell had an Email conversation Me Darren
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    Here you go: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/the-legend-of-mata-nui/ And let the modding begin
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    Yes. This is my MOC from my personal avatar. Where did I get inspired from? THIS! Well at least he did his best so I try much harder for him and this is the result: If your curious of what's inside: Phew! that's it for today. I might make some changes soon if i'm still not satisfied but until then, I'm out.
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    Again I would like to thank Oboeshoes and UTF for making this great and useful mod. Link below: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/4886-additional-brick-colors-mod/ Anyway I wanted to show my custom racer since they put green bricks into the inventory. As the title says, this is Betty Octane and her 50's indy style car I made this vehicle ever since I install the mod last year and it took me over two weeks to get the right angles. Three inspirations that came to mind: 1. Octan logo 2. An old 1992 LEGO commercial where the narrator talks about Mean Eddie Octane. 3. Google search for 1950's indy car You can view more images in the members gallery. This is all I can show in a meantime but I still have plenty of other custom racers I have made so stay tuned UPDATE: I edit out the menu screen to focus on the car and the racer and to lessen the size of the picture
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    Just a simple texture swap I did using actual IXS textures (That @Avery ripped). If I can get Pepper's other expressions from IXS, I just might finish and release this.
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    OVERHAULING COMPLETE There are multiple selection options. I changed it to checkboxes and fixed the ones that had their names messed up. Please try it now.
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    if this is true and car size affecting speed and control is seriously another difference between the 99 and 01 versions and all the time trial and speedrun records are rendered invalid as a result until it can be verified which version they were done on i am going to go f****ing nuclear
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    Technically the first MOD I guess: Higher-poly Onua, like in DeepBricks's copy (sorry about the poor image, I had to take it with my phone, but you can see the shoulder sockets are rounded) Under: Data/characters/onua/Xs Replace: onua.bhd onua.x With: onua_old.bhd onua_old.x So far, there do not appear to be any negative side-effects from doing this, but I recommend making a backup of the files you overwrite anyhow. Credit to Vahkiti for finding the higher-res model, which I tried to swap. -------------------------- More fun with model swapping: -------------------------- BTW: There has been some discussion going on in this Discord server: https://discord.gg/6bnzdKy
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    [9:24 PM] Pereki: looking at some old catalogs [9:28 PM] Pereki: [9:28 PM] Pereki: "the endless universe of Black and White Space"?? [9:45 PM] Ayliffe: well I mean [9:45 PM] Ayliffe: space is black [9:45 PM] Ayliffe: and stars are white [9:45 PM] Ayliffe: ...I guess? [9:46 PM] Terrev: a minifigure of Neil deGrasse Tyson bursts in ACTUALLY,
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    Recently me and Jeb Mayers had a conversation. It should be noted he said his memory is fuzzy on some details Me Jeb Mayers Me Jeb Mayers
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    Last topic, I made generic racers on how I portray them differently from the AI. I remake some of those racers just to test and experiment if its better than the ones I made previously. EDIT: Just to let you know for those who are playing UNMODDED Lego racers. Some bricks I put on is only available through MOD. See Additional colored bricks on the forum for details. Islander BEFORE: AFTER: I wasn't satisfied on how I make the Islanders car that looks like a stone so I decided to remake it to make it look sleek. Jack hawkins BEFORE: AFTER: Funny thing in my opinion, the former is better than the latter but the reason I use the castle chassis is because I want to balance the ratio of the chassis I have made. For example: Space chassis(White) - 3 Brick chassis(Black with normal wheels) - 3 Race chassis(Grey) - 4 Castle chassis(Wooden wheels) - 4 Boss chassis - 2 in each car BONUS MOC's Something I would like to share while I did some remake on the generic racers. Booster Benny Daredevil Dan Still looking for more opportunities to improve though but what do you guys think?
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    Orient Expedition was certainly in the works at LEGO in 2002, probably 2001 or earlier as well... Surely that "Silk Road" idea he mentioned is related to it; there's no way a LEGO game developer and LEGO themselves would just happen to independently come up with the "following the path of Marco Polo" idea at the same time. It's not much to go by, but I'm imagining a LEGO Island 2-esque game themed around Orient Expedition, with Pepper going along with the Adventurers heroes... That'd be pretty cool. Reminds me of the LEGO Island Comic Adventures, with Pepper going on all sorts of adventures based on other themes.
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    I was discussing LEGO Loco with some other members on a private discord chat, and we were talking about how to set up an online multiplayer session. During the discussion, the possibility of running the game straight over WAN came up, as the game allows you to direct connect to an IP address. The only problem was that we didn't know which ports the game used. Well, now we do. I went ahead and downloaded the sysinternals TCPViewer application and hosted a 2x1 multiplayer session. Then it was just a matter of finding which ports the game used. Here's the ports the game uses and I'd assume need to be forwarded: 31415 TCP - LISTEN PORT 31415 UDP 59021 UDP 36837 UDP EDIT: ALL PORTS OTHER THAN 31415 ARE APPARENTLY DETERMINED AT RANDOM UPDATE: Managed to test these. Unfortunately, LEGO Loco only has one specified port on both TCP and UDP - 31415. All others are randomly determined. As a result, it isn't possible to port forward for this game.
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    Terrev: this game is like if you took soccer mania and replaced soccer with beating people up
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    I dont expect to even get close, but my goals are to make the models game and render ready together with animations. To hopefully be used in a remake or maybe short films. I doubt I'll get that close, but just to have fun while I try Edit: Have a minifigure I made to test myself in rigging and animating. The rig is not done yet, and Im still not sure if I just want to use stop motion for the facial animation or actually animate it myself (Not sure how to properly have a 2D mesh wrap onto the head and still be riggable)
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    How's it going folks? May as well start of with the obvious. I love the Lego Rock Raiders game. I may have acquired it much later in my years but still love it none the less. That goes for the same with many of the old Lego games from the same time era such as Alpha Team and Lego Island. If it wasn't obvious by the title I am from Canada. Not to much more to say besides the nineties and early two thousands were the time I got into Lego and since then it hasn't stopped. See you later.
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    Agreed, Just spent about 5 hours doing it myself. Found some pre-made models but they were half finished and was also in primitives :
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    Lots of notes in the video description I think I'm allergic to the menu music now
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    Resolution updates are progressing well...
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    From the album LDD Models

    The Police Car from Island Xtreme Stunts, as best I could design it using LDD. Rendered with Bluerender.
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    Anyways, This is dy_enforcer here, saying hi to the RRU community. Registered since January 2017 but because of the renovation, I was unable to introduce myself. By now, you guys know me as the one who upload my MOC's from LEGO racers. I'm a huge fan of the game, but that's not the only one I have. Island, Rock Raiders, Stunt Rally, LEGOLAND, Alpha Team, Racers 2 and many others I do have but the one that is true to my heart is LEGO Racers. Sadly, most of my childhood games are now lost forever and couldn't salvage most of my collection. Luckily LEGO racers is the only one I found and still works to this day. The reason I was here is because of course the additional color bricks mod. Downloaded it before RRU temporarily shuts down and it really helps me get an inspiration to build my racers. Had it not been for the community, I wouldn't be here to this day. That's all for now, I'll be going back to web-browsing. Thank you and again sorry for the late greeting
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    Snap me down! This is THE lost Bionicle game, and it runs! Prepare your Kanohis of Hype, lads! Models are .x, textures are TGA and DDS and include bump maps. Animations are BHD and BKD files. I don't know what those are. Which programs open .x or import them? Is there a Blender plugin? My workaround right now is ridiculously clunky. Milkshape can import BLOMN's .x files. For those who have Milkshape, look under Tools -> DirectX Mesh Tools. Not Import for some reason... it imports too many textures, unfortunately, but it does retain UV data. There is a DirectX 8.0 export plugin as well (under Export this time). I will see if I can get a custom model into the game.
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    Room for one, "or two" more? https://gfycat.com/TenseHardtofindEnglishpointer
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    Cafeteria 0.9.3 Cafeteria is a Game Launcher and Mod Loader for LEGO Rock Raiders. It allows you to play game mods without manually installing them and it allows you to play LEGO Rock Raiders at higher resolutions than what was originally intended. It features the ability to run LRR at higher resolutions than 640x480 and it also features a music player for people who do not have their disc, which will play any music from a music folder when playing levels. Installation - First, download the latest version of Cafeteria at the bottom of this post. - Extract Cafeteria and all its files into the installation directory of LEGO Rock Raiders. This is usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\Rock Raiders - Your installation is finished. Whenever you want to play, start Cafeteria and launch the game through it instead. Requirements Most new computers already have these installed, however if you are missing one, you may get errors in the program. - .NET Framework 4.5 (Download) - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (For Music to work) (Download) Installing Mods Mods come in files with the extension *.wadp. You can find mods in topics on this forum. To install a mod, simply place the WADP file inside the directory "Mods". You can confirm a mod has been installed and is valid by visiting the "Mod Manager" tab in Cafeteria. Adding Levels Cafeteria comes with a Custom Level Slot mod, this allows you to pick a level to be installed into that slot. Only levels made to work with it will actually work. For those levels, place the WADP files inside the Mods\CustomLevelSlot Folder. Adding Music When Cafeteria starts it will create a "Music" folder if one does not exist. You can play MP3 files into this folder and the will be played while you are in levels. Known Issues Clicking on your screen after pressing Launch (may, depends on timing) interfere with Cafeteria trying to skip the Mode Selection window. This could result in the resolution not being applied or Mode Selection not being skipped. It is best to not click on your screen until Rock Raiders has started. NO-CD Errors will probably break Cafeteria's attempt to skip Mode Selection. After the NO-CD error, if you get a Mode Selection window, make sure you click your resolution before pressing OK. Usually Cafeteria would do this for you, but the NO-CD error interferes with this process. Some levels make the Message Panel & Oxygen bar move up a little, this mainly is caused in Tutorial levels. When there is a lot of text in the message, it moves the message panel upwards to fit all the text. This issue will be fixed in the future. Message text appears where the Message Panel was. This will be resolved in future versions possibly as part of a resolution pack update. Menu doesn't stretch to the full screen width. Yes the menu areas have not been updated in the resolution packs, so far only in-game panels have been moved. This will be resolved in future resolution packs. The mission briefing buttons are in random places on the screen and aren't sitting with the main panel. This will be resolved in future resolution packs. FAQ I unchecked "Fullscreen" and the game didn't get past Mode Selection and the "OK" button is greyed out? Windowed mode requires the monitor be set to 16Bit colour depth. You cannot pass this until you've changed this in your computer's screen resolution settings. I chose a larger resolution, but the game started in 640x480? This could be because of a couple of things. Mainly however, it means the chosen resolution didn't get clicked on the Mode Selection window when the game started. Quit the game, go to the Settings panel on Cafeteria and uncheck "Attempt to skip Mode Selection". When you launch the game, make sure you click on the resolution on the Mode Selection window BEFORE clicking OK. I chose my resolution and I get a WARNING about a missing resolution pack? This means Cafeteria could not find a resolution pack for your resolution in the Mods\Resolution folder. Check the topic for supported resolutions. If this folder is empty, please re-install Cafeteria, they are packaged with it. How do I make my own Patches? Please see this topic: Patch Documentation for Cafeteria Notes on D3DRM During testing of the program it was found that different versions of the D3DRM dll cause different crashes and different stages of the game for seemingly no reason at all. If you start experiencing a crashes running Cafeteria with no mods, you should try different versions of the D3DRM dll. The version Cafeteria was tested with is packaged with Cafeteria and I recommend using it if this is the case for you. Supported Resolutions Cafeteria comes packaged with support for 30 resolutions. If your resolution is not in here, please inform me so I can add it. 4096x2160, 3840x2160, 2560x1600, 2560x1080, 2560x1440, 2048x1536, 2048x1080, 1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1776x1000, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1600x900, 1440x900, 1400x1050, 1366x768, 1360x1024, 1360x768, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1280x800, 1280x768, 1280x720, 1280x600, 1152x864, 1152x648, 1024x768, 800x600, 720x576, 720x480. Screenshot Changelog 0.9.3 [Important Update!!] |- [FIX] Fixed command "AddFilesFromDirectory" not overwriting files that already exist in that directory. |- [ADD] "Quick Start Level" setting added for development use which will start the selected level in the Custom Level Slot immediately. |- [ADD] "Add Mod" button added to Mod Manager that will move a patch to the mod folder or replace it if it already exists. Download Latest Version (0.9.3) (Warning: If your Anti-Virus says it contains a virus, it is a false positive. It contains a memory editor and this makes bad anti-virus programs nervous).
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    Download here (Manual) / Cafeteria Patch I updated the Teleport Pad with the newer model as a result of the Super Teleport. Just paste the LWO files from the download into Buildings/Teleports and you should be good to go. If anyone wants to make a Cafeteria patch or help me make one, that'd be awesome. Thanks Cyrem! Old topic contents:
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    I have spent a good month or two recreating the LRR vehicles and buildings in LeoCad/LDraw and I am now in the process of exporting them to Blender for cleanups. You Will probably find that some vehicles like the Chrome Crusher is missing the brown cabin cage, and the Mining Laser (second to last to the right) is missing the laser. I couldn't find the parts in LDraw so I would need to make those by hand. As of taking this image (23. jan 2018) I am only 2-3% done cleaning up and recreating the bricks Let me know what you guys think, and or improvements I would need to the middels. You can get a closer look in my Album
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    Just got the book today. Here's some pictures of some interesting stuff about the development and Biker Bob
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    Look what came up on Ebay recently The Ebay description (Contains some useful information)
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    [NEWS] (2016-12-24): Download Link of the updated 2016 version (zipped ldr-file): http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/445 Archive of older Announcements, News, Errata and Updates Parts List of the old model (for the most part it's "only" the hull) Development Story (original Text from 2011 + 2013 Update) Pictures of the old version Separate Bridge Model In LDD Links
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    About me. 20 year old guy from Norway, with interests ranging from game creation/design, programming and 3D modeling. I've had an original copy of LRR from when I was little among other Lego games. I stumbled upon this website a couple years ago when I first tried to replay LRR on Windows 7, now thanks to this awesome community I have been able to enjoy not just LRR but my other lego games on Windows 10 or just in a virtual machine.
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    Nice update @PWNZOR! Works great. Cafeteria Patch added to the first post.
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    I've always had an itch to capture the feeling of LRR with real LEGO. I finally had the opportunity to give it a shot and, though I don't think I satisfied my aesthetic wishes this time around, it produced some interesting stills. Wanted to share them in case they might prove interesting or enjoyable to others.
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    This topic is a WIP. Will be cleaned up and fleshed out a bit more once the forum revamp has settled down a bit. Rock Raiders Rock Raiders Release Differences Guide: Run Rock Raiders In Windowed Mode Matt's General Gameplay Tips + Techniques Rock Raiders Wave Two? - Evidence that a second wave of Rock Raiders sets may have been planned. Wow People! I Am Both Stunned And Impressed! - Topic by Karl White, a Rock Raiders programmer I May Have A Surprise For You... - Some goodies dug up by Karl Extended Rr Intro? Index Of Pre-Release Lrr Screencaptures LEGO Racers LEGO Racers 1 EXE Parameters LEGO Racers 1 Cheats Circuit Intro Shows Beta Track LEGO Racers Manual Renders LEGO Racers Developer Journal - Concept art, behind the scenes, etc. Minifig texture names I found this while Google searching LEGO Media - LEGO Racers FMV-related stuff. Internet Multiplayer was Planned? LEGO Racers DEMO - Download LEGO Racers 2 Lego Racers 2 EXE Parameters "Compression" Setting - Info on a graphics setting in LEGO Racers 2 that you'll actually probably want to keep at the lowest setting to look best. Some renders from ATD's website - And some text describing the developer's vision for the game, too. LEGO Racers 2 Cheat Engine Hacks Visual Objects List (+Unused) LR2 Fun Facts and Tips Two Hidden In-Game Cheats Discovered - Top down camera and mirrored mode. LEGO Racers 2 GBA Beta Walkthrough Drome Racers Drome Racers Version Differences EZ Unused Cinematic Unused Drome Racers Music Assorted Drome Racers Goodness Drome Racers Cheats E3 Beta Gameplay LEGO Island Run LEGO Island Diskless Old LEGO Island Message Board Unused Flying Legandos Torso - Whoops, the guys with question marks on their chests probably weren't supposed to look like that. LEGO Island - Definative Speeds List Racetrack Explorer - A better look at the racetrack. See also: LEGO Island Size Comparison Adventures on LEGO Island - LEGO Island was alternately named "Adventures on LEGO Island" and "Panic on LEGO Island" in some regions. See also: The Brickster's Name + Panic on LEGO Island. Email From The Creator Of Lego Island Cancelled Mindscape Games Interview with Wes Jenkins my email to wes jenkins Promotional LEGO Island 2x4 Brick - LEGO Island at E3. Discusses more than just a brick. LEGO Island Press Kit - Includes concept art and a very early screenshot! Wes wrote a six page article about creative stuff in 2006 - Includes some LEGO Island things Unused Cutscene LEGO Island 2 LEGO Island 2 Beta on PS1 "discovered" (IMAGE HEAVY) LEGO Island 2 Beta Video - Beta footage of the PC version. Texture quality set to low by default - You might be playing LI2 with textures at half of their full resolution, without realizing it. Darren's last name Pizza in the Adventurers Island volcano smoke Skateboard tricks outside the skate park Walk speed varies with camera pitch - How not to program character movement. GBA Maps GBA Island Population Richard Wells' Website LEGO Island 2 Music Lego Island 2 Discussion - An old LI2 topic with a variety of things in it, starting with the discovery of a blocked off tomb in the pyramid area. Slyboots and Senor Palomar cut from LI2? Unused Loading Sprite? PS1 Ogelites - In case you didn't want to sleep tonight. The Sins of LEGO Island 2 peppers house: the unused model - An early version of Pepper's house interior and a few other things. LEGO Island 2 Character Ages - Unused character ages for the Information Center. temple_arch.msh - An unused model related to a cut area. LEGO Island 2 GBC Text Dump LI2 environmental art and buildings Unused Developer Dialogs Island Xtreme Stunts Running LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts without a Disc IXS Version Differences Island Xtreme Stunts' GBA Maps IXS voice actors Early map of LEGO Island from IXS Whole island map - A rip of the PDA map. Island Xtreme Stunts Trailers With Beta Gameplay LEGO Alpha Team Alpha Team concept animation? - First topic discussing Alpha Team's redesign. Scrapped Zones And More - Second topic discussing the same as above, with lots more info. See also: This Eurobricks thread summarizing the whole thing. Running LEGO Alpha Team without CD-ROM Running LEGO Alpha Team in a custom resolution Alpha Team music composer(s)? Alpha Team and the Case of the Missing Pricks Alpha Team press release from NDL - Some info on the announcement/early development of LEGO Alpha Team, and an unknown canceled game by the same developers (likely canceled very early on, as none of the Alpha Team developers even mentioned it). Alpha Team "Coming Soon" poster Alpha Team Demo LEGO Stunt Rally LEGO Stunt Rally development artwork - Concept art, prototype models, and more. LEGO MOTO (Stunt Rally) Executive Summary Enable Manual control over your car Stunt Rally for Playstation 1 - The story of the canceled PlayStation version. No Intro videos Run Stunt Rally without a CD Stunt Rally Japanese Demo - And English, too. Stunt Rally Credits - Some copies of the game have credits in the outro, apparently. LEGO Soccer Mania Soccer Mania renders and UI concepts LEGO Soccer/Football game by Blitz Games? - A canceled LEGO Soccer/Football game that may have been a followup to LEGO Soccer Mania, but by a different developer. Soccer Mania ALL Character Stats (Official Numbers) Soccer/Football Mania Demo Download LEGO Creator series LEGO Creator Dev Comments LEGO Creator Harry Potter CoS Model Viewing (Maybe More) LEGOLAND Legoland Cheats List LEGOLAND EXE Parameters Other/Multiple Games LEGO Interactive producer located - Lots of info on the history of Rock Raiders PS1, LEGO Island 2 (which it turns out wasn't always a LEGO Island sequel, but rather a tie-in with a canceled cartoon), a canceled Technic game, and more. Canceled LEGO Racers... 4? - Not one, but TWO canceled LEGO racing games from the early 2000s. Also, Drome Racers was internally called LEGO Racers 3. Scrapped LEGO Racers Game (2009) - ANOTHER canceled LEGO racing game. What happened to the Galidor game? - A game developed by Asylum Entertainment, who were also responsible for the canceled PS1 version of Stunt Rally. The Galidor game was also canceled... But then uncanceled...? Rocket Racers - The LEGOLAND Windsor multiplayer racing game based on LEGO Racers and developed by ATD before they went on to create LEGO Racers 2. Rocket Racers and Rollcage Comparisons LEGO Island Size Comparison - A comparison of the sizes of locations in the LEGO Island series. Want Some Models From Li2 And Ixs? - Official game assets on Turbosquid. See also: Official LEGO 1998 Ninja 3D model on TurboSquid IXS and Soccer Mania Developer Found! Contact with ATD Sky is luna - Yeah, Luna Rom = Sky Lane. Classic LEGO Game TV Commercials LEGO Media E3 2000 footage? - Video of various games from E3 2000, possibly lost. LEGO Fun to Build: The first LEGO game? (Before LEGO Island!) The LEGO Media Press Room and completely useless LRR concept info Kids Station: LEGO no Sekai Academy of Flight? - A canceled game? We don't really know. EBSCOhost: More information on classic LEGO video games and more Linking Leroy Visits Legoland
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    I know that the title above is off-topic but I would like to say thank you for everything that has happen to this community. For Admins, for moderators, for new and old members, everyone. Its been an honor for me to be a member of this community. Everything that was discussed from mods to game mechanics to whatever craziness you guys made, its all worth it just to be here. As to show you my gratitude, I would like to include all my custom racers(with the exception of the 2 which you guys may be aware of when I upload it) in one picture. As you know, there are changes to some of my mocs. You can check on more pictures in the members gallery as I upload more of them for extra viewing or you can go to custom racers from the modding racers section if you want a full description of each car I made. Again, Thank you RRU community. Hope to see more members make some more exciting mods in the future. dy_enforcer out.
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    Note: This will be moved into the correct part of RRU and given a proper tag when that section opens. Jon Burton, founder of TT Games, started a YouTube channel (GameHut) a few months ago. There's isn't much LEGO content on it (yet), but last night he created a Discord server (a link is available here), with a LEGO channel. Here's a few interesting things to come out of it so far (the server was quite busy, so occasionally I've snipped out some irrelevant messages just to keep things tidy): Also, he said this in the comments section of this video: For those who haven't read it yet, here's that Jonathan Smith interview mentioned in the chat logs: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/qanda-lego-star-wars-producer-jonathan-smith/1100-6165669/ And here's a few relevant portions of it: Jon never replied to anything specifically about the Soccer game, oh well.
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    I have both front and backend web knowledge (which include HTML, CSS, JS with Jquery, PHP and MySql) , recently spent some time learning WordPress. I also have a good amount of Python knowlagd, and GDscript in the Godot engine. I also recently got Lego Island Xtreme Stunts running in Win10 thanks to this community
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    Name: Offworld Map objective: colect the crystal hoard (200 somthing) Back story: "Our long-range scanners have detected a large consentrated amount of energy crystals on a meteor orbiting the planet. We teleported a small base to the meteor an found that the hoard was surounded by hard rock. So we teleported a Chrome Crusher down to the base, but disaster struck. A small asteroid struck the LMS Explorer at the exact moment when we teleported the Chrome Crusher, acedentaly teleporting it onto the otherside of the metor. You must now drill across the meteor to the base and get all those energy crystals. Scaners have also picked up small amounts of volcanic activity, but you shouldn't worry about that... Dificulty: medium-hard Download link Instal: Use folder in .zip file. take the .txt file out of that folder and replace all that text with whatever level you want to replace my map with and PLAY! EDIT: after some testing the only glitch is after you teleport 2 new guys the game shuts down.
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    Back in 2011 I wrote up this topic on another forum based on what we knew at the time. Wes replied but didn't really give any details on what changed, just generally why. I'd just like to bring this back up for discussion - I won't bother reposting everything already said there, but there's a few notes/corrections I'd like to add: IIRC, I said "lasers" because in the physical manual I had, there was a beta screenshot that showed what I thought were lasers in this minigame, and/or perhaps red/green powerup bricks like Desert Speedster. However, upon looking at a clearer (but still low res) digital manual, it just looks like random LEGO clutter... And the text specifies that you would have had Brickster-Bots flying at you (like in Parachute onto Ogel): But, there's also two versions of the manual (at least that I've found, digitally)... And they have different screenshots from each other, though sometimes both from beta. Manual 1 Manual 2 (from this topic) When I get home in maybe a few weeks, I'll try to dig out my old physical manual and compare it with these, and maybe get a better idea of what made me think there were lasers specifically. Here's the Asteroid Belt screenshot from the other manual, for comparison: Removed? Yeah. Removed last minute? That's not how these things work, 2011 me... Now, about the GBC version. In the topic I pointed out the cave specifically, but there's far more differences and areas that weren't in the PC/PS1/GBA versions. It was also developed by Crawfish Interactive - all the other versions were by Silicon Dreams. We don't know why the GBC version is so different in story and locations from the others, but one theory is that Crawfish Interactive was working off of an earlier outline of the game, which continued to evolve as Silicon Dreams worked on the main versions. If that's true, then the cave/rock monster fight, imperial jail, castle maze, dungeon, dark forest, etc may have been part of the PC/PS1 (and GBA) design at one point. The cave at least is supported by the Rock Monsters and Slimy Slugs in the final game - perhaps they were modeled earlier, then recycled into their final roles after the cave was cut? It's speculation, but possible. Who knows, maybe those ideas go back even earlier to LI2's days as a tie-in for a canceled TV show? We know Krisalis had done work on "buildings, vehicles and environments" back when they were developing the game (see the last post in that topic), but we don't know much Silicon Dreams kept, if any. We DO know the game was turned into a LEGO Island sequel while still at Krisalis, not at the same time it was given to Silicon Dreams: There's also this topic discussing a PS1 beta that was found, though it's from pretty late in development so it doesn't answer many questions... And there's this beta video of the PC version, but it also appears to be from pretty late in development... I think our best bet for figuring out this game's weird history, what plans were, when they changed, etc would be to get in contact with more of the original developers... If they'd still remember all the odd details clearly 16-17 years later, haha. Edit - One thing I just remembered; there's a "Ferry.msh" file in the data for LEGO Island in the PC version. IIRC, it's just a placeholder, only a few flat planes... But, in the GBA version, you use a ferry to go to Castle Island. It's not the only unused/beta mesh or anything, but it's an especially interesting one IMO as it ties into something that was used in a handheld version.
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    WillKirkby - Today at 6:56 PM all we need now is an erling with a stud on three sides natcO - Today at 6:58 PM Cut one stud off Cut one stud off It's illegal but it would work Cut one stud off It's illegal but it would work Cut one stud off Cut one stud off It's illegal but it would work Internet please WillKirkby - Today at 6:58 PM natcO are you ok
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    Ever wanted to walk on the tracks without penalty? Well now you can! What I did was change the collision type of the railroad. I have two different types in here, one where you don't get picked up no matter what, and the other you get picked up if the train is around while you are on the tracks. http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/382 Yes you can drive on the rails now. Goes in \_data\z02LGI\col\ folder. Learning notes (and a self reminder): Wanna know how I did this? Then I'll tell you. Starting from offset 85578 (I don't believe there is anything important beyond there and if so I didn't want to mess it up) I backwards search&replaced all instances of "23 00 00 00 09" with "23 00 00 00 01" Why? Take a look at this image. See a pattern? Yes, the pattern is CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC 23 00 00 00 XX 00 00 00, where XX is the collision type. And that's all there is to the collisions, yep! I tried replacing the grass with railroad to see if anything would happen. Oddly, aside from the sound change, nothing did for the most part. The only time the station master would come after me is when I was in a certain radius from the tracks. And yes changes did happen correctly Cheat Engine references me what surface type I'm standing on. Here is the full surface type value list: 00 - Grass 01 - Road 02 - Silent Surface 1 03 - Sand 04 - Rock 05- Silent Surface 2 06 - Gravel 07 - Plastic 08 - Bridge 09 - Railroad 0A- Railroad/Road Crossing 0B and everything after is silence.
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    So I've been lurking here for quite a while. I finally got round to learning a bit of Unity, one thing led to another and I came up with this: I've tried to be as faithful as possible, so even including the errors in the original track. Now I know what I'm doing, it doesn't take quite so long to do more tracks, but it's still very manual, and I've not worked out how to do some things yet. Plus I have no idea what my actual aim is, I just think it's pretty cool! I've attached a screenshot of the next part of the project. These new forums are great, but I could really do with a post preview option...
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    This is my first second created level. It was intended to be a sort of update of "Split Down the Middle," so it's pretty similar. Any issues with it, just tell me. Map Name: Regroup Back Story: A volcano has erupted destroying Rock Raiders HQ. The eruption also caused several cave-ins, trapping nine Rock Raiders. Get the Rock Raiders together at the Tool Store and collect 25 energy crystals. Map Objective: Same as "Split Down the Middle" Difficulty: Medium Download Link: http://rrubucket.s3....roup_590621.zip Notes: 1. This isn't very difficult, but it might take a bit of time to complete. 2. Put the files in for Level 16 (Split Down the Middle) in the cfg. 3. Just use the same npl file from Split Down the Middle. I based this level off of those objectives, so it works out.