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    So, while this site was down, for LEGO Island's 20th anniversary (Oct. 2) I tried to organize a Reddit AMA with people who worked on the game, as many as I could contact and would be interested. I got in touch with a number of people, ~12-16 iirc. Unfortunately, the AMA ultimately never materialized, mostly because an AMA requires verification, and I didn't know how that could happen for such an old game. (Then the r/games mods got peeved at me for being overenthusiastic, basically saying I'll never be able to try to do any AMA there again.) And during that time, Wes Jenkins passed away (about a week from LI's 20th anniversary original release date, iirc), which basically sealed the "not gonna happen" deal. However, as a result of my contact, one of the animators wrote up an interesting article on his time working on the game (he emailed it to me, and I saved it in this document just now) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1chL_iGfo-h559vnR6ds_ZDnLWicZ48RYxFlf1wmV2aE/edit?usp=sharing EDIT: Talked to Kathleen "Brick-by-Brick" Salvia, very nice lady.
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    Oh hohoh hoh! My forte. Admittedly, I rushed this poster, so I should probably make a better version later, but for now here's my entry: "Undiscovered cavern" [I know, I know, what an unoriginal name] EDIT: I've taken time to polish up my entry a bit. I'll leave my old version up just in-case people like it more than my newer version. VERSION 2: I have an un-cropped copy of this entry, so if it doesn't fit correctly, I can crop it to be larger. OLD VERSION: This poster is a recreation of a poster I made a while back (which itself was inspired by LRR's menu music "ATMOSDEL"), with the idea of showing "Rock Raiders bursting through a wall to find a new cavern" (I guess you could say that aspect was inspired by the 1st "Lava Monsters" LRR cutscene).
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    Ooh this is a neat idea. Loving the artwork @Ben24x7 and @MineTimelapser, I'm always looking for more backgrounds! Here's my submission that I cooked up in a couple of hours, it's rough but sadly I'm rather short on time at the moment. I Think I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Truck Inspiration... I like Chief, I like energy crystals, and I've wanted to make a cavern scene using actual LRR textures for a long time now. I also thought it would be a nice opportunity to try out some surface wear textures. Originally I'd intended to make a team photo, but as far as I can tell LDraw doesn't have Jet's helmet (needed to import into Blender) so I came up with this idea instead. Original 4K PNG can be sent to ya if you want it Lord merCy.
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    Welcome back, forums! Here's a cartoon a made while you were gone. It's about Gali and some pals. As ever, your thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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    Here's UV maps of LR2's minifig model, gotten by rigging up Will's LibLR2 DLL to some OBJ exporting code in Unity (lol) and then exporting UV maps with Unwrap3D. Those are at the same size as the in-game textures, aka tiny. Here's larger versions: As you can see, they're kinda messy and asymmetrical, but the worst is the front of the legs... they hardly even tried for symmetry, and each leg is also mirrored: Achu is the only character in the vanilla game with leg printing, so I guess they just never noticed his leg printing was mirrored and squished. Also, here's a transparent legs texture I made (it's just the white legs run through Gimp's color to transparency feature): Which makes it easier to make legs textures in any color (wow LICEcap really did a number on the color wheel here haha): Now, for torsos. It's important to note that the torso model/textures also contain the neck, which is part of the head on real minifigures - don't ask me why they did it that way. Also, while the UV map is intended to have both hands as the same color, if you have a large enough texture you can have them as unique colors, since the UVs for each hand aren't *exactly* in the same place. The smallest texture size you can do this with is 512x512, any lower and they'll blur together. (You might have also noticed that the legs have two tiny UV islands, that you'd hope would let you color the left and right legs independently... Sadly, nope. One is the tops of both legs, the other is the rest of both legs.) Here's a 512x512 torso template I made. The main torso decal area (red) is slightly wider than in vanilla textures - it's more accurate to the UV map, and avoids the side of the texture bleeding into the front of the torso, as happens with vanilla textures. The darker blue is unused space. And here's what it looks like in-game: Oh yeah... And the torso is mapped in such a way that it distorts textures. And here's the whole model with a checkerboard pattern: Good luck making your textures look perfect, haha.
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    not pictured: earlier attempt that ended with a Rock Raider using an OTC the size of a Mobile Laser Cutter because apparently the drill null is extremely large for some reason.
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    Sorry for reawakening a seemingly dead topic, buuuuuuut... These official images from the LEGO Education StoryStarter Curriculum Pack raise some questions I never wanted to ask.
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    Here we go again folks. After making this post when I discovered my copy of LEGO Stunt Rally did not contain all the command-line parameters mentioned by @TykeDean, I went tracking down this elusive other copy of LEGO Stunt Rally that contained more parameters. I managed to find it, and I've tried to write out all the file differences I found as best as I could. I think the gameplay is the same otherwise. Executables _msr.exe: The version is dated Monday, August 21, 2000, 8:40:10 AM, is 1,785,913 bytes, and is signed as version, "Copyright © 2000 Intelligent Games Ltd". The versionis dated Friday, October 06, 2000, 9:12:32 AM, is 1,785,913 bytes, and is signed as version, "Copyright © 2000 Intelligent Games Ltd". The Russian version is dated Monday, June 04, 2001, and is 1,658,880 bytes. It uses all the same parameters. Though I'm not entirely sure what they all do yet, all of the following command-line parameters should work with the version of _msr: /ALLAI /CDIN /DEBUGINFO /FILES /FREEFORM /FROMLAUNCHER /IGTEST /LOAD_TEXT /NORES /NOINTROVIDEO /RES_FILES /WINDOWED /XAFTOXBF The version of _msr can only use these parameters: /FILES /FREEFORM /FROMLAUNCHER /IGTEST /NOINTROVIDEO /XAFTOXBF StuntRally.exe/Setup.exe: The version is from Thursday, August 17, 2000, 8:00:22 AM, is 409,600 bytes, and is signed as version, "Copyright (C) 1999". The version is from Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 5:56:34 AM, is 421,888 bytes, and is signed as version, "Copyright (C) 1999". Installed files But wait! That's far from all that's different between these games. A good deal of files were removed or altered between the two versions of the game: For starters, is the version of the game that has the credits sequence tacked onto the end of the outro video. That version of the outro was created August 17, 2000, while the FMV without the credits was created August 30. The elusiveness of the credits sequence leads me to believe is probably the rarer version of the game. In version, the MIDI files of George Stone's "Trip Through the Grand Canyon" and Yello's "Oh Yeah" that can be found with the direct music files in ART0001.RFD are sitting uncompressed in the folder called art\music. They're still also in the archive file though. The folders for the direct music files are also in art\music here, but are all empty. A bunch of empty folders are also in art\frontend. These aren't here in the CAB data, so it must be something left over in the installer that was removed in ART0001.RF: The version of ART0001.RFD is from Wednesday, August 16, 2000, 10:55:08 PM, and is 78,815,447 bytes. The version of ART0001.RFH is from Wednesday, August 16, 2000, 10:55:08 PM, is 298,924 bytes, and links to 2793 files. The version of ART0001.RFD is from Monday, September 11, 2000, 10:50:50 AM, and is 63,618,752 bytes. The version of ART0001.RFH is from Monday, September 11, 2000, 10:50:50 AM, is 151,112 bytes, and links to 2793 files. Why the big size difference but no file difference? Well, for some reason, with version, if I extract the game data directly from the CAB files, the ART files are dated 4:55 PM instead of 10:55, and even though the content of all files is completely identical, extracting the CAB-extracted RFD file will dump out 5303 files. I have no idea why the RF Tool treats these two archives totally different just because one was extracted while the other was installed, and the RF files from the version don't act like this. A number of strange things extract from the cab-extracted ART RF file. Most of the extra files seem to be .txt versions of already-existing files, and redundant audio files. In aidata, there are txt files for the car AI alongside bin files that are used in the final game. Bluemon.txt (presumably Glacia's car?) contains this: While Bluemon.bin is not human-readable: Maybe this is another situation like the unused NRM/NRN files in Rock Raiders that were used to create the final NPL files that the game uses. Oddly, according to these files, Mr. X isn't actually faster than the other bosses, he just has faster "reflex", more rubber-banding, and higher "intelligence" whatever that means, so I don't know. Again though, why I can only access these files if I rip the RF file directly from the CAB instead of installing it, I have absolutely no idea. If they are related though, maybe they could help us figure out how to edit the AI files. There's a new folder "Sounds", which seems to just contain a lot of the same stuff from the SPEECH RF file. In this extraction, it's all in Dutch for some reason. Same thing happens when I extract SPEECH directly from the CAB of either version - now that I think about it, I'm not exactly sure how installers handle language files, but I guess that has to do with a lot of this stuff acting differently. There's also a new folder called "text", which mostly seems to contain short .txt files that each have a single bit of interface text in them. Not sure what it was replaced with, but nothing really interesting here, aside from some planned bio texts for the racers. Most of them just contain "placeholder" with a driver's name below that, but two of them actually have more stuff written in them (The first one is the file for Baron Flambo): Finally, there's a worlds folder that seems to contain textures for all the roads and scenery, as well as their sprites for the construction zone. I don't see how this would be unused though, where else would this stuff be stored? I don't know where the used textures are located, so if anyone else is familiar with the file structure of Stunt Rally please help out - if they aren't anywhere normally then somethings up and the RF Tool isn't perfected, if they are then maybe I'm just unobservant lmao. SPEECH0001.RF: The version of SPEECH0001.RFD is from Wednesday, August 16, 2000, 4:48:06 PM, and is 9,698,913 bytes. The version of SPEECH0001.RFH is from Wednesday, August 16, 2000, 4:48:06 PM, is 8,508 bytes, and links to 156 files. The version of SPEECH0001.RFD is from Friday, September 8, 2000, 1:43:32 PM, and is 9,698,317 bytes. The version of SPEECH0001.RFH is from Friday, September 8, 2000, 1:43:32 PM, is 8,508 bytes, and links to 156 files. The only difference I can find is with the the "congratulations, world champion" line that plays over the outro. In 3.5.1, the audio clip starts at the same time as the video does, and contains silence for the time until he starts speaking. In 3.8.1, the audio clip only contains his line with no silence at the beginning. Presumably they changed the audio syncing code to be a little fancier, so they could save a full half-kilobyte of storage space. Demo executables Finally, I checked the Eidos Interactive Japanese demo of the game, as well as one of the English demos - I'm not sure if there's only one version of that though. The Japanese demo version renames _msr.exe to LegoSRally.exe. This version is dated Friday, January 12, 2001, 5:49:18 PM, is a larger 2,039,808 bytes, and is signed as version, "Copyright © 2000 Intelligent Games Ltd" (and strangely still claims its language is UK English). The following parameters work with this version of the game: /FILES /FREEFORM /FROMLAUNCHER /IGTEST /NOINTROVIDEO /NORES /RES_FILES Unlike the English, it's missing /XAFTOXBF and now has /RES_FILES and /NORES included from the former version. Unfortunately, I don't know if the main Japanese version is like this, nor do I know what the Russian and Hebrew versions of this game are like. If anyone has or finds those please let me know. The English demo that I have seems to rename "moto.exe" to StuntRally.exe. This version is dated [I forgot lol], is 1,785,918 bytes, and is signed as version Only the following parameters work with it: /FREEFORM /FROMLAUNCHER I don't know what release versions of the game corresponds to what version of the game files. My copy seems to be an original release version by LEGO Media International, IB2G-STUFRS 2298851, might've come in a big box but it was just the case when I got it. I don't know what region it's from, the back of the case has the LMI copyright in French first, then English below it, and both full versions have a bunch of European languages available in the installer but default to English. I'm not sure how to check the exact region formatting - maybe it's from Canada? I guess if any of you have Stunt Rally, try to find which version of the files you have, the one with credits and parameters or the one without credits and few parameters (or any other ones that might be out there like the that the en-demo uses), and what release of the game yours is if you can tell.
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    Found some time to make one as well! I tried making something fitting the dark & mysterious vibe without it being too stylized. Hope you like it! This is 'The Headquarters'
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    Well, I'm not sure if its too late for me to post this, and it likely doesn't fit the criteria (of looking like an LRR poster), but I think I'll post this for fun anyway: "Sea of... *idle* " This one is a recreation of an old Garry's mod menu background, albeit with a crowd of idling Rock Raiders (their faces based on Arthuriel's "Insane Raiders" portrayal of Rock Raiders going into "Idle Mode"). So... yeah, not as serious as my first entry, but it was fun to make.
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    Sorry for reviving an old topic, but I have something to share. Because this mod was made before Cafeteria was even launched and after that there wasn't a patch created for this mod, I decided to make one! For those people who just want to avoid some headaches with installing this mod (like I did), this is definitely going to help. I created this patch without permission from Cyrem, but the patch is still credited with his nickname. I didn't even put my name in the description, because I don't care about publicity. I just want other people to not mess around with LLR files if they don't want to. Grab it here and enjoy.
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    Hi all, I finally managed to crack up all sections of the mesh file format (*.msh). Till now we were only able to read the static mesh data from a model file. 2 sections with the description "GTOM" and "MATL" did some serious headache to people like me and legomoe (as he tried to reverse engeneer them too). I was pretty sure all the time, that those section meant the following: "GTOM" - "Geometric transformation" and "MATL" - "Materiallist". But my assumption was wrong. After heavy reverse engeneering and many trial'n'error on those files, I finally got it. Those sections are adding custom matrix-transformations to specific objects of the mesh file. For example: When you are watching the policecar_lod1.msh (file being used to generate police car ingame) in LI2GE, you will notice that several objects like wheels and stuff are not on the right place. They are basically located in the origin of the model. The same for helicopter or buildings which have animated objects (like the door on radio station). Here is how those sections work: GTOM - "Geometrical transformation" { DWORD NumberOfObjects; //Representing the objects of the mesh, has to be the same amount like in GRPL DWORD Index[ NumberOfObjects ]; //Index to the matrixlist } MATL - "Matrixlist" { DWORD NumberOfMatrices; struct Matrix[ NumberOfMatrices ] { FLOAT TranslationXAxis; FLOAT TranslationYAxis; FLOAT TranslationZAxis; FLOAT RotationXAxis; FLOAT RotationYAxis; FLOAT RotationZAxis; FLOAT ScaleXAxis; FLOAT ScaleYAxis; FLOAT ScaleZAxis; } } This was pretty hard to find out. To make this information useful, we now can apply those matrix-manipulations on the corresponding object in the mesh. Everything will get on the right place then. We are basically able now, to insert our custom models (even like new high poly cars etc.). To make life easier I'm thinking of programming a 3D-Editor to apply those custom objects to your mesh. But that's not all; I'm sure that those matrix-manipulations are there to let Lego Island 2 know, which objects are going to be animated. Next step would be to crack up mesh-animationsfiles to create custom animations.
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    @aidenpons: This will make the Insane Raiders lore more and more complex (in all seriousness: I haven't thought about the lava bit at all. I just thought, that Rock Raiders can be sometimes so stubborn, that eating ore wouldn't be that surprising). @Cyrem: Cool, thank you very much . Personally I like the current style more than the shoddy quality of the earlier ones. And here is a new comic:
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    Hello, i have some more doodles i decided to put in here for your enjoyment. Do excuse the quality of some of them, the pages of the sketchbook must have rubbed the drawings all over the papper as i carry them on my bag, causing some of the smears you see, also phone camera is pretty much garbage.
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    Could write a lengthy post here about how I'm intrigued but sceptical due to the lack of any actual proof of game other than character renders in the OP, but there's a really good tweet thread out there that already covers the subject really well so I'll just plonk that here: So, uh, yeah - I would've personally worked on getting some headway with the actual game/a rough demo of what ya wanna achieve before going all-out with renders and teasers an' the like, but still - best of luck with the project innit.
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    Rock Raiders Inspired Background Competition Finally, its competition time again! This time we have something a little different from the past competitions and if you have some digital, traditional or render skills in your back pocket it’s time to pull it out. This competition is all about creating a background (or wallpaper if you like) that is inspired of Rock Raiders. Entry Period Tuesday 7th November – Tuesday 21st November 2017 (2 weeks) Entry Requirements Keep the full quality or PNG version of your entry. Minimum 1920 x 1080px image size No LEGO logo No Rock Raiders logo Any number of entries (But focus on quality over quantity) How to Enter Ready to enter? Now you're up to the easy part. Reply to this topic in the following format: Judging & Prize The entries will be judged and the winning background selected by our forum staff. The judging will take place on Thursday 23rd November 2017. The winner's will get his/her background featured as RRU's website background for a limited time. In addition they'll get this fancy medal to remember their win for their profile: Inspiration Before you get started, you are probably looking for some ideas or inspiration for it. For some idea you may consider the following: Official Rock Raiders Wallpapers Rock Raiders Stylized Wallpapers Any questions, just ask below. Now get drawing!
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    the more reactions we have, the more likely might one day be one of them, which will elevate me to the next plane of being
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    [1:52 AM] Pereki: [1:52 AM] Pereki: this is my new favorite egyptian god, aten. hes just the sun but with really long arms that reach down and give things to you [2:02 AM] Jess: "hello citizens, it's me your new pharaoh, akhenaten. you like all those gods you've got? f**** you, they all go in the trash. here's my new god, he's uhhhhh a disc with lots of arms. and you all get to worship him now. i'll be the most popular pharaoh ever for sure now" [2:05 AM] Pereki: "and, uh, also please build a new city called uhhhh akhetaten. like my name"
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    Hello, I've been gone from RRU for a while and it might be awkward for me to randomly pop in, but I feel the need to bring up what is probably the most irresponsible thing I've done here: You may or may not have already noticed that my various image galleries are no longer around; this was the result of my own reckless behavior. Shortly after members' galleries became reaccessible, I abused a temporary feature which allowed me to delete all my gallery folders. Anyway, I would like saw I'm sorry for creating this mess and probably leaving a dent in RRU. I know that for a while I've felt some disgust, anger and/or embarrassment over certain content I've uploaded in the past, which could've been ignored or handled differently. I also guess that I was really emotional over myself and couldn't think of any way to move on but throw away all that stuff whether it was Nonetheless, there isn't an excuse for any of this nonsense. My actions were completely illogical and selfish and only stirred up trouble. As for my content, I've preserved and/or reuploaded some of my most valuable work (i.e. Handheld Rips, Textures). Other random pics/screenshots, however, were not stored on my computer and are likely gone for good. I may have seen some of them as insignificant clutter, but others might've shown interest and it was unfair and unreasonable for me to erase them. Obviously, an apology can't repair the damage that's been done. I even questioned myself if it was worth it to say anything, but I thought that it was because I would've felt much more awkward pretending it didn't happen. Again, I'm really sorry that I got careless and deleted everything I'd made without thinking of the consequences.
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    Hey all, did some modding for Lego Island 2: I did this with the help of LI2GE (link to thread) and a MSH exporter plugin for Milkshape 3D I didn't publish for now. I'm thinking of publishing it the next days. It gives the ability to calculate hard edged and smooth edged normals, as you can see on the image above. I hope you like it :-)
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    Hullo again. So, a few years back, I tried to make a Rock Raiders comic series (named "Rock Raiders know zilch", a title which was explained using the smallest Calvin & Hobbes strip available on the internet) in an attempt to one-up Arthuriel's excellent "Insane Raiders" series (which, due to my minimal sense of humour, didn't work well). Considering the fact I've only made 2 blog posts about "Rock Raiders know zilch" so far, it's pretty clear that I haven't followed up on my promise of delivering my comics regularly, but during RRU's downtime, I've worked on a few more strips (and I also managed to overhaul my art-style. Quick shout-out to @Ayliffe for posting LEGO Nexo Knights storyboards on Twitter, which inspired me to change how I draw Minifigs). So anyways, time for the new issues. Enjoy: #3 - RRU Raiders United #4 - Stress raiders #5 - Dimensional blunder #6 - "Loss" of clever ideas (Yes, its a dumb "Loss.jpg" comic, sorry @someswedish) So yeah, those are the latest editions of my comic series, which I'm renaming "Zilch Raiders" (because "Rock Raiders know Zilch" is a bit of a mouthful). Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed these new strips. I'll be sure to post more comics in the future (although when that'll be is yet to be determined). -- Ben24x7 --
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    Some lil Music video I put together for the hell of it 😂😂😂
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    Just some skins I made, mostly because I was curious to see what they would look like if they were in LR2.
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    I'd just like to point out that the minifigure models in this are from a neat overhaul mod for Quake III Arena: I guess I'll put the link here as well in case anyone owns the game or wants to explore the .pk3 data files (they're just .zip files so you can change the extension or extract with a file archiver program to access everything in them) http://www.moddb.com/games/quake-iii-arena/downloads/lego-carnage-pro
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    Hello! I am proud to present something started by some amazing people from RRU and me, called Project Island: a game project to bring Pepper Roni back for a final adventure! What? The aim of the project is to make a sequel to the LEGO Island series and combine the awesome features the old games had and add things we always dreamed of to the mix. The charm of the island with it's quirky characters but with more freedom and exploration instead of only following set missions. A sequel also means a new island, new residents and new things to do. Why? The project started as a nostalgia-induced idea to make a little game around LEGO Island 2 but has since grown into something much bigger. LEGO Island has a special place in my heart and felt Pepper totally deserves to shine again and a lot of people seem to agree! This year also had the 20th anniversary of the original LEGO Island, so it seemed like a perfect time to make that happen! Who? Here's a bunch of people who helped set up the start of this project: BrickBuilder BasicKieran ClefferNotes DarkianMaker Disko (Ben24x7) Hamhock LDD Mods (Oliver) Lenare LilEthan Lordtobi McJobless Rex RyanTheMic Shadowblaze Willphilin31 XelaCreations Xir Since we've just kicked off the start of the development of the game we're totally open for anyone who would like to join us on this journey, every bit helps! For more info on what specifically we're currently looking for, check out our website: (https://projectisland.org/apply/) On our website you can also find more information on the project and a link to our own Discord: https://projectisland.org/ Teasers For the announcement of the project, we animated a few teasers. Click on the images to give them a look!
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    Back in August I made another comic:
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    Animated textures (aka "sequenced textures) on models are possible now. It's simple to do but is limited by animations. This video will show you the basics. I will upload the blinking head as a mod as soon as I can make it easy to install. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCr7XSEzUlg Script for hearing impaired:
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    RRU has a Discord server which can be joined here: https://discord.gg/c976pZy However, to gain access to anything besides the read-only welcome channel, you'll need the Verified Member role. To receive this role: Actually join the server. We can't give the role to people who aren't there. Post here and ask for the role. You must have your Discord tag on your forum profile (which should be something like JohnDoe#1234, the numbers are important!), or just include it in your post, if you don't mind it being out there for the whole world to see. You can also PM me or McJobless instead of posting here, if you'd like. This is just to ensure the role is being given to the right person. You must have at least 10 forum posts. This is to discourage people from registering forum accounts only to get on the Discord server. And no, making quick spammy posts does not count; if you do this just to reach 10 posts you may not be given access. Access may also be denied or revoked for other rule violations, generally bad behavior, or if you were one of the few people who managed to get yourself banned from the old server (which was quite an accomplishment given its leniency). If you join the server but do not request/receive a role, and just sit in the welcome channel, you may be kicked at any time. This is just to keep things tidy. The purpose of this server is to discuss the same subject matter as the forum: Playing, modding, or even making your own LEGO games, and general discussion of LEGO sets/media/etc. It is also subject to the same rules as the forum. It is not, however, a replacement for forum topics: Things in chats are buried quickly, but posts on forums can be found and browsed through for years to come. If you have something interesting to share, or a question that other people may also have, it's recommended that you post it on the forums. Now, as for why this exists. There was already a "RRU Discord server" of sorts, but it'd started as a small personal server for some friends, who hadn't even been active on the RRU forums for years. This server gradually gained more members - most related to RRU, some not. It always kept operating like a personal server though; it wasn't subject to the same rules/moderation as RRU, and people often talked about personal or heavy issues they didn't feel comfortable bringing up elsewhere. This was cool, but it introduced some problems - firstly, people weren't comfortable with the group being made open for anyone on the forums to join. This made sense given all the personal things being discussed, but also meant a lot of discussion of LEGO game stuff was being locked away from RRU. Secondly, the server was serving three roles at once: Personal discussion between friends (most of whom weren't even active on the RRU forums anymore), RRU-relevant LEGO/game discussion, and Space Station 13 discussion like the server had originally been used for. So, the old server is effectively being split up. Space Station 13 discussion has its own server now, and RRU now has its own officially linked server for discussion of LEGO games/modding/etc. The old server still exists, but as a thing separate from RRU, as by far the majority of the active users/conversations there don't have much or anything to do with RRU or the active forum users.
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    RRU 2017 Update After an extended downtime, welcome back to the Rock Raiders United community forums. There have been many changes since you last visited and at first glance many things may appear foreign, but, I will try to be as thorough as possible in explaining all the changes. As time goes by RRU continues to mature as a website in whole, and while certain changes may not always seem like a "step in the right direction", they are certainly done with that intention in mind. RRU is no longer just a little forum in a corner of the internet like it began, these days it attracts thousands of visitors every day looking for information on various subjects. With this in mind, view these changes as fine tuning. As the community update hasn't come to full completion yet, I will post information in parts. The second post below will contain all the updates together.
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    Hello there, members of Rock Raiders United! I'm TheMikirog. Who am I? I'm almost 18 years old at the time of writing this. I live in Poland. My English might not be perfect, but I try my dandest. I'm a character designer. I want to pursue my dreams of becoming a creator of an animated series, on TV or YouTube. I have two highly-detailed story ideas that cropped up in my head that I've been working on for nearly 3 years. I along with my friend both animate. I'm also a composer and a voice actor. I like creating stuff, so in my spare time I try to create animations, but because of the busy life of high-school and upcoming finals, I struggle to find a balance between necessary work and satisfying my inner artist. I guess time will tell. How did I end up here? LEGO Rock Raiders was a great game I played a lot when I was younger. Looking back at it, it has some flaws, but a unique charm that cannot be replicated. Maybe I'm nostalgia blind, I don't know. I stumbled upon this forum and I thought "This game has a fanbase years later? For a game that wasn't really popular to begin with? And they're modding? Sign me in!". I was already pretty familiar with modding. I already added some hats and new weapons to Duck Game and now I have yet another target to practice. My proudest work is BombSquad Joyride Modpack (shameless mod promotion), a mod that adds new powerups, maps and characters into an action-packed party game with plasticine visuals. LEGO Rock Raiders is a game that is being kept alive by very talented people, so I decided to join the party. I might do some patches for the game in the future, who knows? I can't wait to see what cool new mods are going to surface and how far I can push myself into editing this game.
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    I uploaded this back in April but forgot to ever post it here oops. Hope it's okay to post it now still.
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    Half time and only one entry so far? Hmmm... maybe I should crack SFM open, it has been a while.
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    throughout my time playing lego worlds, I have encountered many different oddities with vehicles. they interact with mushrooms in the funniest way. they also go insane if you make a custom road in a town, causing them to spin wildly and teleport all over the place. this video is a silly montage mostly comprised of vehicles getting flung around by vehicles, which still makes me giggle like mad
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    First of all, I'd like to thank Grappiegovert and his track editing tool - without it, this would never have been done. Secondly, I'd like to thank JrMasterModelBuilder for his .JAM extractor - without that, this would also never have been done. It's impossible to make LR difficult - the AI is atrocious and the highly abusable green bricks make LR a cinch. But if you remove the green bricks... and put loads more red bricks... then it's still a piece of cake. If you intend to play it that way. The idea with this mod was that whenever you'd get ahead, you'd slowdown - or sometimes stop - wait for the AI to catch up with you, pelt them with cannonball spam, speed on, and then slow down as they take ages to get out of a Pharaoh (that thing is very useful - it slows down all players to pass it, the only yellow powerup to do so). Furthermore, there are far fewer blue bricks. Shortcuts now usually have no bricks in them and the alternate routes much more, so it's a great deal better for you if you take the long route. Unfortunately, whilst adding so many red bricks I came across some limit. Put a couple too many bricks in. and when you hit someone with a cannonball it does nothing (this happens rarely near the finish line of Knightmare-a-thon ). Put waaaay too many bricks in, and white bricks can't be collected. Fortunately most of this is gone. Other functional features: Bricks placed in inaccessible places (most of the time), usually green ones, just to wind you up No shielding in the start of Alien Rally Asteroid - but there is a way to lose no speed going through that section that doesn't involve driving on the sides Whites are rare in the first circuit and become increasingly common The game is still absurdly easy Upload is here: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego-racers-1/aidenpons-lr1-powerup-mod-r58/
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    (McJobless, my brother, and I were doing online racing in NFS U2) Jobbo-06/03/2017 Watching my rear view mirror was like watching two fat rhinos slip around on an ice rink It was amazing
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    From the album Raidertail


    © escapingtail

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    Cyrem you are an absolute legend. Fantastic work on the new forum, layout, re-organisation, and behind-the-scenes work. Especially considering this is all done with your own free time and money, you deserve a great deal of praise for how much you have invested in this community. I hope the new RRU is well-appreciated and continues to grow and thrive. Three cheers for Cyrem!
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    It'd be nice to have "lego-ized" emotes instead of the generic smileys, but other than that I'm completely neutral towards the new system innit.
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    A while back, I added some new features to this tool, but I was too lazy to polish it up into a new version. I've decided to just release it, because I guess it's still quite useful. Things I've added: -Viewing of RRBs and static objects -Better 120DPI scaling -more stuff As I mentioned, it's not polished, so there are some things that just do nothing (like the edit part in this screenshot). Check the OP for a full changelog and the download link.
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    I know I'm not the one who worked on the character skin but I had an interest in it for quite some time. So I thought I'd work on his car now that I got the hang of hex editor Three different mods at once 😀😀😀 like the three of em (Xir and jamessterV2 for being the creators of the three) I'll see if I can get the download soon.
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    Note: This will be moved into the correct part of RRU and given a proper tag when that section opens. Jon Burton, founder of TT Games, started a YouTube channel (GameHut) a few months ago. There's isn't much LEGO content on it (yet), but last night he created a Discord server (a link is available here), with a LEGO channel. Here's a few interesting things to come out of it so far (the server was quite busy, so occasionally I've snipped out some irrelevant messages just to keep things tidy): Also, he said this in the comments section of this video: For those who haven't read it yet, here's that Jonathan Smith interview mentioned in the chat logs: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/qanda-lego-star-wars-producer-jonathan-smith/1100-6165669/ And here's a few relevant portions of it: Jon never replied to anything specifically about the Soccer game, oh well.
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    As you may know, trying to quit LI1 via ESC crashes the game. But there is also ALT-F4, but it may not always save your stuff. So how do you make sure it saves? Go to the Information Center, click the book and select your name again. Then press ALT-F4. And bam, it should save your progress.
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    @tomfyhr my concern was that a complete stranger started talking to me and sending me links to a script which I of course don't even touch because only a dingus opens something from a source he doesn't know/trust. Now stop getting me involved in things I have no intention to be part of.
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    From the album hellspawn

    we all love jack stone but guess what its the year 2017 and time to ditch crappy free vhs tapes start watching expensive dvds and you're all grown up now so goodbye cgi plastic man and hello nick cage

    © stock image sites blah blah blah

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    Huzzah! RRU is back (but not quite, but hey its back, yet not entirely). So yeah, its nice to be back. I'm currently drafting a blog post containing most of the fun stuff I've made during RRU's absence, but I decided this little gem deserves it own blog (actually, I'm just posting it because that's one less thing to post for the next blog). So tell me, fellow Rock Raider... What is Rock? Landslides don't hurt me... ...don't hurt me... ...no more... -- Ben24x7 --