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    • HD Raiders Progress 2
      By Shawnethan

      Can Someone please guide me to a link or explain how you move the  icon panel like he did in this picture. The panel that slides in and out of the screen. and has the teleport rock raider and building icon. I have been researching for days and cannot figure it out. That panel and o2 bar the only things misplaced now and I'm ok with the o2 bar. PLEASE someone help me!

    • Invader Flagship POV
      By IncogM

      Interesting.  The dual saucer setup has potential.

    • 2015-06-20_00001.jpg
      By MaelstromIslander


    • Hidden by jamesster
      By BionicleFan

      This is the most weirdness thing. I have ever seen.

      Jamester is watching us....... REMEMBER THAT 

    • Hidden by jamesster
      By Ben24x7

      "#I always feel like, that jamessters watchin' meeee...

      He gives me too much privacy....    ....ooOOOoh.#"