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  1. Today
  2. That's what we're shooting for here. Hopefully we'll all be able to play the original game in the comfort of a standard x64 environment.
  3. Wow, that's some sexy Unity right there. Looks good. ^^ Makes me want to play the original game again.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Putting a new version out there for the new buildings and maps: http://updates.rogodigital.com/legorr/LegoRRv003.zip http://updates.rogodigital.com/legorr/LegoRRv003_Mac.zip This version includes the following: "The Path to Power" & "Rubble Trouble" Toned down lighting 5 remodeled buildings with correct textures & materials Powerpath that behaves more correctly (it updates properly, not just when you click somewhere) A building menu (with buildings that can only be placed next to powerpath/water) Tidied up code ready for basic Raider AI (coming v0.04!)
  6. Fantastic! This was a mod that I've been secretly wishing for. Sorry, I just noticed this thread today. I would have responded sooner. You probably figured something out by now, but for an issue like this you should uncheck the mod, click apply, then check it again and apply it again.
  7. Finished off the building materials & added the support station: Also made the UI build menu function more like it should & toned down the lighting.
  8. My thoughts on Sonic Forces

    boostpads rock
  9. Version 0.1.3 available: https://sourceforge.net/projects/li2ge Added search function and alphabetically sorting of the table.
  10. Hey, I was wondering if you guys have a Twitter, or any social media I could follow the server's progress on? If not, do you ever plan to get one up and running?
  11. For some reasons I can't view the file. But viewed in Notepad and that's some awesome stuff you reversed there! Keep up that cool work. I'm not very familiar with reversing executables, so do you have any knowledge of reversing function's and it's addresses? As above mentioned, spawn and move functions would be gorgeous.
  12. Weeeeeeeee! Hopefully you won't be joining those raiders on the moon.
  13. I dunno if it will be of any use, but here's a big Cheat Engine table of mine that I'm posting for the first time: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nlxehm0htkkhnvc/LEGO Island 2 (.exe Type 1).CT?dl=1 Images:
  14. I'm braindead now! Yaay!
  15. Reversed some Opcodes Player Position Coordinates ================== X { 4 byte float } = 0x100E8364 Y { 4 byte float } = 0x100E8368 Z { 4 byte float } = 0x100E836C Player Camera ============= Y - Distance to camera { 4 byte float } = 0x5CCB2C Maybe someone outthere is able to trace the addresses back to it's movement function or animation function? Would be cool if someone could crack up the spawn-function of this game. Maybe a little multiplayer could be done then.
  16. Oh jesus, this is sweet! I'm just amazed about what happened in the last years around this game. This is exactly what I needed. Finally got the windowed mode to do some serious reverse engineering. Thank you very much!!!
  17. Will do! Thanks for clearing things up for me, I will follow this project closely from now on, Baffish. :-)
  18. That depends on whether DLU prefers to implement features fully or to rush to be the first to open testing. From what I've seen of them they still have a way to go before having a smoothly playable implementation. Our project aims at providing a playable and sustaining experience, with more content than just the basic questline which can be finished in a day. We'll continue to release videos so you'll be able to see our progress yourself. Once there's enough content in the videos that we consider suitable for sustained playing, we'll open a public but closed testing instance, with the aim of eventually hosting a fully public server. Implementing all this will take a while though, and we're only doing this in our spare time, so it's hard to give any estimates. At the least it will still be several months before reaching a suitable level of progress. I would in fact like a more closely working together community, which is why I'm available in chat for questions and why I've published the information we've found on packets and file structures. This documentation is what has made it possible for other server projects to persist, and some server projects have shared their contributions back, which I am grateful for. However DLU so far hasn't shared any of their findings, which I find disappointing given that they seem to be the second most advanced server project. Fragmentation was what caused the collapse of the original LUNI server project back in 2014, so I hope that the community as a whole won't experience the same fate. On a lighter note, we're almost due for our next video in the series, where we'll progress to the monument, which requires some server physics I'm excited to show in action. Stay tuned!
  19. Do you think you will have open testing before DLU? When will you think it will be? And why do all projects work separately instead of together? Sorry for all the questions, I just found out about your project. Hope you continue to do amazing work, Baffish.
  20. Haha, it's so funny. I really enjoy it.
  21. Last week
  22. Added a search function and alphebetically sorting by clicking on the row of the table. Those functions will be available with the next update, coming the next days.
  23. Ok I had intended on releasing a new version today, but as it's late and I've been at work all day too I only managed to bash out 4 new models rather than doing any coding. Here's a mock up of them ingame: And here's the meshes up close: I've still yet to UV map the stickers, add the waggly arms to the top of the docks and add sparkles & particles to things. I also want to do the support station before v0.03 so there's a nice splash of buildings to play with while more gameplay mechanics are brought to life.
  24. Hmm, for the next Levels I need some help with the NPL Scripter Ill write the question into the NPL Post
  25. Heya! Could you explain: In some levels of my Overhaul I have to find some RRs. For that I thought, Ill make a TutoMarker in the Map on the Wall to the RR. If the Player breaks down the wall, he should "Add R2 1" up to "GetR2 3" as example for 3 RRs which are to find. Is it possible to use the Function:"GetTutorialBlockIsPath" in cause of a wall leaves rubble on the ground, which is in the Map Creator a "Path"? Im not good with that scripter, but finally need the knowledge to complete the NPLs for my Mod As Example: GetTutorialBlockIsPath = 1 ? AddR2 1 Is it able for all 3 Markers on the Map? I dont know how to say :" If TutoBlock 1 is Path = 1 ? AddR2 1" and for TutoBlock 2 the same... Hm, Ill better explain in Pictures: I already seen in the nrM of the Tutorial and GameLevels to learn something about how the Scripter works, but Im even not good enough to write it in that way I need. Ask if you need more Information With friendly and hopefully greetings, Magiehammer Edit: *facepalm* I have to use GetTutorialBlockIsPath 1 = 1 ? AddR2 1 GetTutorialBlockIsPath 2 = 1 ? AddR2 1 GetTutorialBlockIsPath 3 = 1 ? AddR2 1 GetR2 = 3 ? SetLevelComplete Right?
  26. Windows 7 64-bit edition.
  27. People used to post topics like this a lot ~6-8 years back when Power Miners was more recent. The response can be summarized by how the Power Miners monsters were often compared to toilets and trash cans... I think the overall sentiment was that it didn't feel as epic or serious as Rock Raiders (the smaller and often comical monsters, the bright colors, the simpler story, etc). These days I think people tend to like it a bit more for what it is, but there hasn't been as much discussion about it. Edit - The commercials/ads are a really good way to compare the tones of the two themes: Rock Raiders was dark, mysterious and threatening in tone (especially the PC game), Power Miners was more loud and in your face, even somewhat cartoony. I think the Power Miners sets had better play features (the drills geared to have two parts rotating in different directions were awesome), but that's mostly due to LEGO as a whole getting much better at that since the late 90s/early 2000s. I don't think the Power Miners color scheme is really bad but it's not what I'd choose if I were designing them.
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