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  2. Are your websites blocked/filtered in any way? Imgur is a very popular image host, so that's the only explanation I can think of for why it wouldn't work for you (unless it just happened to have an outage at the exact time you read my reply).
  3. I tried it but I still have my progress into the game How do I replace this to mine?
  4. How did this manage to fly past my radar? This is an awesome project and the progress made already on playability goes beyond what I currently have (given, I tend to get sucked up in work and other projects as well). I'm thrilled to see this project progress (+ seeing someone else making a remake with the original GUI in it makes me not feel so bad about creating a new GUI from scratch )
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  6. *Small clarification - once you get to said building-recipes/construction-progress GUI, would you please implement them into non-debug mode as well as debug? Thanks!* Once again, thank you so much for all the tireless effort you've put in, and good luck with everything!
  7. I can't see your images. But I understand what you mean. I'm working on it right now. And I tried imgur but it isn't working.
  8. Thank you for the feedback, and especially for taking the time to write up the bug you encountered! I noticed this bug with the building sites as well when I was doing a little playtesting yesterday, which surprised me because I was sure I had fixed it a few weeks ago. My guess is that one of the commits I made relating to the task lists this past week caused tasks that have been added to the tasksUnavailable list to get stuck there, rather than moving back to available when their requirements are met. If this is indeed the cause, then it means that a building site will currently get abandoned if the tool store or a raider doesn't have one or more required resources, even if those resources are acquired later. Part of the reason I've been slow in addressing this bug is that I intend to tweak the way raiders select a new task when not under the player's instruction, a change that will enable me to throw out the tasksUnavailable list entirely and should (hopefully) fix this bug in the process. Additionally, I have noticed that if you right click a building site while a raider is selected, this can cause the raider to think they are placing a resource that they aren't holding. This is a consequence of the sort of hacky way that I chose to identify the issuing of walk commands, and will be easy to fix. Finally, you are absolutely right about debug mode and lack of clarity surrounding building requirements and placed resources. At the very least, I need to adjust some font colors and sizes, and make the placed ore and crystal count easier to identify and read. I've primarily been using my browser console to print out and tweak objects and variables recently, and as such have not kept up very well with some aspects of the in-game GUI and debug mode. Once again, the feedback is greatly appreciated Hopefully this weekend I can find time to get around to some of this stuff.
  9. Seriously, you have made amazing progress on this, very quickly and consistently! I'm honestly replaying the levels fairly often, if for no other reason than to try and build as much as I can before my Raiders drop off the fifth Energy Crystal and ended the level. In so doing, I have encountered the only significant bug I can remember: *When I create a build site before the Tool Store has all the materials it needs for it - or possibly once the material demands outpace the Tool Store's supply - the Raiders often abandon building it.* (Note: The specifics of the conditions that trigger the bug might be a bit off.) I love what's there so far. The last thing I want to do is delay the addition of Raider-training, dynamite, and/or vehicles - so the only request I have is for some bits of HUD [even in just a temp form] that show building requirements before you select/place them, and something that shows building progress during construction. Even the currently-existing Debug Mode HUD for build progress is pretty bad, as the font color is really hard to read. Other than that, though, it's AMAZING!!!
  10. I found two icons for the Classic Space vehicles - presumably the ones set to appear in the demo, which I am guessing is the first free content update. That's set 6809 and 885.
  11. The index number is from the color index of the 8-bit bitmap file. I use GIMP to figure out the index number for a specific color. Additive transparency is defined in the model under the Advanced tab in the Surface editor. It must be set to 100% or Rock Raiders will not display it properly. This is the only thing that affects it as far as I've been able to tell. I leave everything else alone.
  12. Additive.png

    From the album Cirevam

  13. Yes, fundamentally it's additive blending -- but I'm not sure how the game recognizes this. In LightWave, if we open the scene for the Powerstation and view the spangle model, we note that all of the textures on the quads use Normal blending. That's why they're black in LightWave -- they're not using additive blending. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/QyVKjfo.png So it must get the information from somewhere else, not the model. Thanks a bunch for the A### tip -- I never would have figured that one out! Is the number an index into the LWO surface color, or the BMP palette?
  14. That's only one form of transparency that LRR uses. Things like glow effects are handled differently, where pixels that are more black (I think it uses the Value part of Hue/Saturation/Value for this) are more transparent, with pure black being completely transparent and pure white being completely opaque. I believe Lightwave calls this Additive Transparency, so darkf is right.
  15. It's that part of the file name:
  16. [7:01 PM] The Road Warrior: Imagine human centipede with 20 drunk dudes and chicks are huddled around a massive HD LCD. [7:01 PM] The Road Warrior: That was one of the best nights of my life.
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  18. Emma Watson on Alcom's Banana

    From the album Stuff

    Mmkay then...
  19. Well I notice there are .UV files which probably define them (IIRC the developer said they made their map tool support UVs because LW5.6 did not.) For now I'm just doing planar mapping (which works fine), but eventually I'll see if it requires UVs. Now: How is alpha handled in the textures? Say a029_Drill.bmp (Tool Store drill quad) or LightSPANKLE.bmp (light gradient), these have different solid colors that both end up as transparent in LRR. With the latter (spankle), I imagine it *could* just be additive blending (for the light), but for the drill it's actually alpha blended. So what is it using for the chroma keying / alpha channel? Bonus screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/HoZK0UN.png
  20. Looks neat. For the snow and ice textures, which get stretched over big surfaces, you could try tiling them a bit, like this, or maybe with even more tiles: It would make the scale of the pixels more consistent, and in this case, it probably would look alright since the textures tile themselves the same way in Minecraft. Just be sure you're saving textures in sizes that are powers of 2 - for example, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, etc. While it's technically not as heavy of a requirement as it used to be on older graphics cards, it's still always a good idea to go for one of those sizes unless you have a special reason not to, and as far as I've seen you're almost never going to come across non-power of 2 textures in professional games. Oh, also- you can upload your images to imgur, even directly by pressing Ctrl V while on the website: http://imgur.com/ Then copy the image address: And paste it into the editor here, it should embed automatically. RRU has its own gallery too, but I find imgur to be faster.
  21. This is 100% written by me. In fact, LUNI is based off of an earlier version of our server (our earliest prototype).
  22. Thank you very much! It worked.
  23. Same thing happens to me too. Just press Print Screen, open MS Paint and press Ctrl + V.
  24. I know how to do it. But when I do it, game takes screenshot of map.
  25. Is this a vehicle creator of sorts or just a whole bunch more vehicles? You'd think they'd group the vehicles into theme (or set)... Hostile mob overhaul? Maybe? Or am I just a fanboy speculating? I am genuinely hyped for this. The one thing I've wanted is some form of Logic in LW. Because if you give me some logic, give me a place to stand on and I shall move the earth. Or slaughter everything with traps, or just blow up the earth. Not so concerned about the theme and set additions, though *shrugs* Oh, and those Sets are all set numbers. I've saved you the trouble of googling them: 70737 wait since when did Ninjago have mechs? 70736 it's Ninjago of course we have to have a giant dragon 70733 Ninjago Vehicle 70732 Ninjago Ship/Structure 60108 City 60107 City 31048 Creator Hut 31035 Creator Hut
  26. To be honest they're all pretty awful... - IXS - There's nothing really special for this one. It's just a solid meh for me. It's not even particularly amusing to cause to break. (Or maybe I'm just not in the "hip market" that Ayliffe was talking about). The final boss boulder-rush is really badly done, or maybe I just hate that type of game. It's just too sodding long. - LI2 - About three fun minigames (Biplane was gold.... was), I'll definitely give you that. Nice that it mixes around all sorts of themes - I particularly like Dino and Castle Island. However, many of the other minigames are pretty bland and hunting down the Brickster Bots with the radio is plain boring. Also loading times put me off this game - LI1 - Mostly notable because of the very weird ways in which the game decides to explode. Also has in my opinion, the best voice acting of the lot. A fun game, and to me the best not so much because it's good as because the others are pretty shoddy. I haven't played anything else (PC master raaaaaaaaace) so I can't comment. +5 CYNICISM
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