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  3. How to hack LSW1 Extract GAME.DAT file. this can be done with QuickBMS: http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm once downloaded, use these scripts to extract the files: for PC:http://aluigi.altervista.org/bms/ttgames.bms or for PS2 users: http://aluigi.altervista.org/bms/crash_bandicoot_ttgames.bms (i don't know other compatibilities srry.) Once extracted their should be like 8 folders: 1. ats. Just some commonly used scripts for events, animations and stuff. 2. audio. You guessed it. you can open, export and import any VAG sound files with MFAudio: http://www.zophar.net/utilities/ps2util/mfaudio-1-1.html (The download button's a bit hard to find) 3. chars. Every entity 3d model in the game., divided into folders. Each character is as follows: -ghg 3d model (only way i know of to extract some data is https://ps23dformat.wikispaces.com/file/view/LegoStarWarsghgTo3dsBeta.bms/438986340/LegoStarWarsghgTo3dsBeta.bms -.ani animation files -random file for.......some reason -and, the greatest file ever..... the *.txt attribute/script file. with this you can: edit speed edit hitpoints change abilities (make clones jedi, give chancellor palpatine a double jump) and other stuff. here's a list of as many variables (character and scripts) I could find from the SLUS file: layer player_2 Player%d baddy baddie goody goodie ÿÿ throwable inrange °@ š™i@ name waittime ÿÿBase InActive false origin neutral type character= locator character respawn respawn_at_origin state= FALSE ON global default in pivot distance forwards name= personal indexed nearest random= %s_%d %s_%s ÿÿ Dexter random dont_check_terrain jump_factor= tgt_character= slam take_damage player1 player2 roty x y z party distance_from_end sock dx dy ÿÿfirerange goalrange minrange= static offscreen no_fire_in_minicut circle fireinterval instant Clockwise AntiClockwise Reverse Random predictive ÿÿstill_do_take_hit_anim rotational looping %s%.2i kill_at_end clear_spline mindx maxdx mindy maxdy backwards ÿÿmingroupsize maxgroupsize groupsize script xspacing zspacing xoffset yoffset zoffset nacross crate_height= crate_delay= not_grouped distance_from_player distance_from_camera start_from_player start_from_camera ÿÿsplinename speedmultiplier multiply= max=default max= dont_set_max value increment decrement dx= dy= dz= x= y= z= multiplier snaptospeed Default All_Non_Party Locator tolerance ix ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿaxis=x axis=y axis=z time mul= time= speed= id Catagory min_speed= JUMP DBLJUMP R2D2GLIDE ZIPUP USEHATCH JARJARJUMP HOVERTUBE FORGOODIES FORBADDIES OBSTACLE JUMP_NOW DONT_JUMP_NOW BLOCK BIGJUMP gameaiscript.c Action_CnxController: only level script can call this on_frames from= to= obj= cutscene= pathname= CheckVisible bothways on_flag off_flag OBSTACLE_OPEN OBSTACLE_CLOSED to lastframe controller= obj_on= obj_off= path stayopen phase TRUE keep_out= tag_to= hitter= damage= from playcount= repdelay= startdelay= character_pos= ÿÿ Reset use_current_campos start_time= end_time=infinite end_time= blend_in_time= blend_out_time= tgt_locator= tgt_obj= cam_locator= range= roty= rotx= FollowTgt campos_x= campos_y= campos_z= tgtpos_x= tgtpos_y= tgtpos_z= no_borders freeplay_not_party myself ÿÿ radius= target= look_at_camera DropBackInTimer MaulShouldRunAway InMiniCut RespawnLocatorIs BigJumpComplete CheatProgress BoltsDontGetDeflectedBack StuckDontJumpNow AIOverrideControl ToNode FromNode UsingForceFreeze CameraYRot Freeplay HintComplete HintAvailable CurrentHintId IsSplineSet FinishedSpline FurthestPlayerDistanceAlongSock PlayerDistanceAlongSock SockXDistanceToPlayer SockDistanceToOpponent SockDistanceToPlayer RaceLap RigidAnimFrame CutScenePlaying CutSceneFinished CutSceneStarted Message BeenToLevel NumForceObjects NumBaddies AngleFromPlayer2ToMe AngleFromPlayerToMe Player2Active Context IsSetAlive EitherPlayerOnDoorTrigger PlayerOnDoorTrigger CheckAreaFlag CheckLevelFlag CheckFlag EitherPlayerIs PlayerCategoryIs CategoryIs IAmAPartyCharacter Side CanFightLikeAJedi IAmA IAm ForceComplete TurretAlive UsingForceLightning UsingForce ForceBeingUsed EitherPlayerUsingForce PlayerDeflectingPart PlayerUsingForce TubeActive GadgetActive AnimationFinished ObstacleChainPhase ObstacleFinished DoorOpen DoorOpenedByPlayer DoorOpened DoorLocked StuckTime HitPoints HoverPhase BeenHit Blocking LocatorOnScreen BehindCamera SpawnCount CollectedCount LocatedCollectable PlayerOnGround BeenAlerted OnGround EitherPlayerOnObject PlayerOnObject OnSameObjectAsPlayer OnObject IsOnScreen IsAlive GlynTest GotBlaster Active PreviousResult BoulderSection MushroomCollapse CreatePod SetLapTime RemoveThrownForceObjects SetFormationCommander FollowPlayer FaceCharacter FaceCamera SetForceLightningTarget SetForceBack DontRaycastLOS SetCircleDirection CameraCut PlaySfx ObjectController CnxController CycleCharacter CancelHint SetHintComplete SetHint SetPathCnxFlag Respawnable ImmuneToKillTerrain SetLevelPath PlayCutScene ResetGameCamera CameraShake JudderGameCamera MakeExplosion EnableSock SetVisibility ZamMovement RaceOpponent Sebulba CannotBeSeen IgnoreShoveSystem ApplyGravity SetGravityHeight SetDefaultMovementRange SetMaxMovementRange UseCurrentSpeed SetHoverPhase ActivateTurret AddPartDebris AddPart SetMessage SetHitPoints SetWalkSpeed SetRunSpeed SetSpeed CreateSplineCreatures CreateSockCreatures CreateCreatures FormationMove BreakFormation SetZeroAcceleration FollowSock PlaceOnSock SetControlSystem FollowSpline SetRandomSpline SetNearestSpline ResetDoorTrigger GoToDoorTrigger AddToSet PressJumpButton DontPush SetInvulnerable UseWeapon PressActionButton PressTagButton PressSpecialButton PlaceAheadOfPlayer SetPlayType SetAreaFlag SetLevelFlag SetFlag SetRespawnLocator ForceFreeze DontSetStoppedFlag CantDie SetDontMove SetIgnoreAntinodes SetLastSafePathPos SetAIOverrideControl SetScriptState Kill EngageObject EngageOpponent Snipe DeflectPlayersPart UseForce UpdateSockPos SetJumping SetBoss SetShootOpponents SetDefensive AttackOpponent SetSide CanHitForceObjects TagCharacter TakeDamage CanAttack CannotDropIn SetTaggable CanShootObstructions AttackButtonMash SetBoltsDontGetDeflectedBack PrefersPlayers ResetContext SnapWeaponOut KeepWeaponOut CanCollectCoins CanShootOffScreen CanOpenDoors EndLoopingAnimation SetObstacleChainPhase ActivateGadget SetDoorFinished DoorSetStayOpen OpenDoor CloseDoor UnLockDoor LockDoor AnimTimeRandom SetAnimation SnapToSockPosition SnapToPosition SetDoomedEscapeLocator BigJump BigJumpToLocator SnapToOrigin CallDexter SetTableLocator SetCounterLocator SetLocator SnapToLocator DumpCollectables GoToCollectable GoToOriginalPath SetPath GoToLevelPath DeActivate Activate ÿÿÿÿ LegoSingle PickupCoin CoinDropS CoinDropG CoinsLand .cns pickups.c Buffer overflow - please save at least %i bytes. PickupCoinB MK-Loop PickupHeart # MK-Appear %s.rtl rtlif.c Ran out of buffer space in LoadLights. turret.c Not enough memory to create Turret system. Eejit. ÿÿ levels\ \ .gsc %s_%s_%.2i %s_%.2i €=- À=- >- @>- €>- À>- MK-Pickup %i/%i NegX PosX NegY PosY NegZ PosZ @= H= P= X= `= h= levels\bonus\mini_runner\mini_runner.gsc mini_runner_%s_%.2i .FSP door16r door16 door15r door15 door12r door12 door11r door11 door10r door10 door9r door9 door8r door8 door7r door7 door6r door6 door5r door5 door4r door4 door3r door3 door2r door2 door1r door1 Dog_CloneARC170Gun Dog_DroidFighterBlast Dog_TriFighterGuns %s%s chris.c Too many splines in %s Dog_CloneARC170EngLp Dog_DroidFighterEngLp Dog_TriFighterEngLp Ep3_1_ProtoXWingMissile ˜- ¨- À- Ð- è- ø- ˜- ¨- À- Ð- è- ø- door_to_c door_to_b Centre Out of mem for Chris S Level DogBits Dog_DroidFighterHit Dog_TriFighterHit Ep3_1_ExplosionXXL shelf_top shelf_bottom shelf_6 b shop_%c Hint info Char padme_geo_icon Extra tool_box Code shop_question icon_back_neutral info_blank tool_blank code_blank question_icon shop_arrow1 shop_arrow2 shop_arrow3 shop_arrow4 shop_cam Shop_BuyCheat Shop_NotEnufMuny MenuMove MenuBack MenuSelect %s! Øê- ¼ê- 4ë- ôê- ë- ¼ê- stuff\ legal legal_french legal_italian legal_spanish legal_danish legal_dutch .gsc pì- Xì- ˆì- ì- ¸ì- Ðì- stuff\lego.ico stuff\lego_font_06 MenuNoEntry MenuSelect MenuMove purple green1 orange1 blue yellow red blue_juice yellow_juice red_juice but_purple but_green but_orange off_orange off_green off_purple mini_tube green_light_on2 Fac_BonusBeep Fac_BonusCylUp Sniper%d mine nomine_%d MINE_POP POD_MINE_PART ÿÿ podrace.c Podrace not working. PodX_EngStartup1 PodX_EngStartup2 Pod_Race_Go Pod_Race_Light %i ÿÿtrigger_crash= trigger_collapse= max_time_available= time_available= time_increment= nattempts_per_increment= collapsing_mush @+. t+. ¼+. |,. ¼,. boost0%i maxlaptime= laptime= increment= spline_id= type= spline_start= spline_end= time_factor= pacemaker damaged The other entity folders have more or less the same format, and there are some 3d models that are .gscs. a good script that extracts almost all model data (no dds textures) is https://ps23dformat.wikispaces.com/file/view/LegoStarWarsgscTo3dsBeta.bms/438986052/LegoStarWarsgscTo3dsBeta.bms there maybe other stuff i'll cover later. (btw you can do regular renaming stuff like adding watto or boss nass as playable characters. or you can do God's work and replace Jar Jar with the awesome gungan you wanted to play as as a kid.) 4. cut. all the cutscene data. according to some video i can't find right now, if you edit the corresponding .txts and play the game, your cutscene will be played and the txt will be recompiled into the .cut. 5. levels. can edit scripts in ai folder. use same gsc script for geometry. no other info known. 6. movies. simple .PSS ps2 video file. 7. scripts. with the aforeposted code, you can edit the enemy ai with new arguments or something like that. 8. stuff. in this folder you can see the font png. also, there is a file that contains all the notifications, names, hints and space text. these can all be edited. i can't do more rn. i hope someone will have hacking fun (btw, you don't need to recompile the file i believe.)
  4. Hello, welcome to RRU! Hope you enjoy your stay. It may be a bit redundant by now, but that's a nice prototype you've got there.
  5. Have to say, for a prototype, you've polished it quite nicely and for only starting this year. I'm eager to see how this develops. As Cirevam said, lets us know if there's anything we can do to help. Good choice choosing Unity over Swift btw.
  6. Yesterday
  7. lego worlds too: revenge of lego youniverse
  8. Sorry to double post but I've been able to extract the textures using Umodel and thought people might be interested in downloading the figure textures so here they are: http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/460
  9. What you are saying makes sense, but I am not expecting Anyone on this site to be Developers 😧
  10. I haven't personally seen the IP for the server, nor have I heard much about such server on the Discord, I can at some point try to contact Vested, but I'd assume if it were intended to be RRU Official, there would've been a topic on it. Otherwise, I don't know what else to say, the original files for the survival server I believe are still in Sparks' hands, personally, I think he's just too busy to set up the hosting again, and the fact that the service he used may still not support modding. If you feel as if you'd like to revive the RRU MC Server, I'd say at this point give it a go, checking with Sparks though of course to make sure he doesn't have any plans in the future or what his plans were. I would highly recommend getting some people though to help with setting it up especially, it can get complicated and frustrating when things go down or wrong. As for NodeCraft, I've never used the service, so I can't say how it'd work, the most important thing really would be to choose the service with the most central location, as RRU has people from across the world and you want to make sure everyone can get a sub-par connection. Personally, when I hosted, I used BeastNode, I used them for several months and their support was fantastic, and connections worked out just fine. They have both Premium and Cheaper Hosting Plans, one of the main differences being in HDD Space provided, and a few other mentions. You can also find coupon codes nearly anywhere on Youtube as many Youtubers are sponsored by them, which will usually give you a discount for a period of time. Their best deal I'm seeing right now in the Premium Plans would be the $10/mo 1GB RAM Plan. It includes unlimited disk space (recommended), and some great hardware. As for their Cheaper Plans, they have a $5.99/mo 2GB RAM Plan. Only downside would be that you are limited to 5GB HDD Space, it is able to be upgraded however. I recommended the Premium mainly for the unlimited Disk Space, because server files can get rather large very quickly. As of now the RRU Creative Server I hosted had the server files at 1.1GB as of closing it down, that's a lot! Factor in how many players, how many builds, and it'll add up rather quickly. All in all though, these are just a few suggestions and my opinions on the matter, if you do happen to decide to host it, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help in any way possible. I do highly recommend contacting Sparks if possible though to get his opinion on the matter.
  11. LEGO Worlds is a very demanding game graphically and technically in every way, Minecraft is a much simpler design, and hence could be ported to mobile much more efficiently. Porting to Mobile especially for Worlds is extremely unlikely in my opinion just because of that. Many of the games that were ported by TT Games weren't of the same likeness or scale of LEGO Worlds. Phones would be very difficult to port to and would probably be an inferior product in the end. Again though, we're not LEGO World devs so what I'm saying is mainly speculation and experience from experience in private stuff I've worked on.
  12. Minecraft is a much simpler game, with a lower amount of detail in it's models, most of the models are either simple or just boxes/cubes/simple shapes with simple textures that can be swapped out, so there less rendering to do. Where as LEGO Worlds has highly detailed models of a lot of LEGO parts and items.
  13. Mine craft works
  14. But we're not the LEGO Worlds devs, so we can't do anything about it ./s Also yea, Was wondering if App, meant tablet as well, and heh, this would lag like all heck on a table, and might not even start.
  15. Yeah, but this is a Lego Game forum, and I can talk about Anything that concerns Lego Games!!!
  16. hang on this isn't the steam community forums
  17. By "app" do you mean a port to Android or iOS...? If so, I can't see any way that'd happen that wouldn't be watered down... It's a demanding game even for modern PCs and consoles. Funcom's early prototypes of the game ran on phones/tablets but that incarnation of the game was nowhere near as intricate as TT's take on the idea.
  18. What is the Lego Worlds team going to do for people who love their Macs, or don't own Xboxes or PlayStations or pcs??? They need to design the Mac version real soon, or at least an app, that's not watered down!!!!
  19. @Cirevam Haha, Thanks! And absolutely! I plan on continuing, I do work full time as a developer so this is very much a side project but I do want to put solid time into it. @Crash Thanks! I've been having a lot of fun working on it so I definitely will be continuing. @Terrev Yup! I was originally going to build it in Swift but that would have limited it to OS X and iOS so I choose to go with something that would allow for more platforms.
  20. jack stoned waves high to all

    From the album Random Photos

  21. JMMB hasn't posted around here in a while, but if you try the contact email for BMP or even tried getting in touch with another BMP contributor, you might be able to reach him. Best of luck getting the game running! I've never gotten too far into Galidor Quest but it's on my bucket list.
  22. Dunno if this should be on this topic or not but I am in need of some help. It's the old game from Lego called Galidor Quest. I enjoyed playing it when I was little. After years I found it again but when I played it on Firefox it does tend to freeze at Boge attack or Sewers. But later on I found gameplay videos on youtube that date the recording to 2016 and it shows that someone went into the sewers. I read the description that you needed Firebird, so I went ahead to find the browser. I downloaded from biomediaproject the browser, shockwave 8, the xtras. but then I get this error when I try to play it on Firebird. After I click "Yes" or "No" on it the game freezes and stays on the screen behind the error, it doesn't progress. I tried every method I could find, I even tried the compatibility settings.(first on win XP service packs 2 & 3 then setting it on 98) but they don't work either. Is there anyway to fix this or contact Jrmastermodelbuilder? or is he tired of LEGO games already? Edit: I forgot to mention that this is the only game I have seen that shockwave has failed. Other games like Spybotics Nightfall works fine.
  23. galidorquesterror.PNG

    From the album Game Images

    This is what happens in Galidor Quest for me. I run a windows 10 64-bit: 1607. I know Firebird is the only place but I tried reinstalling shockwave 8, used the xtras download from biomediaproject, restarting my laptop, followed a tutorial and nothing worked. I still get script error.
  24. Who's "we"? and we don't all hate it. This is a feedback topic for DDI, still relevant should they actually do something. I still think the product they had in mind was very different to the impressions they were giving, thinking words like "Minecraft" would spark our interest without realizing it would do the complete opposite. Additionally vague ideas, a rushed website didn't give us much faith in the product. As a result, conclusions were jumped to on both parties and now the project's "icing". Still should they be working on it in secret I'd very much be interested in seeing what the came up with. Stewart is still following this topic and even though we asked him to actively communicate with us regularly to relieve some of the bad perceptions getting around, some sort of response on what is going on would be appreciated.
  25. why do you keep bumping it is the real question
  26. So is that just a no on answers?
  27. So why is this thread still pinned if we all hate it and want it to disappear?
  28. Neato. Runs on Unity, eh? Looking forward to seeing where it goes.
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