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  2. Where can I find all the ixs models extracted?
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  4. Digital Custom Rock Raiders Building Instructions

    Topic updated, all files and images are now hosted on RRU so the links shouldn't break again.
  5. Rock Raiders

    Stuff I've made for Rock Raiders and my Rock Raiders Racers mod, and other Rock Raiders stuff in general.
  6. Hm, I'm not sure I have a good solution for this - LDD automatically batches many bricks of the same material together, since rendering one big mesh is more efficient than rendering hundreds of smaller ones, which keeps LDD running smoothly even with big models. The only way around it would be to keep LDD from doing it this in the first place. The only potential solution I can think of would be to give each brick in the model a material not used anywhere else in the model. This would work similarly to color variation - you'd modify LDD's Materials.xml file to add custom materials (they can be visually identical to each other, just separately defined), then edit the LXF/LXFML to use them. The problem is that you'd need as many materials as there are bricks in the model, which would lead to a very bulky Materials.xml file... I'll look into it though, unless anyone has a better idea. Edit: Oh, I just remembered - there IS an entirely separate method of converting LDD models that could serve your purposes. It doesn't really have anything to do with 3DXML files so I'll send you a PM about it once I get home a little later tonight, or something like that... I'm not sure you'd be able to access the PM feature until you have at least 3 posts though. Maybe we could use email, or you could just make two more posts somewhere (sorry for the hassle haha). Another edit: Tried sending a PM to you but it said you can't receive them yet, blech. I just sent it to myself for the time being, once you have 3 posts I can add you to the conversation I guess... Sorry, this limit wasn't my idea haha.
  7. Objective Gephyrophobia

    @RockmoddeR I was kind of confused and slightly disoriented on this level; height map needs some work. Other than that, it was a fairly straightforward mission. Build a base, collect 200 crystals. Piece of cake. Something I felt that needs to be added to the download is a level cfg. Would make it a lot easier to install the map. This would have also avoided me somehow forgetting to link up the erosion map properly. No harm done, as there isn't much going on there anyway. One big problem I saw when looking at it with Cyrem's map creator was with the emerge map. All of the emerges are in solid rock walls. I was wondering where the monsters were, and this was my answer. One simple solution would be change all the solid rock walls where the emerges are to hard rock or something. Regardless, this is something that really should have been caught in the development of the map. There is also a cave directly to the southeast of the starting cavern that is revealed at the start. Not sure why this is the case, since there is no reason for it to not be hidden in the dugg map. Other than those issues, the map was pretty involved with the puzzle-solving and everything. Nice, fun little challenge of a map. As a bonus, I also learned a new word by finding this map
  8. Terrev - Thank you for such a wonderful conversion tool. I wonder if you could help me with the conversion? I'm trying the 3DXML to OBJ conversion to make individual bricks - but I'm not getting anywhere. I tried unselecting "Weld duplicate vertices" to see if a side effect was separating the bricks - but that's exactly what it sounds, as you know! I tried setting color variation - but everything turned red, and when all the bricks where selected as one. Please could you help? I want to split the bricks so I can move them in "post-production" - for instance scatter them out of a hole in a wall using 3D Builder, and set materials per-brick. In Kerkythea when I select a brick ALL the bricks with the same material are selected, I checked the OBJ file, and saw they're one object in the file. Many thanks! Sarah

  10. Community Highlights - December 2017

    You're right, sunchipp tripped me up on that one. But it was too late to correct, so I just left it in the topic
  11. Community Highlights - December 2017

    I'm honored to have my mods featured, but that Infomaniac mod is hardly recent haha, it's about as old as LR2 texture modding. But thanks, I'm glad someone enjoys my work.
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  13. Screenshot of next version when it comes... Thank you.
  14. LI2ME - Lego Island 2 Mesh Exporter 0.1.0

    Yep saw that too already. For now I can't explain why they use archives on the one, and hardcoded filenames on the other hand. That's paradoxical. But I think we should discuss in another thread about that.
  15. LI2ME - Lego Island 2 Mesh Exporter 0.1.0

    You'd think so, but they definitely put a loooot of stuff about the levels inside the exe...
  16. LI2ME - Lego Island 2 Mesh Exporter 0.1.0

    The plugin now supports collision files (*.col). I updated the starting post with all neccessary information on how it works and what is possible. That's probably right. For now I can't confirm that the textures are assigned inside exe. In the meshfiles I found an integer (inside GRPL-section), which lets you change between textures. But not all textures, just between textures that are used by the model. I didn't take a deeper look at it for now. And besides that, I still can't believe that the developers would have done such design-breaking stuff. When you take a look at the file-management of the resource files, I can't imagine they would have done something like assigning inside the exe. No developer would ever do that. I will get back to that later. For now, I'm going to continue working on the animations part of the game.
  17. Discord Server Signups

    Summit#6514 should have 10 pc when you see this. I'm very passionate about LRR Done - Terrev
  18. Cafeteria (0.9.3) - Launcher & Mod Loader for LRR

    I can't believe I didn't come across this mod years ago. WOW. Thank you for your hard work!
  19. I want to give you a HUGE thank you - been struggling to play it on windows 10 for two years, giving up after a couple hours. Following this tutorial I got it working within minutes!! I didn't previously move the dgVoodoo config + exe into the LRR install folder, or run as administrator. I was plagued with 5 fps extreme lag... now to play for hours!! Thanks again! My specs: Intel Core i7-3770k 16gb ram windows 10 Home x64 bit (Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Samsung 240gb SSD Also did some tiny changes from the default in dgVoodoo config (via the exe) DirectX VAM 16 -> 512 MB MSAA OFF General -> windowed ('unspecified' scaling) Also worth noting launching in full screen and alt-tabbing doesn't crash the game - but it's frozen/totally unresponsive. Music plays with no lag though. Then closing LRR and attempting to launch again - nothing happens when trying to run again. Had to kill Legorr.exe via task manager then relaunch. Running in windowed (I could only get 640x480 which isn't really playable) allows alt+tab to work fine - when you do alt+tab the game pauses and resumes when re-opened Best of luck to everybody else out there!
  20. LRR Lego Rock Raiders (Windows 10)

    Have you / do you know of any popular threads on here which have had luck with running on LRR on VMs?
  21. Discord Server Signups

    Supersonic#6804 just joined the discord server. Due to being rather busy these days I might mostly be around as a passive user if that's ok (also: cool to see another group on Discord, as of recently it's my most favourite chat platform next to IRC and Matrix) Dang, member ID 34, you're among the earliest forum members in the Discord server. Done - Terrev
  22. @aidenpons! I thought it would be very important to inform you about the caos that occured regarding the follow on from the beginning of the orginal post given at a time that a member that joined many years ago posted about this website of recent times that since a certain Jimbob on no particular variety made a pience known as a form of artwork by the human species and how it was added to another form of medium used for conveying technical information such as it's been fixed. wot.
  23. Community Highlights - December 2017 Welcome to the new monthly Community Highlights. With the beginning of the Community Highlights segment you'll be able to see some of the great things happening on RRU. Creative Highlights Selected picks from the community 1 - The Cookie @Arthuriel is back with another one of his Rock Raiders parody comics, don't miss it! 2. The Headquarters A dark and mysterious render entered into our recent competition by @MineTimelapser! Don't forget to checkout the other ones in there too! 3. Rock Raiders Postcard Tom Rodgers (aka @mistermuck) has produced a fine Rock Raiders Postcard comic with artwork almost like the original official comic series for Rock Raiders. He's also posted a timelapse of creating this illustration with his process. This is an amazing piece, checkout his Patreon! Must Read Topics Our top new and active topics that can't be missed... A failed AMA becomes an Article While an attempt by @tfishell to start an AMA for LEGO Island sadly didn't get off the ground, Brandon Davis - a 3D artists that worked on LEGO Island wrote an article instead, check it out! LRR Inspired Background Competition We held a Rock Raiders inspire background competition to create a new background for RRU. There were 4 awesome entries and @JimbobJeffers came home with the pick of them. LEGO Stunt Rally Version Differences @Jessietail has done an outstanding job doing a write up on the version differences between executable and resource files in various LEGO Stunt Rally releases. LEGO Racers 2 Texture Template Guide Making textures for LEGO Racers 2 has gotten that much easier with @Terrev's detailed template guide for making Minifigure skins. Czech LEGO Racers We got an interesting look at the Czech translation of LEGO Racers with some translation oddities. Animated Textures in LEGO Rock Raiders Making animated textures for models in LEGO Rock Raiders has finally been solved with this video from @Cirevam! Community Mods Recent game mods from our community... PowerUp Shuffle - LEGO Racers @aidenpons has put together a new powerup layout to make things slightly more difficult in LR Sparks - LEGO Racers 2 @Red60 has done an excellent crossover of Sparks from LEGO Rock Raiders into LEGO Racers 2. Infomaniac - LEGO Racers 2 Get rid of Sparky and replace him with Infomaniac! Another great character mod from Red60! LEGOLAND Characters in LR2 - LEGO Racers 2 More skins from Red60 with a crossovers from LEGOLAND into LEGO Racers 2 Community Tools New and improved modding tools! LEGO Island 2 MESH Exporter @pivke has opened the possibilites of adding custom 3D models into LEGO Island 2 with his new exporter plugin for Milkshape 3D. 3DXML to OBJ Convert your LDD Models into OBJ format models with this conversion tool by Terrev. That's a wrap for this round of highlights. Well done everyone for your contributing, creating and researching. Looking forward to what next month brings us!
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  25. LR2 - Racing Drones HQ Mod

    It's Not fully Completed somewhat like Apocalypse Bay but it's closer to being finished before Apocalypse Bay Attempting to Bass it off of the 4 movies and yes the Racing drones HQ in the 4 movies does look like this just not in a dome (though it might have a dome like this) and trust me it is a hell of a challenge since at times you cant see anything
  26. LR2 Lego racers 2 Online server??

    Well, that kind of server was pointed out, so I thought I'd clear things up about the explanation possibly not being as easy as the example due to it being a different type.
  27. LR2 Lego racers 2 Online server??

    He seems to be talking about handling this all through memory editing, like people have done for the original game... Not attempting to re-activate networking code in the EXE that was never even finished.
  28. LR2 Lego racers 2 Online server??

    Yes, and it's easier to grab packets (or whatever they were) from a game that use to have a server prior to them being shut down and then try and make a similar copy of the server software then it is to make a server from absolutely nothing to work with. At least that's the impression I get. Also, said games have built in networking menus which makes things way easier. for Racers 2 we have... not really anything to work with as far as in-game menus go. I guess a pre-existing menu function could be overridden, but I can see a lot of disassembly and such work needing to be done for that since we don't like, have the source code or anything.
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