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The Plans




I've never made a blog before, so I don't know if there's a general 'right' way of doing it, but anyway... This blog will be where I post ideas of Lego Dioramas I wish to make, and finished pictures of them once they're complete. I'll probably post finished pictures in the forum too.

Basically I like to create displays, and Lego is obviously a wonderful way of doing so. But I don't have much experience making MOCs, so for the moment I am making dioramas from sets and themes that Lego has already created. Once I've gotten to grips with Lego, and had some inspiration, I'll move into custom dioramas too.

Some people may be asking, what is a diorama? There are people I know who haven't heard of the term and I find it difficult to explain. A quick Google search defines it as "A model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit." So it's like a normal Lego model you've made, but it's not designed to be played with, but rather displayed. A lot of people frown at the concept of a toy being on display, but I enjoy looking at a model that is displayed well. I don't really play with Lego (I guess I could say I'm too old for that, but who on this forum really means that?), but design with it as so many people do once they start to mature. For instance, I used to be an avid member on Dakka Dakka, a wargaming forum where I was generally involved in the discussion of the Warhammer 40,000 theme and model kits by Games Workshop. I have images posted there of three dioramas I've built - here, here and here (actually in order of how much I like them, I'm not very happy with the last one).

So there you go - that's a diorama, and the kind of thing I'll be building in Lego.

The Plans

I have several plans for dioramas at the moment, which I've listed below in order of priority (from highest to lowest):

  • Drome Racers (UPDATE - Completed here)
  • Lego Racers, one for each unique circuit
  • Bionicle (UPDATE - replacing with Alpha Team)
  • Rock Raiders

Firstly, the Drome Racers diorama. What I have in mind is a board built from paper mache on a wooden structure, which is painted with a jungle theme in mind. Lego scenery will then be placed around it, and finally four Drome Racers - Hot Scorcher, Nitro Pulverizer, Zonic-Strike and (my favourite) Jungle Monster. While this isn't built entirely from Lego, it follows what most Lego games do by using realistic environment textures and adding Lego elements on top. The board will be an inclining slope so that all vehicles are visible.

The Lego Racers dioramas will be made from Lego entirely, and feature all the racers in the game. Each will be based on a track in the game relevant to its racers. I already have two designs created in Lego Digital Designer, which can be seen in this thread here along with the models. I will be buying the parts for these once the Drome Racer diorama is complete, which should be soon. I'm not sure what theme to use for Circuit 3, but for those who own the game it's obvious that Circuit 4 will be based on the track 'Rocket Racer Run', formerly 'Rocket City Run' which suggests it will be a space city of sorts.

I've always adored Bionicle, and used to have a huge box filled with the sets. As with practically all the Lego I owned up until a couple of years ago, it was all sold off, so I'll have to repurchase it again. Luckily it's not that cheap on Bricklink. The scene I have in mind is a generic Good vs Evil standoff, but I'll be using the earliest of the Bionicles - the Toa and the Matoran against the Rahi and Bohrok. I'd like to have Takanuva and Makuta in there too. It'll probably be a desert setting as it's simple and keeps the focus on the models, plus the most vivid Bionicle environment in my mind is an image of Pohatu's canister buried in some sand.

I haven't given much thought to the Rock Raiders displays. The sets lend themselves well to dioramas in their own right, I just wanted some way to enhance their look in my room. I'll be using buildings from the game so I should have a nice environment created for them.

The Displays

The Lego Racers dioramas and the Rock Raiders dioramas will be shown off in two of IKEA's DETOLF cabinets. Each shelf nicely slots in an area of 32 x 48 Lego studs, so all dioramas will be made for that size. The Drome Racers and Bionicle dioramas will be housed in a shelf inbuilt into my room, with plexiglass attached to the sides to create a cheap but effective display (I'd just like to thank the people who helped me in that discussion thread). I'll upload a picture of the space sometime.

Oh yeah, the reason I'm able to purchase all this stuff so freely is because I'm a teenager with a small 'job' and pocket money, so all my income is disposable income - i.e. I obviously have no bills to pay. Yes, I should probably be saving it for a car, but until I get a proper job I just don't see myself earning enough to do so yet.

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I know I'm commenting on my own post, but I've just purchased all four of the Drome Racer cars, and (so long as Bricklink goes smoothly) hope to have this diorama built within a month or two.


I do need to buy some scenery to add to the diorama, I'm just not sure what kind of Drome Racer-fitting jungle-themed Lego parts to get. I'm mainly considering plants, like trees and ferns, nothing that detracts from the racers.

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Sweet! I can't wait to see what these'll look like!

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Well, all four cars have arrived now and are complete in good condition, which means it's going good so far. This weekend I should be building the board, so expect an update next week!

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