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Mobile Suit Taurus



First off, the title is a Gundam reference, though I do not watch Gundam

(but I really should)

and this does not have anything to do with the show itself.

Just wanted tomake that clear.


This is for you, McJobless.

I said I'd do a biped,so I did a biped.

And here it...


...My God, what have I done?

This is just,


Well anyway, I *shudder* I wanted to go with an astrological motif,

(I like that kind of thing)

and I started with Taurus because it seemed the simplest to do,

and I plan to make more based on the other signs,

but don't hold me to it, cause I might not finish.

But this!

I am scared of this. It seriously creeps me out.


I tried to make it as articulate as possible,

but upon testing it's not as articulate as I though I had mode it.

As far as I'm concerned, this, along with all my other builds are simply prototypes.

The final build will hopefully be more articulate.

And less creepy.


Also the horns need fixing. I just can not figure out how to do decent-looking bullhorns.

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Another problem is that it needs to be way bulkier.

It's too thin to represent any sort of bull or Minotaur.

Well overall I consider this build to be a failure very early prototype,

which will be rebuilt later.

But first I think I'm gonna make another Zodiac mech^^

I'm currently doing a little research into mythology

to try and make the designs meaningful and accurate

(which this one isn't :P)

Very interesting stuff^^

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:D It still looks pretty damn good. Thank you.


I've been more of an Evangelion man, although Gundam is something I want to get into.

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You may want to post this as a topic. It would be sad when the blog gets bumped off and no one sees it again. I mean, there's a LDD section...

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