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My own walker. (MOC) 104 studs long, 50 stds wide, 20brcks tall



Since I have not tried to make a proper one and some other the other members have made one, I decided to have a go at one.



"Two 3500 shp turboshafts drive this beast through a hydraulic

transmission. Sadly, I could not use linear cylinders in the model due

the scale, but an actual build would have them. Instead, I used motors

and linkages, which may look cool, but in reality is over complex and

can't really make use of the power available to them. Still, they should

have the torque needed to move the unit. I did get all of the needed

joints in the model. At 1402 elements, it is not small at all. For

perspective on real life size, one could likely fit a pair of T-90 MBTs on its

back comfortably."

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There is a minor change:  The addition of a pair of heat exchangers for the hydraulic system.  They are located behind the ladders on the new model.  The DA link contains the updated image.


Well, I was an idiot and failed to do a clearance check for the upper thrust bearings.  Now it can move as needed.  The change is not visible from the angle I shot at thankfully.


I must have been worse off than I thought.  I just discovered the feet were not properly connected.


Fixed.  Now the count is 1446.

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