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Goodbye and Hello



I'm just going to stream my thoughts.

I haven't seen this editor in a while. It gives some very strong nostalgia to what RRU used to be. RRU used to be a wonderful place where we could enjoy both the community and the modding.

Now we're going to get personal. RRU used to feel like a home to me. I felt like I could escape the troubles of the world to come here, feel welcome and enjoy the community with all it brings. I never was a modder. Didn't plan on it, really; I wasn't much of a creator. I've always wanted to be a programmer but I have a few problems, including the world's smallest attention span and the problem of never finishing anything. That's aside from the point though. I was here because it felt like home. I felt like I belonged here. Back then, everyone would get along, with a bit of drama now and again. Now, don't get me wrong. There was some criticism, but it was constructive. Everyone worked for the greater good and it was a wonderful place to be, to laugh and to just generally have fun in the company of the community.

Look how much it has changed. Look at what is constantly going down, look at how you talk to each other and how you affect each other.

RRU has changed, for the worse. I don't know what happened, but now everyone's at each other's throats. I see people that I honestly looked up to fighting with each other and being opinionatively blind, fighting over who is right. It's almost as if you've all become extremely defensive like countries. You used to open your borders to each other and coexist, fighting for the greater good, no matter who was right. Now, you've all put stone walls around your borders, raging wars with whoever challenges you. I guess you could call me the neutral country. I don't want to be included in any of your quarrels. I want you to coexist at least so I can enjoy your company instead of being seated in a stadium and watching you brawl each other to the emotional death. You know what this does to me? While you guys fight for your opinions, it kills me emotionally to watch what I considered my home to fall apart. You can't even agree to disagree! You just have to beat up the other person so you can come out right.

This doesn't really feel like much of a home anymore. It just feels like a slaughterhouse.

I miss what RRU was. I miss my home. I don't feel like I really belong anywhere now. Judge me all you want on what I said, I don't care; you may find me weak (that's right, talking to you, Zephyria) or like a wimp for not being able to watch my friends hurt each other.

I guess it's time to say goodbye. It's really hard to change people, so I guess there's nothing I can really do but leave. Time to say my goodbyes.

Let's start with our admin:


I really regret not getting to know you better. You seem like a busy guy. Ever since I joined RRU, I looked up to you as one of my biggest idols. You are very mature and strive for the greater good in everyone, which is what I've always striven for. I wish you luck with your endeavors.


I need to start playing PS2 more. My computer doesn't love the game though, and my internet most days is nonexistent. I wish you luck with everything you're doing and know that I looked up to you a lot too.


Another person I really regret not knowing better. You seem to know a lot, and I could probably learn a lot from you. You've inspired me several times, and I bet you're a really cool guy.

Addictgamer (Ciprian)

I don't know you in RRU much, more from Skype and from RP. I'm sorry for not RPing as much and for not being the best player. I'll try to get on more often. You may not know this much, but you are the guy I look up to the most. You're strong, valiant, and you aren't afraid to dream. When I get older, I want to be a man like you. If you really want to, I bet you'll be able to get that worldsim done, and it will be legendary.

The Doctor

Again, I don't really know you from here. I know you from MC and Skype. Sorry I don't play enough. You're a really cool guy and your constructive criticism is always a really good motivator.


I knew you pretty well. Your game critiques have assisted in a few of my game purchases, and sometimes how powered you are helped me push through things. But I've got a bit of a bone to pick with you, but don't take this as insulting you or anything but as me trying to give advice. Sometimes, you might go a bit too far on critiques, especially on other members, and sometimes it might hurt them. Be kinda careful with the telling people off. Otherwise, you were a good member of the community.


You sir have inspired me countless times. You seem like a really cool guy and even though we don't really talk much I feel like we have a good bond. Also, thank you for that gift, again; you don't know how much that helped me. Ask Sadie after reading this on details about that, I think it might be a bit TOO personal for this.

Extreme (McJobless)

Your critiques have also been really helpful in my game purchases. You're a really cool guy and I wish you luck with your future relationships, future jobs, etc. You were always the guy that was having the most fun.


I have too many members I regret not knowing well. We don't talk much, and I really regret that. You're a cool dude, and I wish you good luck in everything you do.

Alcom Isst

You are a really cool guy. You're very knowledgeable and would never fail to give me new insight on things. You are also an amazing builder. I wish you luck in life!


Be good.


You are a very strong member of the community. You stand up for what you believe in, and you're a very cool guy. I wish we were better friends.


You're probably my twin, but older. (or maybe younger?) I wish we were better friends too, you seem like a really cool guy.

Master Chief (JDB Artist)

I cannot begin to compliment you on how amazingly talented you are. Good music, good games, and good graphic designing to name a few. You're really inspiring, and I hope one day I can reach at least half of what you can achieve.

Now, I've got one more goodbye. They probably don't really know I acknowledge them much.

*drumroll please*


I'm honestly sorry for not being a friend. I've always thought you were a really cool person, and I've always wanted to talk to you and get to know you better, but it never really happened. I wish you luck in everything you do.


Well, goodbye.

Sorry if I didn't give you a goodbye paragraph, if you want one, you can add me on skype via my RRU contact info or email me at: icehusky1337 (at) yahoo . com


-IceHusky², IceLeopard, IceFox

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:'( Please say it ain't so! Don't you go!

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You used to open your borders to each other and coexist, fighting for the greater good, no matter who was right. Now, you've all put stone walls around your borders, raging wars with whoever challenges you.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I know I say that a lot, but never have I meant it more.

You were quite a special member. I know you weren't too active, but when you were you contributed in your own way. You helped ease tensions between members. The greatest strength isn't defined by how many fights you win, but how many fights you end peacefully. Not only that, you were, are, a good friend of mine even though we never met in person and probably never will.

I hope you reconsider and help us come up with a solution to bring RRU back to its glory days.

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That ^ says it all.

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Nothing to say about me? :I

Anyways, please don't leave!

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:( :'(

I'm sorry you were affected by this drama that came up. Although we never spoke much, I will miss you. Much. Yes, I will agree that drama has been high lately, but doesn't this happen to all fourms? Personally, I am on a rollercoaster with stuff that defines who I am, but even they settle down at times, to a point where many can't see them. but then spike back up to a point where I am annoyed by it. Drama is very high right now, but just watch, it will come back down. "What comes up, must go back down".

As for being twins, IDK, since we never spoke a lot. And for age, I'll say... you are right on one of those points (:P). A cool guy? I don't consider myself cool, since "cool" has no defined meaning (and if it did, I would even begin to meet it). However, I will take that as a compliment, that some I barely knew says I am cool. Thanks. :)

As I said on Phoenyx's post, perhaps this is just a cooling down peroid, a chance to get away, do other stuff, and come back when things are calmer, and you feel like you can handle them better. However, if this not be the case, as I already said, goodbye. I wish you lots of prosperity in whatever you do.

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Alcom Isst


+1 My Ego

-3 My Happiness.


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I bet I am not the only one who is "drunk" on a lack of sleep.

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Thank-you for your kind words. You're observations of everyone is pretty accurate.

It's always sad to see someone go, and I agree with what you have said. RRU was greater in it's younger days and I've had a hard time trying to find the reason it has changed over time. The reason I believe, is that back then members didn't know each other well, they didn't see each others faults, nor did they look for them. Over time, you get to know more about the people you talk to, you see their faults, you learn their opinions etc. People judge other people more often and this carries on in their future engagements with them. Eventually, you've built this wall where you dislike certain people, ignore them, hate them and hold grudges.

The only solution to this issue I can see is: dropping those grudges and forgetting/ignoring their personal faults.

I have said this before, only the community can make RRU a better place. It cannot be done by one person, everyone must take part.

Good luck, I hope you do visit again.

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