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I need some opinions from someone else



Well I need your opinion.

Question 1: Should the small drill truck carry crystals and ore and if yes how much

Question 2: What should the max load on the small transport truck be

Question 3: Should there be a large transport truck and if yes what would its stats be

Question 4: Are there any other vehicles I should add/delete from the game

Question 5: Are there any other stats I should change on any other vehicle

Please answer the questions by specifying the question first then the answer


Question 1: yes the drill truck should carry crystals but only 3-4

Question 2: 6

P.S. I already am adding the tunnel transport




Question 1: Either none at all or at most one.

Question 2: 3, 6 with upgrades as usual.

Question 3: Yeah. Actually, if you want you can base it off of the design I built.

Question 4: I honestly have no opinion either way on this. Maybe a boat of some sort that could be used to take out rock monsters from the water, but it's ultimately up to you.

Question 5: Make the Hover Scout able to cross water, and up the speed on the heavy vehicles (Chrome Crusher, LMLC, etc. Anything on the heavy chassis).

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Question 1: If it has a cargo area.

Question 2: However many ores and/or energy crystals would fit in that volume of space, without exceeding the max carryweight of the vehicle (including the driver and the vehicle itself)

Question 3: Yes, make it a freighter or equivalent. Maybe a hoverscout-like freighter. If a freighter (semitruck) in real life can hold cars, I'm sure a freighter transporting energycrystals and ore can hold a ton.

Question 4: ...Don't know. I'd like to see more hover vehicles, but whether or not that'll fit into the game depends on the game.

Question 5: Nothing comes to mind at the moment.

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