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Zissors Troll Wives (A Dream I had last light.)



That is what I named the tool store in a dream. This dream had me in an apparent modding session in which I was screwing around with Rock Hard. In the "list of mods:" Rock Raiders had a blue uniform, and would randomly have matching cowboy hats. Vehicles will honk their horns randomly and often. The textures were connected according to their neighbors. Erosion acted differently: "yellow" erosion tiles did not erode completely, that was reserved for the "red" ones. Towards the end, the dream went augmented reality FPS on me. This is the third dream involving LRR that I remember, and the only one thus far that had tactile feedback.


Sadie Meowsalot


"A Dream I had last light."

Tracker, lay off the meth pls.

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Last night in reference to the date I posted it. I actually woke up and fell back asleep.

As for the pills you mention, I do have a prescription for a related salt.

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