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The Future, and some questions.



Well, ORR isn't really "Rock Raiders" anymore. Rather, it's a mod on a game built off of a world simulation. Let me explain.

Components of my project:

World Simulation - In conjunction with: Engine.

- A game wraps the two together into a game. Alone, the World Simulation is just a library, and the engine just an engine. This game is called: GNOMAL. Which stands for I don't know what yet. This game is standalone.

- - ORR: A mod, or rather, a campaign/scenario/starting conditions for GNOMAL. That's right. You're in a world simulation, there's a randomly generated world resembling Planet U, and there are your Rock Raiders stuck in orbit. You're either a normal crew member, a castaway/rogue/runaway, an officer, or Chief himself.

Understand? Four components to this project of mine. ORR being the highest level, and the last level. Only possible to complete after the first three are completed.

So. Should I even call this project "Open Rock Raiders" anymore? It's a spiritual successor, featuring much different gameplay, and only taking the basic idea behind Rock Raiders for the mod "ORR". I'm not even working on "ORR" right now, but an "engine" and a "World Simulation", after which I will work on "GNOMAL".

After that, maybe I should just call the mod "Drill Masters" ( *cough cough* ;) )?

Until then, know that ORR-C has changed dramatically over the past few years as I've opened myself up more and more to what I truly want.

Anyway, to recap, I want to know if I should still call this project "Open Rock Raiders", because it's not really about that anymore. At least not for now. And after that, I ask the question, "What place does this project have on RRU?" It's neither about LEGO, and it's not strictly about Rock Raiders.




If it's not a remake of the original game and it has evolved into something much greater, there's no need to call it ORR.

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I agree with that. So...Time to rename the project :|

How will I do this? Eh. I guess I'll be lazy for now and just leave the name as OR- No that'll be misleading. It started as that, but has evolved. Hmm.

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