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Oh, the random things you come up with in a Steam Chat... such as how to tie LEGO, Cthulhu, and Monty Python's Flying Circus into one twisted dark comedy:

"In the headlines this morning, a LEGO set designer went mad after finishing the prototype model for the upcoming Cthulego line."

"Shortly afterward, the LEGO design supervisor came in to check, found the designer writhing on the floor, took one look at the prototype model, and proceeded to go insane."

"Police rushed into the building to investigate and promptly lost their minds."

"The Sanest Man In The World â„¢, wearing a pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes, attempted to enter LEGO headquarters to retrieve this model. We have not seen him since."

"Shortly afterward, it was decided to put 'Cthulego' to use against the enemy in this war. To do so, several workers were forced to recreate the model using only a single brick each. One worker accidentally got two bricks and subsequently went into a coma."

"Allied soldiers unveiled the Cthulego, and the enemy soldiers, hiding in the trees and terrain, fell to their knees in horror."

"The enemy attempted to counteract with its own Cthumegabloks, but since MegaBloks suck, it didn't work."

"For the good of everyone, we have locked away the original Cthulego model and buried it beneath the sea."

"And now, the weather..."

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From this, my mind created "The Funniest Cthulhu in the World".

Seriously, I have mental images of Cthulhu doing stand-up comedy, and killing people with it.

What have you DONE.

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This was the result of a Steam Chat with john-hitchcock, who was first trying to explain the Maelstrom as something far more Lovecraftian than NetDevil probably intended, then wondering what a LEGO Cthulhu line would be like. This was my response.

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I'm going to do a voice-over of this, just letting you know.

And YES, the QC still lives.

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I...what? What is this? It's hilariously good is all I can tell.

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