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An Apology

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I've been gone from RRU for a while and it might be awkward for me to randomly pop in, but I feel the need to bring up what is probably the most irresponsible thing I've done here:


You may or may not have already noticed that my various image galleries are no longer around; this was the result of my own reckless behavior. Shortly after members' galleries became reaccessible, I abused a temporary feature which allowed me to delete all my gallery folders.


Anyway, I would like saw I'm sorry for creating this mess and probably leaving a dent in RRU. I know that for a while I've felt some disgust, anger and/or embarrassment over certain content I've uploaded in the past, which could've been ignored or handled differently. I also guess that I was really emotional over myself and couldn't think of any way to move on but throw away all that stuff whether it was   Nonetheless, there isn't an excuse for any of this nonsense. My actions were completely illogical and selfish and only stirred up trouble.


As for my content, I've preserved and/or reuploaded some of my most valuable work (i.e. Handheld Rips, Textures). Other random pics/screenshots, however, were not stored on my computer and are likely gone for good. I may have seen some of them as insignificant clutter, but others might've shown interest and it was unfair and unreasonable for me to erase them.


Obviously, an apology can't repair the damage that's been done. I even questioned myself if it was worth it to say anything, but I thought that it was because I would've felt much more awkward pretending it didn't happen. Again, I'm really sorry that I got careless and deleted everything I'd made without thinking of the consequences.

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Don't be too hard on yourself man. Remember, if you want anything removed, just ask.

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