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LDraw to Obj model converison collaboraiton project



Just wondering, would you be interested in collaborating in a conversion of Ldraw models to obj?

Do you know anyone else who may be interested in a project like this?


I am considering to upload all Ldraw models as obj-files from Eurobricks here on RRU, using this script. My reason for this is that anyone who want to use the models for their projects need the models in obj, and not in ldr. 


I am considering uploading all obj models on a MEGA account, and then share the link here on RRU. 


Here is the script for the ldr-importer: 


Here is the link from Eurobricks:



0) Announce the theme´s models you are planning to download as ldr-file from the link above. 

1) Download the ldr-files of the theme from the link. The more that help out, the less workload there will be. 

2) Go to the program "Leocad" and export the model the obj. There is also a ldd-importer that can be used. 

3) Upload the converted obj file to MEGA in its appropriate folder of the theme, the model belongs to. 

4) If the models have a too high polygon count, then send them to me so I can reduce their polygon count. 

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You can easily convert LDraw to .3ds files using LDview.


There's also these programs which do exactly what you're suggesting, though the tools are a little dated.

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