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The Fred blogs

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"Behind the Virtual camera" - The shenangians beyond my renders



Hullo all,


Over the past couple of months, I've been looking at my past LEGO Source Filmmaker renders and discovering how untidy or buggy it has become over the past year.

So today I thought I'd put together a collection of pictures/screenshots, all based on strange behind-the-scenes stuff and bugs that have plagued my past renders. So here we go!


"Blended Minifigures"

Everytime @Xiron updates his pack of SFM/GMod minifigs (even if the model's rig isn't edited), Source Filmmaker tries to replace the old models with the new ones, yet fails in a spectacular way:








(Pepper seems to get horribly disfigured a lot of the time)











"Flex face fudge-up"
 I wasn't aware of these UV map "mistakes" until I made the "PIRATES!?" poster.




(For reasons beyond me, Skate Girl (from LEGO Worlds)'s face has the widest UV I've ever seen)


(Apparently Backlot Girl's hair covers up 30% of her face, which doesn't help considering Flex's grin takes up 70%)



"Brothers of shoddy arms"

After I released the original "LEGO Rock Raider christmas desktop background" 2016 pack, Xiron fixed up the UV textures of the Rock Raider model. As a result, this minor arm texture issue has been popping up every now and again.







"The shenanigans behind the scenes"

(The following aren't really "bugs" or strange artefacts from a long while ago, but some people might find this bit interesting)

Usually a scene looks fine from the camera's POV, but not everything is as it seems. Here are some weird things you don't see beyond the camera.





(Sometimes I don't have time to re-texture minifigs, and instead take other models and rip off their arms, legs)

(or (more commonly) hats, which results in the scene being littered with unused/incomplete minifigures.)



(When I want to make something look like its moving, I create two copies of the object(s) I want to move.

One object stays in place, while the other moves into the same position as the first object. This allows me to

use motion blur while keeping the moving character in focus, and so far its worked well.)



...and lastly, and more recently...


"Post-Nuclear Warfare Classic LEGO Games collection"

In an attempt to find the most screwed up session render, I came across my first poster with Xiron's "Classic LEGO Games" pack, made 2 years ago for the release of the Garry's Mod pack.

And... yes it was messed up...


But I didn't expect it to be the aftermath of a bloody Nuclear warfare.




(It seems that most characters had broken wrists/arms...)





(...except those who didn't escape the grinder/trash compactor in time)



(...It was a depressing sight to behold...)



I hope you've enjoyed this... uneducational insight behind the scenes of my somewhat corrupted collection of old/unused LEGO renders. Thank you for your time.


-- Ben24x7 --

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Oh.. oh my. What a mess indeed! xD

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Backlot Girl xD


always nice to see program instability

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