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A Woodpecker's Blog

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I don't even know what to name this

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Hi, please excuse the dumb title. There's something I need to finally be honest about... or at least try to get a piece of it off my chest. Also, this might not make much sense, but I'm uncomfortable getting deep into it. It's dumb. I'm sorry, but here it is anyway...


So, I apologized for some of my past immaturity around here several months ago. Most people didn't really seem upset by it at all but I can't still quite forgive myself, because I really was being a jerk back then. However, that's not my main reason for this post. There's some other s*** I've screwed myself into since coming back to RRU; I never thought it would matter to me at the time because I stopped caring about a lot of things. Now I feel different, and I want to say that I've been hiding and faking a bit of who I really am as a person. I don't know if I can even explain exactly why I did it, but I almost didn't come clean at all. Once I changed my nickname, I wanted to put this all behind me, but I couldn't. I feel pretty crappy about all this, but I must learn to accept what I've done. I'm just sorry that I've lied to everyone for so long, even if it wasn't anything relevant here...


Sincerely, Alex (I figured the least I could do is reveal my actual name; I'd still perfer being called Aparkee, at least online...)

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