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Rock Raiders: Reloaded progress report 1



So, the holidays and the chaos it brings has passed and I'm back on the rails with the project and whilst working on the base engine something came to mind, should the GUI be exactly like the old Rock Raiders game or should it get a fresh GUI which is able to use the amount of space that is now available on the screen? Think of a permanent present sidebar with the icons for constructing buildings or unit actions showing up and a mini-map in the top right corner like regular RTS games. What do you guys think?


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Depends on whether you want to make LRR exactly exact and have a boring game whereby you strip-mine everything in sight, or if you want to make the game more action-intensive l405G.jpg More action-intensive would do better with a more informative GUI/HUD/whatever you call it.


A minimap would be quite nice (top right? What RTSes are you playing? :S), and perhaps a Construction/TP queue if you make the game that complicated. LRR's track-unit function was almost always a  complete waste of time, so you can happily scrap that.

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My personal preference would be to keep it as true to the original game as possible whilst making sure everything is modifiable as possible. That way if people do want a new UI, (among other things) it's just a matter of making some changes to the remake.

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I could add an option to have two GUI's, the one from the original LRR and the Reloaded version so people can choose between which layout they want.


On 4-1-2017 at 6:03 AM, aidenpons said:

(top right? What RTSes are you playing? :S)


Command & Conquer series (Generals was an exception to that rule), Emperor: Battle for Dune, 8Bit Armies among others that have top right minimaps, although I do play other games that have the minimap on a different locations but those have a different GUI than I am working on currently.

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Ah, the ol' Westwood-style RTS. Tiberian Sun was my favorite! And the Rock Raiders should be glad their Energy Crystals aren't Tiberium crystals :P 


I like moddable GUIs. Unfortunately, GUIs are one of the least moddable parts of most games. Probably because they mix data (usually moddable) with code (usually not moddable, unless there's scripts), and it takes some effort to get that separated out.

Idk if modern Unity has this too, but some engines like Godot allow loading GUIs from data files containing the Button/Image/TextBox/whatever objects with their positions, sizes, event function names, and other variables. That's just a lot more work than implementing the GUI inside the engine. Maybe not worth it for a simple game?

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I'm with Cyrem on this one. Give it the original UI and leave a new UI to mods. Better idea: make your revised UI a mod. You'll be more inclined to make your hooks and whatever more usable because you'll end up making it with the same tools everyone else has access to. You can even bundle the GUI mod with the base download if you wanted.

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