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Of masks and monsters

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The skeleton villains in Bionicle 2015 brought with them a cool new collectible: golden masks that were partially transparent. I really liked this, but only four were made. Tahu and Gali got left out. Nevertheless, I was dying to know how these masks were used in the fiction.


As it turned out, these masks represent the golden masks after having power drained by the skeleton enemies. A cool idea, but one that didn't really get used much. One episode of the web animations was dedicated to Lewa losing his mask and the others getting it back, though oddly it turned BLUE when drained of power rather than the correct green. Pohatu and Onua both lost their masks and immediately got them back, so losing them had no impact, and Pohatu didn't even have his drained. Kopaka didn't lose his mask at all, despite hashing a drained version in the skull warrior set.


I don't really know what point I'm making, I just find it odd. They make new dual-color masks. Only four of the toa get them, and only two show up in fiction, only one having any impact the plot. And then they color it wrong.


It's just odd.

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I guess it was just a time thing. It would've been super repetitive/predictable if all six Toa lost their masks to one of the villains, especially since they only had ~11 minutes to work with for the story.


This year, the bonus masks included in the summer wave sets have 0 storyline purpose at all. They're supposed to be corrupted versions of the Toas' masks, but even when Tahu loses his to one of the beasts in Journey to One, they never do anything with it. It might have to do with the rewrites in order to have the story wrap up.

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