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Brigs' Blog

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only the best

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...is good enough. 

Since I'm moving off to my college residence on Friday, I will need some decoration to liven up the place, which mostly consists of some of my more notable MOCs, such as the Pants Party, the Overweight Golem, and the impending Medieval Head Separator (don't ask). Inevitably in my studies, I will face tremendous mental and psychological stress due to academic pressure and social exposure. 


I have previously discussed Galidor in my graduation speech, which for some reason went entirely unchallenged by the staff and was surprisingly well received. You can read a transcript here.


"only the best" is an anti-demotivational vignette, specially designed to combat sentiments of self-defeat and improve morale. Hence, whenever I find myself down, I can be assured that no matter how royally I screw up, it can't conceivably amount to anything worse than that abomination whose legacy still subtly taints the LEGO Brand: Galidor.


only the best


Remember, kids, the only thing on this earth potentially worse than Galidor is bootleg Galidor.

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1 Comment

the only thing worse than normal galidor is bootleg mcdonald's galidor


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