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IceHusky's Spoiler-free Reviews: Starbound



I guess I'll do games too. This game needs a review.

I've been waiting for Starbound for such a long time, it pained me to watch every day go by without my precious Starbound copy in my hands, watching the developers almost mock me cruelly as they posted screenshot after screenshot. Then, something magical happened. Someone said the magic words: RELEASE DATE. well it was technically beta release date shhh

December 4th. Mother of all that is holy I was excited for it. Every day would be filled with F5 getting lots of love, refresh after refresh even though knew it wasn't here yet. Then some personal things happened in life that really sucked really really bad which prevented me from providing my F5 button with love, and so it felt lonely. BUT EVENTUALLY STARBOUND RELEASED. That's what is important. I flipped my cow turds. And that, my friend, is why I am reviewing this game today.

Starbound is a space exploration sandbox about flying the stars and basically either screwing around or following the questline to figure out the complexing and kind of odd story. I still have no idea what the obsession with apes is all about, you'll see what I mean if you even look at screenshots.

There will be 4 categories for games:






Starbound's story looks like it has a lot of potential but holy motherload is it huge. So far, it's pretty okay, and if we're counting lore here, THE LORE FOR EVERYTHING IS ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING. For example, the Avians are religious cultists, and aren't afraid to die. They believe that God took away their wings for doing something wrong in the heavens, but they believe by enduring trials in the real life and eventually dying, they will get wings. (iirc)

Everything is thoroughly developed, and I can tell time was taken to make the story.




Starbound's graphics are outstanding as well. I really like the style the pixel artist employs, and I love how nothing is necessarily linear. Lots of planet features and mobs are procedurally generated, making sure you're never getting old of your game. I love the way most of the races look, but I'm a bit racist toward Apex and Glitch. Is that bad?

But yes I love Starbound's graphics. There are some absolutely beautiful parts of it.




MOTHER OF GOD DAT MUSIC THO. I believe there was only two people who worked on the Soundtrack, and for 60 wonderfully written classical/orchestral pieces, that's pretty amazing. The music is extremely fitting and beautiful, to the point where I almost cried upon loading Starbound. Yes, it's that good. I guess it was that plus the graphical effect, but I already said that earlier.

Would music again.




Ah, gameplay. It did feel a bit too familiar before I started getting into it, it felt too much like Terraria. The farther I got though, the more and more unique and refreshed it became, which was awesome. There's also one thing I noticed: games like Minecraft and Terraria have a problem of getting old after long play periods. This problem does not exist here; in fact, it gets more fun to play, the longer you play. Addiction central, ladies and gentlemen.

The gameplay is worth it if you like the idea of space, though if you think about it too much, you can take the fun out of it. Slow down, and enjoy the ride. That's the best way to play this game.

9/10 (was going to do 8/10 but I want to give kudos for making a sandbox that doesn't automatically feel old)


Let's review:

Story: 9/10

Graphics: 10/10

Music: 10/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10

I would definitely recommend you pick this game up, and it will definitely get better as it is only in beta stage right now.

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