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Inspirational Vol.2 Available!



Today I would to share some important news with you.

Inspirational Vol.2 is my second commercial album for

indie developers and movie makers.


Click the image to get to the music!

The album consists of 35 musical tracks (plus 2 bonus tracks!) in the styles of




modern synth

as well as

suspense & horror

As the album is targeted for commercial usage in your projects (may it be games, movies or even remixes!)

it contains a full featured commercial attribution license for each track.

I am always looking for constructive feedback/criticism about my music, feel free to leave a comment on my website

and please, do not hesitate to participate in the public poll for Volume 3 (more info on the website).

Regards, Jake

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Drill Master


Ok. Um... Let me get my thoughts together here...


I did not listen to all of the tracks as I do not have unlimited internet. That being said, I've heard enough.


This music, to put in the best words I can say, is phenomenal, righteous, and down-right awesome. It sounds great, it feels great, and my ears melted. Now I have puddles on my shoulders, which I hope they don't stain.


In all seriousness, This is the type of music I listen to for, well "Inspiration". I have in my music library anything from soundtracks like Avatar and Halo, to soothing music like Solitudes: H2O and Solitudes: Celtic Seashore. (Had to link through Amazon because the Solitudes site is down right now.)


All in all, this music is amazing, and if I had the money, I'd add your music to my library. I shall be sure to follow your music for more "Inspiration" to help me create my compositions. :)

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Get this stuff on Newgrounds, dude. I like. Though if you wanna make money off of it maybe Newgrounds wouldn't be the best - still, it'd be some good promotion.

Castles of Ice reminds me of the music from Faster Than Light.

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Thank you very much for your kind comments! I will make sure to upload a few of them to Newgrounds.

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This music is excellent, I love it. You can count me in for a purchase should I ever become a developer ;)


I think that the 3rd album should have a fair bit of battle-music (modern would be great).

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Let me know when you get some of your stuff on Newgrounds, if you're still planning on it that is.

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