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Some music appeared in my head this morning



"Shifting allowances, rolling around. We have completely destroyed the Undercy."

That is the most sensible wording based on what I heard while bouncing in and out of sleep. My guess is that it came from the economic fail that Cyprus had recently. "Shifting allowances, rolling around." was set to "Gundogs destroyed at a time" from Kitcaliber's "Hell Dive" while the other part was set to "I believe we are the thing we seek" from Kitcaliber's "Radio Dreamin." I say that about the melody because I have noticed that my music tends to take large chunks of other melodies and merges them together. Every time I play this in my head, I get an instrumental stream. Now if only I could just pull it out of my head and put it up here.

For those who can't figure out what the Undercy is, it is the low people like us.





I have not heard either of those songs so I'll try and listen to them next chance I get just so that I know what it's supposed to sound like...

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They are under the Lapfox Record Label. In other words, Renard the Dog. The background instruments I hear are from something else I am sure.

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