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New RRU game server (pick it!)

I found out today I have 4 months or ~$59 (whichever comes first) of website hosting credit that will expire. As I'll never use it in time, I'd like to offer up another RRU game server. It'd have to be something I can quickly set up and have someone test because I am on a tight schedule lately, as well as someone else moderate it, but I'll be glad to run it for everyone. The question is what game would you Rock Raiders like? Yet another MC server (who even has that?) or another game? If another, what game? I considered OpenRTC2, but I'll have to *ahem* aquire that game. Then again, I'll have to do that for any game, so suggest away. I wanted you people to pick the game instead of me blindly setting one up. Depending on resources, it might be possible to set up multiple servers, who knows.


Personally, I'll take a LOCO or LRR server. ( /s )


11 + 3 = Graduation

And you thought it equaled 14. ;P

I started this story about my current collegiate affairs two posts ago, and now that a choice has been made, I feel it only necessary to finish it up to the current time.

As a tl;dr recap, because of some crazy mess caused by both me and the school, I do not have full-time, 12 hour status until I graduate, and have to choose if I wanted to switch my major to IT Support degree and graduate with two degrees, or take more than 12 hours to finish. I also thought it had been decided for me to do this major switch.

When Spring registration rolled around earlier this month, a new, third option came up: take less than full-time. Initially, we thought doing this meant I would not receive any financial aid, but we were mistaken, I would only get less. After hearing everything, considering all sides, and determining my classes, we decided on spitting my remaining classes between two semesters, putting graduation in Summer 2015 (August), with me walking in the school ceremony in May 2016.

These all are the classes I have left to take, along with their credit hours:

  • American Literature (3)
  • PHP (4)
  • Information Systems (4)
  • Internship (3)*

*Not really an internship; very misleading name.

As indicated from this post's title, I am only taking three of these classes: American Lit. ( D:), PHP, and Info. Systems, leaving the Sink-or-Swimship for Summer. As much as I am not a writer, I am a bajillion times less special a reader. I have never enjoyed reading any form of literature. I have nothing against it, that is simply not my cup of tea. I have also spoken to another student who took this class from the same instructor, and he says it is very hard. Information Systems, as stated by both my advisor and the class instructor (not the same person this time), it is a very hard class with lots of group work, and I can be "fired" if the other members can prove I am not doing my part (that will not happen :P). So while the semester credit hours count is "only" 11 hours, if both of classes turn out to be near or just as bad as I have heard, this will be a repeat of the current 16 hour semester that is currently ending.

I won't speak on the "You're on your own"ship now, I'll save that mess for later.

On top of that, I joined the local SkillsUSA chapter, and will be competing at the state level in the computer programming competition this coming March, and I have to improve my programming skills for that. Expect to see some GUIs coming out during the next four months. :P

I would add something here about missing my friends after graduation or by not graduating with them this Spring, but still #nosociallife, so... :P

This is going to be a really long semester, as you may be able to imagine. But I know I'll get through it and the Han Soloship and make it to graduation, but it ain't going to be fun. No sirree, not fun at all. :P


6 billion names

That is how many alternate JimbobJeffers mathematically exist. :P

The evening of 13 November, Yajmo was joking how should have some code randomize the spelling of his name, with a new spelling appearing upon every page load. Since such a task would be best accomplished client-side using JavaScript, I wrote up some code that did just that, available at

The above code loops through each character of the entered name, randomly picks a letter and concatenates it to the existing string. It also ensures it does not use the same letter twice unless it already exists. I have checked each output for my name, "le717", and every single one only has two sevens in it, never three. The trick is not checking for the character used, but the index chosen. If the index has been used before, then it will choose a different one. Since the sevens have two different indexes (3 and 5), they are both included and a third is never added. Cyrem liked the idea, so he and I worked together to get it implemented.

The next morning, most everybody here had already seen the name scrambling and either loved it or hated it For fun, I decided to run it on a few names on my end and see the results. JimbobJeffers' name in particular produced some really scrambled names. He wondered if it were possible for the code to generate a name containing "Bobjim". Since I knew it would be a trivial bit of code to write, I said I would try it.

I started by calculating the possible permutations of his name using factorials. His name is 13 characters long, producing a possible 6,227,020,800 (six billion, two hundred twenty-seven million, twenty thousand, eight hundred) combinations. :0 I then found some JavaScript to calculate that number for me (I did not want to type it in manually) (although I should know how to write code to calculate the factorial already xD ). Because he wanted to see if any of them contained "Bobjim", I made it store any names that matched in an object along with its index. Finally, once it had generated and checked all 6 billion names, it would either display the object or report such a combination does not exist, depending on the outcome. After some small-scale tests to ensure the code worked, making his name and check all lowercase to remove possible misses because of case differences, and a false start in order to implement a 100-increment progress counter, around 10:22 AM I let the code loose, powered by none other than the awesome Node.js.

The progress of this code was amazing. While I failed to check the processing speed after I started it, I later started calculating the speed (names processed at the 10 second, 1 minute, and 1 hour levels), current number of names processed, and projected time until completion. A mere 10 minutes after starting, an amazing 64 million names had already been processed. That is a rate of 6.4 million a minute, roughly 106 thousand a second! 40 minutes after starting, when I formally starting performing logs, I clocked it at 6 million names a minute, or 36 million names an hour. Within an hour after running, 419 million names had been run, with a projected time until all 6 billion were processed looking at 15 hours, or 2 AM the next morning. Yikes. I knew it would take a long time, but not that long. :P

After that, it slowed down drastically. Two hours after starting, it ran at only 54,000 names a minute, or 3,240,000 names an hour, an 11-fold decrease. Within that time, a staggering 419,159,500 names had been generated.

Finally, nearly 4 and a half hours and a CPU priority increase to High (in an attempt to make it run faster), it chugged along at 13,000 names an hour, with a projected 49 years remaining for it to calculate the remaining 5,807,484,800 names. Yea, that is totally happening. :P

Finally, I killed the code, having processed 419,750,000 names in a few minutes shy of 5 hours running.


So, what did I learn from this experiment?

  1. JavaScript, like any other language, slows down the longer it runs.
  2. 6 billion is a lot larger than you might think. :P
  3. I brushed up on my factorial and permutation knowledge.
  4. I had fun doing it.
  5. Does there exist an alternate JimbobJeffers that goes under the name "Bobjim"? The world may never know.

In case you wanted to try this experiment yourself, I have posted the exact code I used in a GitHub Gist. This was not the most scientific experiment ever, so there may be some issues with it, but that's not the point. :P

Well that was fun. Perhaps I should try to calculate the meaning of life next, as Ayliffe suggested. After all, if I can get it to retain the speed it starts out with constantly, it should only take a month. :P


It's been a while since my last post in this series, so I thought I'd write one. :P

In this post, I will explore why I do not agree to The aidenpons Waffle EULA, created by aidenpons.

Fun Fact #74: This Waffle is provided as-is, without any form of warranty. Grammar-Nazis Inc. is not responsible for the uses of this Waffle, which may include, but are not limited to, mass destruction, death by choking, murder, usurping politicians, usurping kings, airbombing, and playing. By eating the Waffle you agree to be bound by this End-User License Agreement. Furthermore, the Waffle's recipe is copyright of Grammar-Nazis Inc. Illegal distribution and reverse decompiling of the Waffle is prohibited and offenders will be prosecuted to the maximum extent under law. "Law" includes whatever the writer of this EULA decides is fit, as well as the ancient Chinese customs regarding the Longwang. Unauthorised copying of this Waffle is also prohibited. If you are not satisfied with the Product, go dig a trench exactly one meter wide and twenty centimetres long using a pickaxe. Once this has been accomplished, pour a 590g bottle of Watties' BBQ Sauce© and distribute it evenly, Fill the rest of the trench with water. From there, put the Product inside the trench, then contact Grammar-Nazis Inc by any means, including outrageous spelling. Failure to comply places you under Kazakstanian law, where you will be prosecuted up to the maximum extent available.

You may keep a copy of the Waffle for backup purposes only. The waffle can be copied and preserved in several places as long as one and only one copy is in use. Upon returning the Waffle, if you are unsatisfied, you must destroy all copies, backup or active, of the Waffle. Failure to do so will place you under ancient Celtic lore and you shall be prosecuted to the maximum extent available. If you have not read all of this and are still agreeing to the EULA, may your liver be pecked out my a giant eagle and your bed shall become explosive. Failure to read the EULA completely means that you obviously have better things to do than waste your time looking at fine print. Failure to read the EULA will also mean that your name shall be wiped out forever from the Book of Life, and you shall be thrown into the fiery furnace where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. BY ACCEPTING THIS EULA YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS TERMS AN CONDITIONS. YOU ALSO AGREE THAT THE WAFFLE WILL BE VIRTUALLY BOUND TO THE EULA AS THIS IS A BUNCH OF PIXELS ON A SITE DEDICATED TO ROCK RAIDERS©.

Let's break this down and see why I do not agree to this Waffle EULA, shall we?

  • It is disguised as a "Fun Fact". Deceptive marketing.
  • I had no idea a single digital waffle could usurp kings and be a murderer.
  • "reverse decompiling" Since decompiling means to reverse a process as a way to reach the original product, "reverse decompiling" means I cannot reverse the reversing process in order to make clone waffles. That means I cannot make new waffles from scratch in an attempt to duplicate this waffle.
  • "Grammar-Nazis Inc", "Unauthorised", "centimetres"

    1. This.
    2.For being a "Grammar-Nazi" company, I'd think they would also care about their spelling, unless spelling is not part of their mission statement (I happen to know for a fact it is).
  • "Watties' BBQ Sauce©"Ayliffe demands this is changed to Meme Face Homepride Fred this very instant. :P
  • "You may keep a copy of the Waffle for backup purposes only. The waffle can be copied and preserved in several places as long as one and only one copy is in use." But I was only awarded one waffle, and if I cannot make duplicates of the waffle as stated earlier, how can I make backups of the waffle?
  • "Failure to read the EULA completely means that you obviously have better things to do than waste your time looking at fine print." Guess I don't have anything better to do right now, do I? :P
  • "Failure to read the EULA will also mean that your name shall be wiped out forever from the Book of Life, and you shall be thrown into the fiery furnace where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth." Actually, it's the Lake of Fire where there is eternal death and suffering, but this works. ;P #BibleKnowledge
  • "ROCK RAIDERS© Oh yea, DDI registered that, didn't they? Then this EULA is under violation of the DDI EULA for not giving proper attribution, thereby making the entire EULA null and void, setting me free to do whatever I want with these bunch of pixels.

Well that was an... interesting post. Moving on. (LEGO Island 2 EULA anyone? :af:)


The Sensation of Sound

Let me just say I did not had the best day in the world yesterday (22 October).

It all started that afternoon after I got home from class. I was greeted to a pile of dirty dishes rioforce left for me to wash ("your turn"). They were my few breakfast dishes (I did not have time to wash them), his breakfast dishes, and his lunch dishes (I went out for lunch today). He had made pasta with cheese and did not put the pot in soak, so all the cheese that stuck to the pot was even more stuck. I put it in soak and left it there until a few hours later when I came back and spent 30 minutes washing everything.

I then made sure our aunt got off fine (she had stayed the night and had taken me to class). She left about 3:30 PM. After that, I went to my room to work on the homework I had assigned myself for the day.


  • All: Copy all files between flash drive, laptop, and student drive
  • DW: Get all files for assignments on flash drive !important
  • JS: Chapter 8 in-class discussion
  • PHP/MySQL: Chapter 9 Quiz
  • SQL: Chapter 5 discussion board post !important
  • SPCH: Start PowerPoint presentation
  • SPCH: Start speech rough draft

This list did not include the Chapter 16 and 17 reading I did not complete on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, nor the outline and speech main points I needed to come up on those days.

Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be a productive day. I was extremely distracted on... something. I did not spend much time on Skype, RRU, or Twitter, nor did I code anything, so I honestly do not know what I was distracted by, but it was not homework. I did manage to required discussion board post for SQL and read Chapter 16, but as you can see, I needed to complete more so I would not have assignment overload this weekend (and I hate that, even more when the overload carries over into Saturday). Furthermore, I discovered my topic for the speech was not of the persuasive type, so I now get to come up with a new one and work on it to the level I can submit my PowerPoint presentation by Tuesday, 28 October @ 10 PM, essentially meaning I have roughly six days to write a speech from start to near finish, including final outline, points, and what I want to say, even though I have the rest of next week to prepare and do not present it until 3 November (the assignment schedule is REALLY REALLY REALLY messed up for this one).

Then around 8:00 PM, the smell of smoke became known in the house, so we closed the windows. People around here tend to burn leaves and/or trash, kinda-sorta-no not really like a bonfire. The problem with them doing this is how they always do it at night. As I told Xiron, whoever burns always does it at night, when the smoke settles, rather than in the day when it will float away and not bother anyone that much. We then had dinner, and did not smell any smoke until near the end (about 9:00 PM). When I went back to my room to attempt to do some actual work, the smoke had gotten stronger in and was making me feel sick to my stomach, making me feel worse on top of my fatigue from the usual "get up at 5:30 AM and get ready for class" routine and lack of focus, yet again preventing me from doing any work. I do not have any breathing problems, but lasting amounts of smoke can get to me, and this was one of those times. It finally cleared out around 10 PM.

Jump to 11:30 PM. I did not complete any more homework because of the aforementioned issues, even though I wanted to complete that PHP quiz.

[10/22/2014 10:48:54 PM] Triangle717: Ugh, but I need to take it so I don't have assignment overload as the week winds down.

[10/22/2014 10:49:04 PM] Triangle717: But when I am tired I don't do my best.

[10/22/2014 10:49:22 PM] Triangle717: (But it's still better than Pepper Roni's best.)

[10/22/2014 10:49:30 PM] Segatendo: xD

I had gone to turn on the light in the bathroom, when suddenly the bulb blows. I grabbed my flashlight (it is dark without it, even more since it is long past dusk) and a new lightbulb. I was trying to shine the light where I could see what I was doing and hold the new bulb with my left hand while taking out the blown bulb with my right. I get it out, when suddenly my grip fails and it shatters all on the floor. Nice, now I get to clean it up. I grabbed the broom, dustpan, and some shoes, put in the new lightbulb, get up all the glass, shake the rug, and start vacuuming the floor.

You are probably wondering how all this ties into the title of this post, The Sensation of Sound. I will address that right now.

We all know that sounds can affect a person's mood, attitude, and actions. Ever heard one of those water fall/river simulators? What about some white noise in the room from a fan while you sleep? Both of these affect you in some way. For whatever reason, when I was younger I loved the sound that came from mom's hair dryer. I would stand outside the door or, if possible, stand there and watch her dry her hair. There was something about the sound it emitted, how it bounced off and around the floor and shower, and how I heard it. Mom once thought it was the heat so she'd blow it on me, but it was really the sound. I do not know why I liked it, if it was therapeutic or something, but it gave me a sensation, a feeling of goodness, calming, and relaxation.

While I was vacuuming the bathroom, that sensation I had not felt in some years came back. It had to have been caused by the loud noise of the vacuum bouncing off all the hard surfaces in the small area. I had been really frustrated by all this, but because I suddenly had this feeling I remembered from years ago, I began to feel better. I thought to myself "I should just close the door and stand here with this thing running for a few minutes. Perhaps I will feel better afterward." I did not do it, but I did take longer to vacuum than it should have. :P

As I was finishing up, I vacuumed the carpet right outside the door in case any glass might have flown out. Suddenly, this sensation stopped, confirming it was the sound bouncing around the room. I also vacuumed my room's doorway in this small area of old, hard wood floor to see if the sensation came back. Nope.

I am not quite sure where I am going with this post. It is 23 October @ 12:45 AM as I write this. I needed to be in bed nearly an hour ago (actually, I needed to be in bed much earlier, since I have been up since 5:30 yesterday morning, but that is a whole other blog post in and of itself). Maybe I just wanted to write about the effects sound can have on a person. Maybe I needed to just talk. I really do not know. All I know is I wrote this post. :P

Good night (even though it will be morning for me by the time this is post and I will have already gotten some of my much-needed sleep, rest, and destressing/unwinding/unraveling/like a rope/except I am not a rope/why do I keep doing these slashes/this is not a /reg(?:-|s)ex/i /i[ts]snow/).



For the last few days, some people have heard me talking about having #NoSocialLife, and how I absolutely hate it. Yet I've never really explained why this is so, nor completely why I have not done something about it. Unsurprisingly, it makes me rather upset and feel bad. I have found that many times the best way to feel better, even short-term, is to talk it out, perhaps to people who understand, and that is what I intend to do here.


First, let me define what #NoSocialLife, as well as #SocialLife, is and means to me. #NoSocialLife is the absence of people I know in real life and who I can consider to be friends. This can be at home, school, where ever. People I know solely through the internet do not directly apply to this. There are people on here I consider to be good friends, if not the adverb "very" present to describe the adjective "good". Here on RRU, I have somewhat of a "#SocialLife", in the regard I do talk to and interact with people. However, an online life does nothing to improve the situation either. In fact, it may at times do the exact opposite. Obviously, #SocialLife would be the opposite of #NoSocialLife.


To me, a #SocialLife allows me to actually talk face-to-face to people, for me to read their body language and facial expressions, to express a tone of (a no good sense of) humor, emotion, feelings, to truly interact, complete with some form of varying degrees of drama. This is a far cry from an online #SocialLife, where the majority of interaction is transmitted through text, lifeless, humorless, careless, emotionless digital bits of various colors and styles on different colored backgrounds. Drama consists solely of all caps and/or cursing/swearing/lots of stars, and much of the emotional feelings are lost (although it is at times possible to feel some emotion during this). This is what I really want, a real #SocialLife, one I can be a part of, one where I have actual friends, people I could (if I could) call, text, whatever, and who knows, if the time was right, find a girlfriend.


Why do I want a real #SocialLife? Why do I absolutely hate having #NoSocialLife, to the point I want to "smack it silly and throw it clean out of this world"? Why am I in this position anyway? There are many reasons; a select few of which I do not discuss to personal privacy, but the rest can be summed up in three words: history, location, and me.


I have said this before to multiple people on multiple occasions, I was home schooled. Mom taught me from 1st grade until I graduated. We had books, quizzes, tests, schedules, routines, actual school. We had field trips, such as going to the symphony orchestra, museum, or local events. I did well in this environment. I did better than well, I thrived. It was here I learned so much and experienced so much, that given a choice to go back and change time, I would take home school again. I got to play with my trains and LEGO bricks for hours on end almost every day, I got one-on-one help, a strong support system, and in this I truly learned. A few years ago, upon finishing a placement exam for a larger test I had to take, the instructor declared "I do not have to teach you. Your mom has taught you well; you already know it all." The instructor went on to say the entrance exam I took was the highest level she had, and she usually uses it only three times a year. I ended up doing very well in the larger, multi-topic exam, with my scores being in the 90% grade range (in other words, an A). Home school taught me like no public school system could.


I live in rural Georgia. Atlanta is a good morning + lunch drive away. It is said there is nothing below Atlanta until you get to Florida or maybe Savannah, and only when the Masters is played in Augusta or maybe if the Okefenokee Swamp is on fire. For the most part, that is very accurate. There are cities, colleges, and industry, yes; some of them rather large-ish, but for the most part it is farm land. I joked the other night, if you take the wrong exit off the interstate, you end up taking the scenic route, and even if you do take the correct exit you still have a scenic route before you GPS declares "You have reached your destination." The farm lands can be very pretty at times, and all the trees sometimes make you feel as if you eternally surrounded by a mass army of greet giants. Because of all this, many people, especially where I live, love the outdoors. They hunt, fish, go mud-bogging, or garden. There is also a strong emphasis on sports, especially football. Football is huge around here. Just Wednesday, one of my classmates said a high school in a nearby county is purely football. Of course with football comes the cheerleaders, bands, tryouts, rivalries, season games, and championships, not to mention the game schedules, who is playing who and if it is at home or away, the track record of each team, and comparisons to the team from the year or two before. I am just referring to the local and region level; it probably gets bigger on the state and national levels. There is also NASCAR for those who do not prefer football, and some enjoy both.


The main campus for college is 45 minutes away one way, a trip I make every Monday and Wednesday. There is another campus 20 minutes away, but it does not offer Web Design classes (it is primarily nursing, automotive, and welding). Although it is a small school, there are a lot of people, as well as excellent instructors (one of them was nominated as a finalist for best instructor in the Technical College System of Georgia, meaning he was voted the best instructor in the entire school). The (only) building my classes are in is called the medical technology building, so it houses lots of medical related classes. All the time, I see pretty girls as well as handsome guys (to a smaller percentage) around the building. Every one usually has their own groups and talk to the people in that, though occasionally I see someone sitting in the foyer by themselves having a snack or something (as I did Wednesday. She sat down and started eating a candy bar as I was going back to class from doing the same thing. As far as I know, nobody spoke to her, just as they did not speak to me, going from how she rather solemnly pulled the chair over from a table and sat there eating). People see me walking to and from class, I know they do, because I look around the foyer as I walk in, and I see them look at me walking, even for a brief second, but that is it.


I am a programmer, a technical thinker, an analyst, a tech user, one who enjoys working though technical issues with structure and a detailed plan, and I do all this with a devoted passion (this is why I feel as if I have a poor sense of humor, and can only ever make some form of a joke via "in the moment" and "you had to be there" situations, and not being able to tell one right off the top of my head on cue). I enjoy doing these things. I am also one who enjoys helping others and seeing them succeed. I have written tutorials, programs, even given on-the-spot mini-lessons, all to help people learn and succeed. In my first semester in one class, other students called me asking for help instead of the instructor teaching the class, something I enjoyed doing (helping, that is). I get asked questions in JavaScript class, just as I did in College Algebra last semester. I am also a background worker. I do not like the spotlight or to be the center of attention. I will claim credit where proper credit is due, but do not try to get me up in front of people and give a speech. (I hate this Public Speaking class...) This causes me to be a reserved and probably to some a shy person, though once you get to know me that is not all true. I am not the person to just waltz right up to the factory start talking to someone or introduce myself to people sitting in the same area. I will wait for them to talk to me so I do not feel so awkward, even though that never happens. I am also a partial-writer, as indicated by this blog post and other writings, even being told I wrote a "really good speech". Because of unspoken reasons, I do not drive or even have a license, meaning mom and dad take me to classes, and from lack of self-transportation I do not have a job.


All this combines into me having #NoSocialLife. Do you really think a technology-oriented guy likes to go hunting and fishing? Do you really think a technical thinker likes football or NASCAR? Do you really think a background person is part of a band and plays in front of people or stands up and gives speeches? For some, maybe so, but for me, the answer to all those questions is a complete no. Having not attended the high school makes me an "outsider", an unknown, friendless in my town. Having to have someone take me to/from class means I do not stay on campus long after classes and do not get to meet that people I see in the building and create friendships and relationships. Further, pretty much everyone in a CIS (Computer Information Systems) program takes online classes, many solely online, not to mention there's only about 15 people in the Web Design degree right now (CIS enrollment is way down). Thus I never meet the people with whom I share common interests. I am friendless, despite being amidst many people. I have #NoSocialLife. How else would I have so much time to program and do other stuff if the only big thing I had on my plate was school? Unless things change and I can get a license and job and can drive myself around, things do not look as they will change any time soon.


In closing, as I write this, I am listening to the LEGO Ninjago Rebooted song "After the Blackout" by The Fold on constant repeat. The song talks about a blackout in New Ninjago City due to the return of the Digital Overlord, and what happens after the blackout.



After the blackout there was darkness in the streets

The only light for miles and miles shined artificially

It looks like tech this time

No way to mask the lack of spine

Don't mess with Ninjago cuz we'll get you every time!


Hey! Then the lights came on

Brighter than ever before

Can you see them shine?

Go ninja! Go go Ninja!

Won't let them fade

This city's meant for much more!

Gonna hear us shout

Go ninja! Go go Ninja!

After the blackout I could finally see

I knew the day would come when I would defend my home city

It looks like now's the time

that we should standup for the fight

This blackouts over and I'm ready for the light!


Hey! Then the lights came on

Brighter than ever before

Can you see them shine?

Go ninja! Go go Ninja!

Won't let them fade

This city's meant for much more!

Gonna hear us shout

Go ninja! Go go Ninja!


Somehow, this song somewhat describes this #NoSocialLife mess I have. The blackout is where I am right now, a complete lack of a real #SocialLife.


"The only light for miles and miles shined artificially It looks like tech this time" This is my digital #SocialLife right now. I am certainly thankful for this digital #SocialLife, as it has filled in a void for three years now, but it is not enough.


"Then the lights came on Brighter than ever before Can you see them shine?" This is the future, the #SocialLife I want. The darkness, loneliness, is over, and the light, friends, relationships, is shining more than ever before.


"After the blackout I could finally see I knew the day would come when I would defend my home city It looks like now's the time that we should standup for the fight This blackouts over and I'm ready for the light!" This screams confidence in me and encouragement that I will overcome this thing. As things change, I will realize this is what I have been asking God to give me and longing for all this time, and I am becoming more of the person I am to be.


Won't let them fade This city's meant for much more!" I am meant for more than my current situation, more than my current status. I have a future, a very bright one at that. I am a smart person, an intelligent being, one who can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. That future also includes people, friends, and true friends.


This confidence is not, however, blinding me from that fact there is a reason I am where I am. I believe everything happens for a reason, that for everything there is a time, a place, and season. This #NoSocialLife mess, as much as I hate it, is going on for a reason. Do I know that reason or reasons? Certainly not in wholeness, no. I can see in hindsight that this needed to happen so I could shine some light into someone else's life, even on this very topic right now, for if I had friends I may have never meet them one and a half years ago and we would not be the friends we are now. I think only in near or complete hindsight, after the blackout, will I completely see why this occurred, and even then, 100% of the picture may be hidden even until the day I die. All I know is right now, I need to look forward to the good things that will occur, and not dwell on the current, for the current is only temporal and lasts but a moment, and while the future is also temporal, it is brighter than the present.


I may have #NoSocialLife now, but one day, I will have a real #SocialLife, and I will have #SmackedNoSocialLifeSilly and #ThrownNoSocialLifeCleanOutOfThisWorld. :D


aidenpons said...

Everybody on the Blogs section IS CATS. :P

Not anymore!


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It's safe to say that landslides occurring aren't just a fad. They're here to stay. Many are calling them the new frontier of the disaster world. With each passing year more and more Chief's are finally convinced that it's time to give landslide prevention a try. But as is always the case when launching a mining plan in a new channel, there are many pitfalls that Chief is unaware of. Because landslide prevention encompasses so many different channels, the number of possible mistakes are huge. No Rock Raider team will ever create the perfect landslide prevention campaign without making a few mistakes. But here is a look at three particularly rubble-creating mistakes and how to avoid them.

Failure to enlarge for equipment

For several years now mining equipment has been steadily increasing in size up to equipment for building the LMS Explorer. It's projected that within the next year, mining equipment size will surpass LMS Explorer repair equipment. Think about that for a moment. That means that more than half of the Rock Raiders working will be driving some type of enormously large mining equipment. Unfortunately, most Chiefs still haven't come to grip with this fact. Tunnels that aren't optimized for new mining equipment will have landslides occurring on half the Rock Raiders in that tunnel. Of course many of those will drive on through to collect the energy crystal they want by shoveling rubble and driving over lava. But it's impossible to know just how many new Rock Raiders Chief is not recruiting by failing to enlarge for new mining equipment.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this mistake. GPS is a type of technology that automatically tells the Rock Raider the correct newly built tunnel to enter for the equipment being used to drive around in. Rather than having to operate one single tunnel for all traffic, GPS and new tunnels allows you the convenience of building multiple tunnels for different sized mining equipment that all lead to the same destination.

No priorities

When you're thinking as Chief, it's easy to just assume that Rock Raiders will know what you want them to do in the event of a landslide as a result of an order. The best orders are those that include priorities. By expressly stating what task you want the Rock Raiders to perform, you give priority and purpose to your order. While priorities are important for all mining operations, they are especially crucial for landslide prevention.

A good priority will be very clear and impossible to misunderstand. Your priority should be short, demanding, and as overly detailed as possible. The right priority is often the difference between a safe reinforcement and a Rock Raider teleported safely.

Failure to target area workers

Most Chiefs, when asked who their intended Rock Raiders for their order was, would say, “all of them.†In an ideal world, all Rock Raiders would hear and be influenced to obey your order. But in the real world, trying to order everybody to reinforce walls through an order will result in reaching almost everybody eating sandwiches. A good landslide prevention order will be tailored for the Rock Raiders in the landslide area.

Make sure you spend sufficient time choosing your desired Rock Raiders and coming to understand their incompetence and hunger cycles. With this information you'll be able to create a landslide prevention campaign that is much more likely to prevent that audience from getting covered in rubble.

Rock Raider Activity News brought to you by



Back in April I wrote about how I have a pending decision on what I will do to remedy a headache-inducing situation about college and plans for graduation. As a quick recap (you can (re)read the last post for full details), in order to graduate from college with full-time status for the rest of the course, I would either have to:

  1. Take more than 12 hours for the remaining Fall 2015 and Spring 2015 semesters, creating a very tough Spring semester as I wrapped up my remaining classes and completed my capstone
  2. In Spring semester, change my major to the IT Support degree, continue to complete the Website design and development degree program alongside the IT Support classes, applying to graduate from the Website design/dev program (since I completed all requirements), all of which would keep my credit hours for each semester at 12 hours and have me graduating in Summer 2015 with dual degrees.

While I never really said what option I was leaning towards in the last post, I have been wanting to take the second route, for though I would be in school longer, my hours will be "normal" and I would not have such large loads.

Last week, June 19th, on the way to school that morning, mom suddenly brings up this pending decision. We had not been talking about the subject, but she clearly had it on her mind that morning. "About Spring semester," she said, "we think we'll be doing the dual-degree thing." Now, mom and dad, while naturally they will discuss this between themselves, will always ask me what I think before making any final decisions. After all, I am in the one who will be most affected by this (although they will be too). Although we have yet to sit down and talk about it, once we do, I will voice my support for the dual-degree option. After she said this, I asked about the extra hours I will be taking in Fall semester regardless of the decision made. They are still in place, meaning I will have a 15 hour Fall semester. Just for information details, that class is Public Speaking, which will be taken online. Go ahead and laugh. We cannot figure that out either. :P

So, what does this decision mean for me and my future? It means I will have to take more classes, even more "For Dummies" classes like Windows for Dummies and HTML and CSS for Dummies and dreadful classes like Economics and American Literature *shudder*, yes it means I will be in college longer, which means I will have continued college-related expenses, but I and they would much rather more classes and expenditures than 15 hour semesters and heavy workloads or less than full-time status.

My college plans for Fall 2015 semester and beyond have nearly been decided. A somewhat clearly road now lies before me. What happens on that road and how I reach the end, however, is now up to me.


Sandwich marketing: Be proactive

Imagine if you will that someone has stolen your sandwich. How would you like to have prevented it? In the first scenario, Chief notices some suspicious behavior from a fellow Rock Raider and teleports you safely aboard the L.M.S Explorer and asks to watch out for this Rock Raider. The crime is suspected early on and never occurs. In the second scenario, you only become aware of the stolen sandwich several minutes later when you open your sandwich bag. You drop whatever you were doing and stubbornly insist on being fed a replacement sandwich.

Most likely, you would prefer the pressent scenario over the second one. That's because in the preventive, Chief reacted proactively to prevent the crime. In the second, your response was reactive.

This example highlights an important truth about Sandwich marketing: hungry Rock Raiders prefer a proactive marketing.

Why Rock Raiders like proactive marketing

According to the field of plastic psychology, everyone has a need to eat sandwiches. The reason most of us would prefer the first scenario above is that Chief made us feel like a valued and important Rock Raider. When a boss, or any other individual for that matter, handles a situation proactively instead of reactively, it makes our job easier. Rather than pitching a stubborn fit when there's been a food emergency, they reach out and feed us sometimes before we realize we might go hungry. It's much easier to trust an old man who's been your boss for 14+ years when they take the proactive approach.

Why Chief likes proactive marketing

Rock Raiders aren't the only ones who appreciate proactive marketing strategies. Chief likes them too. For one, they reap the benefits of having not as incompetent Rock Raiders as a result of his proactive approach. But even more importantly, a proactive approach gives Chief the ability to take charge of a situation. When a monster emerges, a proactive approach involves activating Action Stations and using laser guns. A reactive approach involves waiting around for the monster to destroy the entire mining operation or for the Rock Raiders themselves to do enough jumping jacks to scare it away. A proactive approach gives Chief some control over the mining operation, a reactive approach does the opposite.

The key to proactive Sandwich marketing

When it comes to Sandwich marketing, there are a number of ways to be proactive. It's not a strategy limited to Chief and black holes. The goal is to use sandwiches to handle problems and make Rock Raiders' stomachs fuller. To maximize the effectiveness of Sandwich marketing, businesses need to think about how sandwiches can be used to benefit Rock Raiders. Don't make it all about Slimy Slugs and landslides occurring. Make it about never-go-hungry employees and the meager progress will come.

Rock Raider Activity News brought to you by



Upon starting college last September, I started receiving the Cengage Brain newsletter every week because one of my books for a class was published by them. I haven’t unsubscribed from it because I haven’t felt like it (even though I don’t really read them), although I do consider it at times.

This is one time I am glad I did not unsubscribe.

In the most recent newsletter (sent out last Wednesday, May 21), there was a heading and description that read as follows:

It’s time to tell your parents about your bad grade

You see a big fat “F†as your final grade in a class. Maybe you’re not concerned over it, but that doesn’t mean your parents aren’t. You still have to break the bad news. Check out our tips to help cushion the blow.

Although I have not made an F (and I will not be making F’s in any of my classes, let’s get that straight right now), last night I clicked the link to the Cengage Brainiac blog post and proceeded to read it, partly for kicks but also because I was frustrated with Algebra homework and needed a short break.

The first think I see in their blog post entitled “Mom and Dad, I got a bad grade in college†is a meme. I’m not one who really likes memes to begin with, but seeing this image in an (assuming) professional blog from a major textbook publisher caused me to do a double take. However, I went passed it and read more of the post.

Right after the image, the writer cuts to the chase: how to break the news. They quote a blog post written by someone else. The writer presents three options: lie, fudge the truth, or tell the truth. In each one, the writer says what majors should use which method. While lying was simply if you could pull it off, fudging the truth would be good for English majors because you can use many adjectives to distract your parents, even though “[t]hey won’t fall for this one for long, but it might buy you enough time for one last blow out with your friends before your parents put down the hammerâ€, while telling the truth is for philosophy majors who can somehow spin it into a confusing argument. I am now appalled they would even suggest lying (because even telling partial truth is lying).

However, the post goes on. Now quoting another writer of a different blog post, they give suggestions on how to move past a bad grade and what to do if you totally failed a class.

“The cardinal rule of breaking this kind of news to the rents is to think on your feet and constantly remain a victim. Remind them of how much you love them, how disappointed you are in yourself, and express a healthy amount of self-loathing.â€

Also tears are never a bad idea, and feel free to try the “but I’m already torturing myself, so there’s no need to lay on any additional punishment†route. If that one works for you, you probably don’t need college because you’re already a skilled con artist.

By this time, my only reaction is “Are you serious? Is this really what the post is suggesting?†Suddenly, the post ended, with no further information, notes, updates, anything. I had been quoting this quote to some people online as I read it, and they too were appalled by what this post was suggesting. I scrolled on down to the comments section to see any reactions to the post. There were only six comments on the post (half by the same person). One was written by a person named Sara. An excerpt of her comment follows.

Is this article a joke?… I don’t necessarily care how successful the person who wrote this article is. As a student, where is the academic integrity if we can’t start with our family? You want to teach young adults to bend the truth and to lie to their parents over something stupid like a grade? Way to show us how to be grown ups!

This was how I felt about the post as well. Here we have a professional company writing a professional blog to help college students with various situations, with this particular article being sent out in their newsletter, and very bad advice has been given. One of writers or managers of the blog replies to Sara, saying the article was supposed to be “a bit tongue-in-cheekâ€. You could have fooled me, Sara, the people I was talking to, and anyone else who read the article and felt the same way. There was no indication this was supposed to be a humorous article about how to deal with an actual, saddening, and stressful (for the student and parents) event. If it was supposed to be funny, it needed to be stated it was supposed to be and not give an excuse saying such after the fact.

We as young adults, here in this adult, professional, collegiate setting should strive to be men and women of integrity, honesty, maturity, and of outstanding standing character. We should also be a role model to the teenagers and children younger than us, so they will grow up to be the same way. Yes, events such as getting a bad grade and failing classes happen, but as young adults we should be “man enoughâ€, if you will, to confess our failings plainly and truthfully, without even considering such childish attempts of avoiding the inevitable. Does telling the truth make the consequences any lighter? Does it make telling your parents easier? No, but doing what was said in that post, including trying to confuse your parents and obscuring the facts only makes matters worse. Furthermore, your parents are not going to totally disown you for a bad grade. They were your age once, and more likely than not they went through the same experiences you have, are, and will experience. You will pay for your failure, something people call karma, but lying about what has happened only increases that "bad luck".

My advice to you, in case you missed it. In tough circumstances like these, and even in non-college related happenings, is to tell the simple truth. Just as witnesses in court must promise to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truthâ€, you should be truthful.

Mom, dad, I made a bad grade and have to retake the class. This happened because I was doing this thing instead of focusing on my studies. I’m sorry.

In this case, honesty is truly the best policy. Be a good role model to your friends, peers, kids, and adults all around you by just doing what is right. After all, you know what is said, “What goes around comes around.†If you do wrong (not study), you will get wrong (bad grade or failed class). If you good (tell the truth), however, good will come back to you, and good is always more enjoyable, beneficial, and abundant that bad can and will ever be. :)


We all know how Batman 2 was advertised to be the first LEGO games with voices and how it wasn't pure fan-hype, yada yada yada. However, I never really thought about why TT Games did this to begin with. Sure, I thought about it a little bit but not thoroughly. That is, until Sadie Meowsalot sent me a quote back on September 30, 2013 (yes, I am very late publishing this post) which stirred me to think this mystery through. The following is a transcript of our conversation. Do you agree or disagree with this reasoning, and do you see other way TT could have handled it or different outcomes?

[8/30/2013 8:32:22 PM]

Amber Fuji:

"When it was first released, LEGO Battles was advertised as LEGO's first real-time strategy game, apparently forgetting about LEGO Rock Raiders, which came out ten years earlier.

Similarly, when LEGO Batman 2 was released, it boasted itself as LEGO's first videogame to feature voice acting instead of Speaking Simlish and pantomime, and many younger LEGO fans thought this was true. Apparently, the fact that many LEGO games featured voice acting, including the very first LEGO game ever released, never crossed their minds.

Even if it was said that this was the first liscensed game to feature dialogue, that technically would not be true, since minifigs were able to sing in LEGO Rock Band."

At least TVTropes gets it right...

[8/30/2013 8:40:25 PM] Triangle717: When TVTropes get the facts right and the general public doesn't, you know something is wrong with that picture. :P

[8/30/2013 8:41:03 PM] Triangle717: Actually, it wouldn't be far-fectched to say some RRU members added the proper information on there.

[8/30/2013 8:41:48 PM] Triangle717:

Similarly, when LEGO Batman 2 was released, it boasted itself as LEGO's first videogame to feature voice acting instead of Speaking Simlish and pantomime

That right there. While yes, it is false, there's also a bit of truth and conflict going on there.

[8/30/2013 8:42:14 PM] Triangle717: False, it was not the first LEGO game to have voices.

[8/30/2013 8:42:37 PM] Triangle717: True, it was the first TT Games LEGO game to have voices.

[8/30/2013 8:43:23 PM] Triangle717: However, one has to consider how the game would be properly advertised if it were to be completely truthful.

[8/30/2013 8:43:33 PM] Triangle717: "First TT Games LEGO Game to feature voices!"

[8/30/2013 8:44:55 PM] Triangle717: That doesn't sound the best. It would imply 1. there were LEGO Games before TT Games, and 2. TT Games could then be "accused" to so speak for being behind the times in comparison to the classic games.

[8/30/2013 8:46:01 PM] Triangle717: Then you have newly sparked interest in the classic games which haven't been sold new since 2006 (and before that, around 2001), and LEGO no longer provides support for these old games.

[8/30/2013 8:48:23 PM] Triangle717: Imagine younger fans getting ahold of the classic games, can't get them even installed or running because of their age, they don't know about RRU that can help them fix it, and since it is a LEGO product, they ask them for help, and get none. Suddenly you have a lot of angry kids because LEGO refuses to help them, and the backlash could be worse than when LEGO Universe was closed.

[8/30/2013 8:49:10 PM] Triangle717: Sure, a lot of LEGO fans would have loved to see a truthful, completely honest Batman 2 advertising slogan, but it just really couldn't happen.

[8/30/2013 8:49:17 PM] Triangle717: I'm done. :P

[8/30/2013 8:50:30 PM] Amber Fuji: By that logic, then, wouldn't it have been better for them not to say anything of the sort whatsoever in marketing Batman 2?

[8/30/2013 8:52:56 PM] Triangle717: Could have been, but considering it was a major change from the previous titles, players would be suddenly confused that the minifigs spoke in English or other languages (if they are not in the USA), and are surprised TT didn't even mention this.

[8/30/2013 8:53:25 PM] Triangle717: But then how would TT have done TV spots and trailers if they didn't advertise the voices?

[8/30/2013 8:54:00 PM] Triangle717: Replace them with grunts, and make the voices an absolute surprise?

[8/30/2013 8:54:16 PM] Triangle717: That would be really confusing.

[8/30/2013 8:55:17 PM] Amber Fuji: Advertising the voices audibly alone I think would have sufficed.

[8/30/2013 8:56:15 PM] Triangle717: Point there, it could have.

[8/30/2013 8:56:51 PM] Triangle717: But wouldn't you want to advertise the latest and greatest feature, in an attempt to draw the most buyers for your new game?

[8/30/2013 8:57:21 PM] Triangle717: Like I said, it is a tricky issue, one I'm sure TT Games carefully thought through.

[8/30/2013 8:57:52 PM] Amber Fuji: Certainly, but in consequence it's caused quite an uproar.

[8/30/2013 8:58:53 PM] Triangle717: Plus, when asked directly by gaming sites about the voices in your commmercials, but you didn't want to draw attention to it, how do you answer? Anyway you look at it, cover it up or answer directly, you come under fire.

[8/30/2013 9:00:12 PM] Triangle717: An uproar, most certainly. However, it was an uproar that possibly had no way to be avoided, no matter what route was taken, truthful, quiet, or they way they did.

[8/30/2013 9:02:26 PM] Amber Fuji: So in that case they chose to do what they expected would result in the most minimal amount of backlash?

Exactly. What would get them in the least amount of trouble?


As I'm sure you are all aware, I am currently in Spring semester finals, due to end Monda-tomor- I'll just say the 28th. I will then have one month break before summer semester. However, that break is really not a break at all. You see, one of my classes this semester was Information Security. Our book (specifically this one was a study guide to the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, a very professional and highly sought-after certification in the technology world. As it seems the school always does with this class, they offer students the chance to purchase a voucher to take the exam. After an OK from my programmer and techy uncle who works in some programming or IT field (I have no clue which), consultation with my advisor and parents, and $185 dollars later, I have in my possession a voucher to take the Security+ certification exam (it normally costs more, but since I bought it through the school they adsorbed some of the cost). I have yet to schedule a test date (the nearest testing center, another technical college, is closed on Fridays), we are shooting for the week before Summer semester starts, effectively giving me two and a half weeks to study (there goes my break).

Ah, if only things were as simple as they appeared. First, both my uncle and advisor have said it is a hard test, not because of the question count, test type, or rather high passing score (750 out of 900), but because you forget the content. This is not stuff you is the every day (unlike the CompTIA A+ certification exam), and it is best I take it now, just as class has ended, because right now I have the best chance of remembering the content and passing. The second thing is there are two revisions of the Security+ exam uses right now, SY0-013 and SY0-018, with the latter set to be retried at the end of the year. The study guide was published in 2012 and says it maps to the test, but fails to mention which revision. Further more, I find no date saying when the 018 revision was published, my instructor does not know either, and the nearest testing center only administers the 018 revision. I have a suspicion that book maps to 018, but I am really unsure.

Nothing really interesting is happening in Summer semester, so I'll skip it and move on to the juicy stuff.

Fall 2014 semester marks my one year enrollment in college. Yet I never expected to be in such a predicament as this. Every semester up to this one, I will have been enrolled as a full-time student, taking 12 credit hours every semester. This is required of me because I did not go through the public school system in high school (rather, I was homeschooled :D), and because of that and how I am pursing an associates degree so I can't be in a part of some big grant program until I have completed 30 credit hours or drop down to a diploma and junk like that. Basically, unless I am a full-time student, I am not sure eligible for any kind of financial aid.

The website design and development degree is a total of 66 credit hours, and unbeknownst to me, the school has a plan that students in the program must follow exactly in order to have full-time status (sometimes having them take more than 12 credit hours in a semester) all the way through the usually 5 semesters it takes to complete. Apparently, straying from this plan (that is, taking classes that changes the predestined credit hours that must be taken in each semester) or an instructor not offering a particular course breaks it entirely, causing the student to not have full-time status all the way through at any point in the 5 semesters (yes, the plan is that structured and fragile). This is exactly what has happened to me and at least three other students in the same problem. Obviously I do not know their details, but in my case the system, so to say, was broken threefold. First, I did not take more than 12 credit hours this (Spring) semester. Second, I swapped some classes out this semester that I should have taken later on. Third, one of classes I needed to take this semester was not offered (which lead to the previous point). All this has created a sitation where I only had 6 credit hours (or my last two core classes, Public Speaking and American Literature) left to take after Spring 2015 semester, which is bad for the aforementioned reason. Obviously this must be remedied, but the question is how?

Two solutions have been devised, each with its own drawbacks. The first is two take over full-time for Fall and Spring semesters. In fact, part of this is already in play. I will be taking 16 credit hours (5 classes) this Fall, as mom has put me in Public Speaking class. I would then take American Literature ( D:) in Spring (site note: I'll be turning 20 by this time), while I am taking my capstone. My advisor has admitted this is the hard route, and Spring will be especially difficult. The second option is for Spring, I change my major from an Website design degree to an IT Support degree. I can then use the classes I have already taken to fulfill all the electives, and I will take classes relating to both degrees. Because there are not fully overlapping classes between the two degrees (for obvious reasons), this would extend my enrollment to Summer 2015 semester (right where I am right now). Then, having completed all requirements for both the Website design and IT Support degrees, I can apply to graduate from Website design. This means I would graduate from technical college with dual associates degrees, which combined with my Security+ certification (you can tell I am a super-positive guy when I say I will have that test :D) would make a somewhat distinguished graduate.

Which route I take depends on the outcome of the upcoming Fall semester. If I can handle the 16 credit hours and it looks like I could run repeat it for a second 15 week semester, then I'll take option 1. If I can't seem to handle it or would rather stay in school and have a less demanding class schedule, then I'll take option 2.

Yup, I've got an interesting upcoming couple of semesters awaiting me...


Alternate title: Murphy's law Adapted to Programming.

I see what you did there, le717. Everyone knows everything on the Web is the truth!

Uh huh, in that case I formally sign my name as Triangle717 and always wear a full dress suit and a red bowtie. :P

I somehow came across an article entitled 11 Murphy's Laws for Gaming by Mech Mocha on Monday, April 14 while looking up something (I forget what) for classes. While it is geared towards video game development, many of them apply to programming in general. I got a kick out reading them and I think you will too. :D



Dear Our Beloved Microsoft,

We have lots of money (no not really. We are broke, but we will act like we do by raising taxes again). Would you be a dear and extend personal Windows XP support to us, please? We were lazy and choose not to upgrade our 64,000 computers running Windows XP and ignored the fact you were discontinuing the 12 year old operating system until the last minute!

We need you to extend support to us so we can take a full year to upgrade "most" of the machines to Windows 7 or Windows 8. We will pay you large amounts of money for your kind and thoughtful generosity.


Affectionately Yours,

The UK Government

P.S. The Netherlands also wish to have personal Windows XP support. They will send their own petition. But just between you and me, darling, be a dear and grant them their request too, please sugar baby?


Oh, spam messages...

Spam (sometimes known as junk) email, comments, tweets, posts, messages, phone calls, text messages, SMS messages, mail, they are a universal annoyance. From the janitor at your school to a high-seated official, everybody gets and hates spammy junk messages. Further more, with ever-increasing computer power and the rise of programming being taught practically every where you turn, more spam bots thus more spam messages will continue to be sent in all forms of media. Spam also comes in many varities, from bait-and-switch, phishing, pharming, and money scams, to name a few. The messages, if you dare view them, range from absolutely obvious to just real enough to fool automated spam catchers to almost (and for victims of the scams, completely) believable messages.

Then there are another type: funny. These would appear to be messages generated by bots (that is, they create and connect words to make sentences). However, bots can never accurately imitate the English language and human typing. The end result? Some laughable, cringe-worthy, sometimes incomprehensible messages you have no choice but to read and laugh at.

Wednesday night (March 12), around 9 PM, I got an email from WordPress asking me to approve a pending comment. Upon inspecting the message, I found it to be one of these funny spam messages. Because I found it so funny (I laughed more than I should, probably from how tired I was :P ), I have reposted the message below for you to read and laugh it.

Have fun laughing! :P


Hello, I wish to share a single awesoe web page which often I've discovered. Within this web site you can get a free of charge minecraft consideration.

We was a little sceptioc when i observed this specifioc as well as specially when we observed a new review. A lot of uss don’t rely on tto help everything what is totally free, specifically when it comes to 30usd service. I’m very curious person as well as I needed to test that, even whnen My partner and i found a review which in turn some sor of most lioely details to be able to swindle nevertheless however, this wasn’t. An individual don’t ought tto down load whatever and

so you won't need to get any computer virus or maybe anything. You are able to simply build a merchamt account on their wweb page along with after that you will certainly receive an e-mail information using proof website link and also you are ready to go. I'll not really force aan individual into everything andd so you will need to ddo it on your own should you prefer a free of charge minecraft bill.

le717 is a Python 2.7 and 3.3 library I have been writing on and off since May 2013 with finally released version 1.0 on March 4, 2014.

A good summary of is found in the readme.

Similar to the built-in linecache module but designed exclusively for external text files, is a no-fail module designed to aid beginner programmers who need to read data from text files but have trouble setting up open() or translating real numbers to counting numbers.


  • Uses counting numbers to denote line numbers, removing the need to start counting from zero
  • Stores up to ten previous scans for later retrieval, with the number of stored scans can be be increased deliberately cleared
  • Allows specification of file encoding using encoding parameter
  • Returns False upon encountering any errors, Exceptions can be raised by running linescan.showerrors(True)
  • Supports Python 2.7 and 3.3

I have intentionally kept the syntax simple, further emphasizing it’s beginner-oriented platform.

import linescan

# Scan a single line using UTF-8 encoding
linescan.scan("MyFile.txt", 12, encoding="UTF-8")

# Scan multiple lines using default encoding
linescan.scan("MyFile.txt", 1, 12)

However, I have added ways to change the default settings, providing more intermediate or experienced programmers more flexibility. Complete API details are on the wiki. has quite a long history. Early on in the development of PatchIt!, I used the linecache module to read the PiP file containing mod details. However, over the course of development I ran into an error that I could not overcome. I switched to the standard open() function, but I still wanted the simplicity of linecache’s syntax.

In May 2013, I began writing, a Python module based on linecache’s syntax and reported functionality (I consulted very little of the source code). I intended it to be a short-term project, but I because busy with other work and never finished it. I did work on it every now and then but it was not always much. Later, in January 2014, I revisited, and using knowledge I since gained, I ended up rewriting it with an all new API, code base, and features. I planned on releasing v1.0 that month, but yet again something stopped me, this time college. Finally, this month (March 4, actually), I tagged version 1.0 after added a new parameter to a configuration function. is in early stages, so future updates (if any, although I do want to add a new function) may have breaking changes. I also want to post it on PyPi but cannot figure out how to configure the setup script. I cannot explain the module, so you would need to 1) use it yourself, 2) read the API documentation, or 3) read and run the example scripts. is hosted on and can be downloaded from GitHub.

I do know I am one of the few Python programmers here and this will be of no use to them, but I posted this here in case someone decides to start programming in Python. This may be able to help them as they progress. I know linecache did for me, despite it's limitations. :)


Am I Late for Halloween?

Am I too late for trick-or treating? It's only 9 PM! Surely people still have candy! Sorry I wasn't here sooner but I didn't know what to dress up. I finally figured it out though, so I'm here! Give me candy! I hate Rocks! Let the party start! :D


P.S. I do not participate in Halloween, but I seen no harm in dressing up… as long as it is decent, proper, and in moderation. ;P


So, I walked into my morning class...

I call this class the Windows for Dummies® class because of this chapter cover in the book. Anyway, I go around helping out the non-traditional students, and there is this one lady I help more than others, because she can't always understand the work and doesn't always like asking the teacher (her words. Also, he is a presence, and if he talks, no matter what you are doing, your head turns to look and listen to him). Anyway, I walked in yesterday (Thursday, Sept. 9) and this lady and the other lady (also non-traditional) started laughing (she is in my direct-line-of-sight, and she need only turn her head a bit to see me). Every time they looked at me, they laughed. This happened a few times. Naturally, I was curious to find out what I was doing to cause such joy for them, and walked over there (she was absent Tuesday and had catch up work to do, so this could be a fall-back excuse). I asked what was so funny. This was her reply.

She had a dream, and she and I were in it. We were bungee jumping together. She was scared, but I assured her everything would be alright. We jumped, and instead of hitting the ground before like she thought, we went back up to the top. The end.

As it turns out, she's always wanted to go bungee jumping, and somehow, my helping her with her class work made it's way in her dream to let you her everything is alright.

I do not know this lady outside of class. I'm still trying to remember her name (I'm bad with names)! Yet this happened. It's events like this that bring life into an otherwise long school day. That, and The garish rapscallion's Guide to LEGO Racers 2.


What was secret, is secret no longer

As I write this, I have 8 days left of freedom, which at that time, my activity on here and on any other sites will drop greatly, possibly more than it has in the past.

“But why, le? Why will your activity drop like so? And what do you mean by ’8 days left of freedom’?â€

Well, in 8 days, school starts back. And once school starts back, I won’t be on as much. This is why my activity has skyrocketed the past few days. When the 8 days are up, I’ll be going away, and my appearances won’t be as often.

“You’re not making any sense. Many times on here you’ve talked about school, and yes, your activity did drop, you never really talked about it like this. Why should this be any different? And what do you mean by ‘going away’�

We’ll, I’m not going to jail on 3 counts of theft, 4 counts of hit-and-run, 1 count of evading an officer, and 5 counts of illegal gambling, and under-age drinking, that’s for sure. icon_razz.gif?m=1129645325g

There comes a time in a person’s life where they have to be open with their friends, and the people they associate with. That time is different for everybody. Some may feel it should happen early on, some way later, and still others when they think the time is right.

“LE717! You’re not making any sense! What are you rambling about?! How does this relate to school starting back and you going away?â€

Please, let me finish.

As I said, that time is different for everybody, myself included. But when it should happen, it needs to be done.

In 8 days, I will be starting school, school like I’ve never had to experience before. A school known as technical college. And for me to start that, I have to be a certain age:


Many times I’ve been asked by age, and I always said “Not tellingâ€, because, as you know, I am a very private guy. The only time I tell someone my age is because I really, really trust them, and know they trust me as well. But now, my age is hidden no more. Because now, I have revealed my age to everyone in this post. I, le717, am 18 years old, have been so since March 13, 2013 (some of you may have known I had a birthday, but of course didn’t know how old I was), and will be entering technical college on August 19, 2013, beginning my two year enrollment to during which I will get my Degree in Web Site Design/Internet Specialist.

There you have it. What used to be secret is secret no more.

So, @McJobless, can I join the RRU Graduates Club now? Hold the alcohol, I'll just have Sparking Apple Cider (although I dislike carbonated drinks). :P


And you think LEGO Friends is bad?

Then what I've got to show you makes even LEGO Friends look sophisticated!


You have been warned. :)

2 days ago, rioforce was trying to find a set number so he could try to build a set that is in the big collection of bricks he bought the other month. He found it, but also found a brick that had the same number as the set. Nothing unusual, it happens all the time. However, the brick he came across was absolutely nothing like the UFO he was looking for.


What you have just seen is brick #6975, Scala Toilet Seat & Lid. Produced only in 1997 and released only the the Salmon color, it thankfully was released in one set, and one set only. And what that set? LEGO Scala 3242, known simply as Bathroom.


[insert comment about glass house/invisible walls/a bathroom in the middle of a field/lack of privacy here]

And you thought dressing up Olivia to look like all the other Friends was horrid. :P


So, I'm doing my first LP...

so I'm sure it has lots of n00b mistakes but I think you'll hate like it. :)

To watch the rest of the LP, follow the link below.


The Man From Rumble

There once was a man from Rumble,

Who always liked to grumble.

Once day, the man tripped,

and made such a Flumble.

"Grumble!" The man mumbled,

"That Flumble made me tumble!"

Oh, hi Flumble!



I came up with this poem in the SBox a few minutes ago, and I wanted to give it a more permanent home. Feel free to not comment on this. ;)

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