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London Bridge is falling down.

beep -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250

beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

beep -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

beep -f 550 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250

beep -f 210 -l 250 -n -f 320 -l 250 -n -f 210 -l 750 -n -f 10 -l 250

beep -f 550 -l 500 -n -f 440 -l 500 -n -f 10 -l 100

beep -f 320 -l 500 -n -f 210 -l 1000

If you have Linux, put that into a script. All it does is play a rendion of London Bridge is Falling down. You will need to make sure pcspkr and beep are working first.


RZT Minecraft Server

Well, I decided to make a server and because I am cheap, I'm doing so at home, on one of these:

Some of the more relevant host specs:

Intel® Core™ i7-3840QM CPU @ 2.80GHz × 8

31.4 GiB Working Memory

Ubuntu 12.04


1Mb/s Upload

15Mb/s Download

Address: IPv4: DHCP ( at the time of writing, but may change if the router is reset, so it may be wise to check in with me on Skype before trying to join)


Bukkit 1.6.4 LRR themed (as much as practical) Hybrid Survival

More Player Models 2 (because I use it)

WarpCore (to make the man telporters work and allow players to teleport out when their "shield" gets too low)

Whitelist (todo: set up the system to allow everyone to change gamemode) THIS SERVER IS WHITELISTED! Let me know via skype if you want to join.

mobGriefing: False

keepInventory: True

Players: 7


Xray TP's are your Geoscanner: Use them to plan underground structures, exploring dark places, debuging and anywhere else you judge them to be useful.

Avoid creative unless it is absolutely needed for building an RRHQ or going a long distances in the overworld.

Raiding other people's chests and PVP get us no where, this is technically a Co-op server. we work to do what Rock Raiders do, except in a more intelligent manner

You must have pants (built into the skin or in the form of armor) on at all times.

Tools and tool upgrades (if I can get them working) will be provided by a command block based Tool Store

Do not throw away or otherwise lose blocks. We may need them for a project (I have actually found myself cave diving for dirt before because a project needed so much of it)! This means keeping a very close eye on your inventory.

No explosives. They are too destructive (when rigged incorrectly) and lossy (always).

No putting holes where they don't belong.

If you see me do it, it is likely an exception to the rules. I may have forgotten some rules as well.


There is a webserver hosted on the same machine.

Since I use this machine for other things, the server will have a pretty poor uptime. I hope to someday get a dedicated machine for hosting to resolve this. I also hope to get a steady source of income to allow more onto the server via more bandwidth.

I think that is all.

PS: I'm much better behaved when I have something productive to do. Go figure.


Renard has struck my dreams again

Well, here we go again. Another "furry" dream.

This time, it was a flash style render.

It was part of a music video made by Renard, the final cut scene.

It started with three normal looking friends, two male, one female, all around 25, on a couch watching TV.

It then jumped to one of the males standing in front of the other two (still seated) and stating "I'm a wolf" and then changing into a brown werewolf. Only the furry's legs were shown in this part, likely to keep it family friendly. The clothes also exploded off anime(?) style.

The next jump showed that the man went full animal and was in the laps of the other two getting petted (eyes of the wolf were closed, so I could not see if they were glowing or not).

The final jump had the remaining male insult his female friend (likely a werecat of some sort), who in return roared like a leopard and scratched his face. His ears promptly became triangular, fuzzy, and located to the top of his head.


I heard part of this during the transition between sleeping dream and reality, the rest I came up with immediately afterwards. The "heard" part is in curly brackets. See if you can figure out the story. Keep in mind the group I hang out with outside of RRU.

V1 (spoken)

{There's a reason I no longer (originally, "no longer" was "never liked," but looking over the rest of it suggests that going back may make the whole thing make sense) going out with you} There is a reason {we never got that far.} When we first met I thought we were a perfect match, but then I saw you -- change.

Chorus (sung)

{You're the reason} Your selfish ways your bad decisions your foul mouth your malicious intentions you're the reason we never truly went out.

V2 (spoken with two voices)

"Watch this" you said "I'll show you what we are all about" Then you killed a man, then you ate a cat, then munched a dog, then you swallowed a bat. That day my heart was broken, not for a lack of love towards me, but to my neighbor [Chorus]

Bridge (Am I using the right terms here? Anyways, the first bit (ends at the comma) is slightly sung to go with the chorus while the second part is sung fully)

I thought you could be saved. I thought becoming one of your own would bring you home. But I see now,

your eyes are glazed you only think with your head your heart is cold your soul is dead

V3 (spoken)

You make us look bad. I told you to stop but you didn't listen I asked you to confess but you just licked the blood off your hands [Chorus then Bridge]

V4 (spoken)

I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving you now. I'd curse you on behalf of the brother you killed, but I don't need to, God is already planning something. I can feel it. I should have never dated a werewolf.


Call me a neo technophobe but. . .

I really do not like the way things are going with the most commonly used technologies. I mean seriously, they are causing me all sorts of head aches. The new handhelds are crap at getting really odd shots. Ones that require you to lean out of something dangerously (my brother knows what I am talking about) or bend over awkwardly are ones I am talking about. I don't really have that problem. I have a Samsung U900 Flipshot. It, as the name implies, it is a flip phone. Like many such handhelds, the screen works at many angles while the camera is active. I can even use it to inspect the top of a shelf. Most digital cameras do not have that. The U900 is also compatible with normal gloves, a feature that many newer handhelds sadly lack. The U900 also fits perfectly in my LEGO Spybot's bumper without weighing it down too much:

That would have been very difficult to get with anything other than a Samsung U900 without really screwing around with the bumper or device.

Another thing it has is true speeddial. Yes, the newer models have it, but it is clumsy to use if you need more than one contact and potentially slower because you have to unlock the device.

Operating systems are also taking a tumble in my books. As you already know, all of the post XP Windows systems SUCK for legacy software. They are also gigantic both on the disk and memory. 32.7 GB (35,158,609,920 bytes) for this node's Windows folder alone. The base memory usage including the support software? More than 1024 MiB (~1200 MIB). My laptop's drive is only 40GB and it has only one gebibyte of memory installed. Can't we just have a simple system that works? Maybe a DOS command line version of NT with some Windows GUI components for the programs that need them?

And don't get me started on Youtube and hypocritical ways (YOUtube?). I have no idea on what I am going to do with a channel made for PC users that uses a design that only really makes sense for mobile users.

And people wonder why I so headstrong in my technological ways. Just about every "upgrade" that is being put out there is for me a downgrade because I lose a lot of functionality and gain next to none.


Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant was attacked last night. That is the second infrastructure attack in a week and third (You know what that one was, The Boston Bombing) overall this week. Here is the other attack: By the way, that first attack may be why RRU went down and thus the reason for the title.

The best case for Watts Bar is a drunk redneck with a gun.


<Many months ago I had an idea. It was to play on the idiocy of Rock Raiders, so I made full of grammar errors to accentuate that fact. Oh, and I can't sing that well, so if you want to help in dealing with that, be my guest.>

Whoa whoa <use the one from the game>

When I drive on by, Raiders be thinking like what's he gonna fry

I'm cool to the heat, passin' by some peat in my hard seat, wahoo

this is how I move, highpower drill, gotta keep things smooth

its Moron with the big green visor

and like Idiot I'm none the wiser

yeah, Chief look that tool store x3

yeah, I build good

yeah, Chief look that tool store x3

yeah, I build good

when I start drilling the wall (<drillsound burst>), this is what I see (what?)

every raider stops and they're starin' at me

I got explosives in that wall and I aren't afraid to show it, show it, show it

I'm drilling and I blow it x2

wohahaho <I am sure you can figure this one out>

When i'm feelin' hungry, priorities don't mean a thing

and slugs are invadin' my base, i'm at the canteen stuffin my yellow face (omnomnnom)

this is how I derp, come on Axel, it's time to slurp (noddles, that is)

we head to the 'teen, Axel bein' quite worried

No brain, no brawn, and I still get flurried (dessert!)

yeah, Chief look that tool store x3

yeah, I build good

yeah, Chief look that tool store x3

yeah, I build good

when I start drilling the wall the wall (<drillsound burst>), this is what I see (what?)

every raider stops and they're starin' at me

I got explosives in that wall and I aren't afraid to show it, show it, show it

I'm drilling and I blow it x2

I'm drilling and I blow it. . .

work it hard x2

shovel,shovel,shovel,shovel,shovel,phew x3 <More game sounds>

shovel,shovel,shovel,shovel,shovel, hup hah<Even More game sounds>

Use that shovel raider <Chief>

I'm clearing rubble sir

ouf <yet even More game sounds>

I'm drilling and I blow it.

yeah, Chief look that tool store x3

yeah, I build good

yeah, Chief look that tool store x3

yeah, I build good

I'm drilling and I blow it!


"Shifting allowances, rolling around. We have completely destroyed the Undercy."

That is the most sensible wording based on what I heard while bouncing in and out of sleep. My guess is that it came from the economic fail that Cyprus had recently. "Shifting allowances, rolling around." was set to "Gundogs destroyed at a time" from Kitcaliber's "Hell Dive" while the other part was set to "I believe we are the thing we seek" from Kitcaliber's "Radio Dreamin." I say that about the melody because I have noticed that my music tends to take large chunks of other melodies and merges them together. Every time I play this in my head, I get an instrumental stream. Now if only I could just pull it out of my head and put it up here.

For those who can't figure out what the Undercy is, it is the low people like us.


Since I have not tried to make a proper one and some other the other members have made one, I decided to have a go at one.



"Two 3500 shp turboshafts drive this beast through a hydraulic

transmission. Sadly, I could not use linear cylinders in the model due

the scale, but an actual build would have them. Instead, I used motors

and linkages, which may look cool, but in reality is over complex and

can't really make use of the power available to them. Still, they should

have the torque needed to move the unit. I did get all of the needed

joints in the model. At 1402 elements, it is not small at all. For

perspective on real life size, one could likely fit a pair of T-90 MBTs on its

back comfortably."


Silly dog is silly.

Well, I have been having problems sleeping, as you may know. To address this, I have taken to the couch for naps. Well, the couch is a busy place when I take said naps as people are often trying to watch tv at the same time, so being a furry I curl up. Our dog also likes the couch, as does an older family member which the dog follows around a lot, so you can see something amusing happening. What happened is the dog being slightly cramped between me and its leader, moves around, and starts grooming my hair while I was trying to sleep! The dog got yelled and laughed at by the other mentioned person, and I had a wet head.


I growl while I sing.

A few days ago I said I can do a proper growl IRL. My growls do not sound like a dog. They sound more like the distortion made by an amplifier when I attempt to go off the low end of my vocal range while generating a melody, which is when they usually occur.


I know, IT SUCKS, but it was the best I could do while be recorded.


C++ IS fun.

To day I had my first "lesson" and this is what I made, which was a lot more than asked (a simple "Hello World" type program):

// ConsoleApplication2.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.


#include "stdafx.h"


#include "iostream"

using namespace std;

int main()

{ int in0 = 0;

int counter = 0;

cout << counter << endl;



counter = counter + 1;

if (counter == 5)


in0 = 1;


if (counter == 4)


cout << "Hello, this is simple for those who know what they are doing. counter = 4" << endl;


cout << counter << endl;

cout << "Hello, this is simple for those who know what they are doing." << endl;


while (in0 == 0);



Getting this to work was a b****, however. It actually stumped the instructor. The main problem? if (counter == 5) was if (counter = 5) See if you can figure out what happened :). Need less to say, I may have given some ideas to the instructor with regards to the next lesson goal.

Also: Cover your ears.


That is what I named the tool store in a dream. This dream had me in an apparent modding session in which I was screwing around with Rock Hard. In the "list of mods:" Rock Raiders had a blue uniform, and would randomly have matching cowboy hats. Vehicles will honk their horns randomly and often. The textures were connected according to their neighbors. Erosion acted differently: "yellow" erosion tiles did not erode completely, that was reserved for the "red" ones. Towards the end, the dream went augmented reality FPS on me. This is the third dream involving LRR that I remember, and the only one thus far that had tactile feedback.


I was screwing with an old file that I got stuck on and this piece came out. My goal was to get something other than a track made of loops that loop though most of it. By that standard, I succeeded. Then again, Evo Hummer was also a success by that standard. What killed it was that I tried to get too fancy with it. It is still rather simple, with a single base loop with at most two additional tracks on top, with one acting a secondary loop. I clearly need to try to add to it. On a side note, I managed to get something that sounds like part of Valve's "Want You Gone," xylophone, and a bagpipe in it.

Tonal Dischord (Working Title, but not likely to change)(2:54)





As opposed to plucks, which I used the first (and last) time in Evo Hummer.

Rather than use Audacity's pluck midi, I took some tones and messed around with them.

I made this simple piece just today. I still would not listen to it unless I was doing something else though.

It is also the first piece with a tempo change. (The change about two thirds of the way through.)




I think that there are some unexplored ways of modding LRR. I have not seen someone use the tutorial map for sounds other than Chief's voice nor have I seen someone try to use a monster class for an animation.

The first is self explanatory and I have seen attempts at using other Chief files.

The other is a little more difficult to grasp. The idea is to use the moving, scooping, carrying, and breaking boulder entries to reference a series of cinematic animations. The sleeping, waking, and emerging slots are either blank or used to set up the animation, while the falling apart animation can be used to close it. Add sound as needed and you have an in game cinematic animation, or if the HUD can be gotten rid of, a cheap way of making a starting or ending cutscene.


The mistake is making so many accounts on so many forums BEFORE setting up some way to actually to detect if someone has broken the password. The reason this is a problem is my educational account has "weak" links to at least three other accounts, which in turn have "strong" links to this and other places, not to mention each other. The context of weak and strong is how closely related key aspects are between any two account. One account I have I am very worried about because it can lead directly to a breach in my college count. That in turn, could lead to expulsion or worse. The worse can actually happen if any account were to be hijacked and can only need one post. I have only one, maybe two passwords that currently lack the vulnerability that my current ones have, but those will become worse than the ones than I have. Random alphanumeric passwords will not work because there are few ways to remember them. I will have to use some in public places. So as it stands right now, I can not make a single new account until I have a way to prevent this from happening or successfully counter a breached post (if I am being tried as a felon, IP is not likely going to be enough). What happened to some of you with Youtube was mild compared to what could happen.


Where I Have Been

The Basement Nerds at Its main admin wants some new players and there is a project that needs help in one of the worlds (Elderscrolls, formerly Downtime), It does not have a whitelist. Just be sure to read the wall.


What Would Happen If

someone named Obama, Israphel, Voldamort, or some other name you would not call your self because of the air that is around it joined?


Here is the current plan:

The .lwo files would be replaced by .ldr or .dat (the LDraw version), the .lws files by a modified form of scene description language, as normal SDL already allows for animation, but not necessarily using another file as an object, and certainly not an LDraw file. The AI will be in a separate file written in Msdl as well, since SDL is an interpreted programming language in the sense that it has loops, functions, and decision structures. A few additions to the syntax to allow it to be a full language are all that would be needed, hence Msdl. There are many good reasons to reuse the .map and configuration files and replace the object files with .dat or .ldr. Firstly, they are already as simple as they will get for there function in terms in format (hex, text) so that is how they would have ended up anyways. Second the tools are already here and are rather robust. I don't think I have had a single crash with Map Creator and MLCAD only crashes after you fail to heed the warning that you are running out of resources (a lagfest) and if all else fails, Notepad and a hex editor will get the job done.

In other words: All that is really needed to make a mod is Notepad and a hex editor.


Very Bad News.

This node's graphics card has suffered a partial bearing failure. The fan has, to be more specific. The thing has loosened to the point that is resonates at idle, which is a very bad thing, I might point out.

Even worse news: It's replacement is a RADEON that is on the lower end of the scale because it needed to brought back into service as soon as the cards could be swapped. But there were no spares, so one needed to be gotten from an office supply store, and that store had only two models and the other one did not have the correct DVI standard. Stop reading if you do not want to see the worse things to come.

Possibly even worse news: A screwup with a connector turned something into a smoke generator, but nobody knows what.

Summary: No more work with LDD until a better card or the old card (it just needs a new heatsink) is put into service and I have a VERY close look at ALL of the parts to find all of the smoke generators. Or I work my trailer hitch off to finish RaidOS and find a source of income so I can build a more proper workstation that can RELIABLY run LRR.

I also can not make very good POV renderings because of a lack of free RAM on the Explorer. To fix that, a new OS is needed as well. That is one of my many reasons to make my own. I can make it secure AND small, something no one else seems to even try to do. Why don't more people take their souce to low level code?


Look At What I Found!


(I did not expect that cycle.)

It is a flip flop if you use a button, a clock with a pressure plate or lever, and a bunch of burned out torches with everything else.

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