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Let's Build a Death Star

If you live in the USA, do us all a favor and sign this petition.

We get to build a death star if you do, kay? Thanks.




For those of you who were around back then.

Finals are over, and I can now relax a bit. That is all. Happy speeing to all.


Pithy Time.

Emotional neutrality //Idon'tCareButThatDoesn'tMeanYou'reNotImportant

Musical Skill increase //Herrow, Locrian, Dorian, and Mixolydian Scales.

Physical load capacity increase //Lift heavy shritsky, arms get bigger

Programming //RobotC is my language of choice

Band Member //We have a spot open for groupies

Windows 7 //I be busy doing everything on Max Graphics

Skyrim //Matriarchal Fornicating SKYRIM, wenches!

Straight A's // = low driving insurance.

I've been busy. Sorry. No offense to anyone here, but life has gotten exponentially more exciting and busy in the last few months as you may be able to see from my handy pseudocode above. I <should?> be on more often when I remember to be.

Best of luck, cheers, good day, sincerely, cordially, always




Love = actions

actions = time

time = work

work = pain

pain = endurance

endurance = suffering

suffering = injury

injury = destruction

destruction = death = Love

Real love will die...

Someone shoot my philosophical side already.



1) HDD died so I got a new one and moved everything to it. Not a problem, just inconvenient.

2) Allergies make RockmoddeR itchy and sick-ish, but not really sick.

3) Getting dumped because you were too nice and you treated your girlfriend like a lady when she didn't want to be treated like a lady sucks donkey balls through a curly straw.

4) Meh.


Important News That May Impact This Forum

...or not.

Sorting from greatest to least importance, here's how the "news" breaks down.

1) LZ seems to be completely and utterly gone from RRU. Not just ragequit and return gone, legit gone. I see him on RRU-stuff from time to time, but that's about it. As his future transposition but past self, it is my responsibility to fill that unfillable hole that he left behind. I am not witty, nor brilliant enough to undertake such a task, but in his memory I must do so.

2) I taught myself how to overclock through experimentation. I've gone from 2.6GHz to 3.33GHz with mere air cooling, and can even run Prime95 without a hitch. Feels good bro.

3) I'm not a single man any longer, I've been stolen by just about the cutest fellow nerd lady I could possibly have found. This not only has changed my outlook on life, but also many other semi-important online habits. I come online much less now for obvious reasons.

4) I love Team Fortress 2 now to the point where it has eclipsed even Spring in my Start Menu.

5) This is a placeholder for breaking news.


I Sat In Horror... I watched my computer degrade from an organized, efficient machine to a sluggish, unresponsive mess in a matter of minutes. I ran disk and virus checks to no avail. I was beginning to despair, until I did a search (in a molasses-like browsing experience) for sudden CPU usage spikes. Near the bottom of one of the forums linked in the search was an entry about USB devices causing these spikes of death to arise randomly and without trace. In a spark of hope, I ripped out my Logitech wingman USB cord and the CPU usage dropped like a rock. All the trouble I went through and the utter terror I experienced was relieved by the pulling of a plug. *

You know what? Screw my brain after midnight. I was legitimately freaking out less than 15 minutes ago, and now that the problem is resolved I could literally fall asleep in my chair.

*Note: any elaborate descriptions and dramatization of actual occurrences, real or fictional, is completely unintentional. Any resemblance to events that occurred, past, present or future, is bollocks.


Maybe? Nahhhhhhh

Apparently I'm something I wasn't before. Apparently I was mature at some point, but I've lost that and gained testosterone. This seems to be a bad thing...


Mmk, file any complaints you may have.


If The Boot Fits...

...put it on and kick the idiot nearest to you as hard as you can. Normally, I wouldn't say something like that, or even right a blog entry. I've become bored with the norm, and even more bored with being Mr. nice guy, always has something supportive to say. I recently discovered a fine art. An art utilized by many, and abused by even more. My friends, this art is trolling, and if you have any complaints about it, I suggest you GET THE F(first party censor) out of my blog and go find a new tissue box to depopulate. Trolling is fun, and counter trolling is even more fun. Unfortunately, there are many soft shelled people in this world, (including my former self) that take offense to being laughed at. I love doing insipid acts of pure testosterone for the LOLs. Maybe you think getting yelled at is scary, or even run and hide when confronted. Too bad. There's no shortage of stupidity, and even less so of exasperation with the fools that surround oneself. (although with correct rebuke they cease to become fools and become one's wingmen while committing equally inane acts.)

Now that the rant part is over, it's time for the sane part. I'm not advocating a liberal application of trolling, rather, I encourage its precise and concentrated deliverance, which elicits hilarious bewilderment, confusion, and unbridled rage in the victim. If you're a good troll, these emotions will be red-hot in the victim when the trolling occurs, and when a similar act happens to be your destiny, you silently ignore it, essentially WT mind F'ing the countertroller. It's moments like these that make the internet interesting. I need not tell you of the countless playful trollwars I have almost ritualistically with my cousins. It's good to troll and be trolled. It gives you a new outlook on life, it broadens your pain threshold, and it relieves a helluva lot of stress.

Now for the grand finale:

I'm a troll. I'll gladly attest to various acts of secret and blatantly public acts of pure deviousness. It was none other than I who lit the Sonic idol on the rru-stuff minecraft server and gleefully watched it burn as my victim flustered and cussed nonsensically. ("That f*** man!" ???) It was also I who, after dealing with none other than the legendary "[s2]bobbel" of Spring, made an alliance with the opposing team via Spring IRC and had him massacred in the front and then commbombed. It was also I who "modified" the Sonic statue to give the image of a urinating Nazi. I feel no remorse for these acts. I thought they were funny. I've also committed many other trolls that I don't feel the need to reveal yet. Feel free to do whatever you want to my minecraft house on rru-stuff, I had everything I wanted in it and I was bored.

To conclude:

I'm no longer the mild-mannered RM you thought you knew. I'm a much bolder, emotionally enlightened version of myself, capable of much greater hilarity than previously thought. LZ, if you read this, we gotta talk again. If the 322s read this, I apologize for the inconvenience I caused you, but growing a pair and loading up on the testosterone might not only grant you love with REAL GIRLS but may also increase your desire for manly acts of awesomeness and decrease ignorance. Acmex, it's been too long since we've mindlessly hurled trebuchets at each other. Anonymouse: IRC is boring. Come on Spring more! Addict: You're lucky to be naturally nice. Lair: You've probably contributed more to this community in the way of research than anyone else, don't lose heart. Doc: keep up the good work. Zephyria: Dun worry, you'll find someone. Cyrem: whatever you want to me after reading this. Extreme: I want that cookbook. If you'd like to be mentioned and you're not here, please leave me a message after the beep. Thanks. You son of a BiBEEP


I just wanna say...

Thanks everyone for talking with me in the sbox, playing spring, giving your input on questions and stuff like that. See, I have now only 2 actual friends IRL, and really, I consider you guys all my friends. I've known some of you for almost 2 years now. It might not seem like a lot, but it means a lot to me. Thanks.



I need opinions

Polls. I need opinions. Please vote if you can, with your real opinion.


My hair is really poofy, and it comes down over my eyes. it's annoying, but if I wear it any other way it looks stupid. Cut it?

I wanna make another really well done huge RR mission, but nobody ever downloads my maps.


It was 60 degrees out today...

...I hope it lasts. I've been sick for a week now, and the only thing keeping me sane is my PC and the hope that I will get better and be able to go outside. Not only that, coughing hurts. And I still feel like I need to break a wall down or something. Also, for those of you who play BA and waste nukes: STOP WASTING NUKES ON T1 UNIT SPAM. There. Now, with that being said, let's all go outside and launch flares at moving freight trains for fun. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrgh...I can't get over this cold and outside soon enough...

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