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The place where I'll talk about my projects, among other things.

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Slimy Slug

2018 First Update

I haven't made much progress since my last entry, to be honest.  Most of what I've done is make a few minor cfg adjustments basically.

Adding DynamiteWakeRadius in has certainly made things very interesting, though.  Glad I found this in Jessietail's config documentation.


Only thing major I did was a partial overhaul of the map Gephyrophobia.  Yes, I'm using this map in my mod.  


But my main reason for an update was to ask the community for some advice regarding maps.  Take a look at my poll for details.


Welp, that's all for my first update of the new year!



Slimy Slug

The Beginning

So I finally decided to make a blog.


When I first joined this site in October of last year, I was amazed to see all the modding that had been done to my favorite childhood game, Rock Raiders.  I first tried out Baz's mod, and from there, ended up using Axel's mod almost exclusively.  It felt like a brand new game, and gave me countless hours of enjoyment (and yes, frustration too).  


Eventually, I became increasingly interested in making my own modifications to not only RR, but to the Racers games and several other PC games I own.  RRU has truly opened up a whole new world for me, and for that I can't thank this community enough.  


Now, I'm working on yet another overhaul of Rock Raiders.  Originally it was only going to be an emerge map fix of Axel's mod (though the problem stemmed from Baz's actually), but as I began to get more involved with the mod, it became painfully obvious that there were things that needed fixing.  Badly.


For starters, the Pyrite Monster could walk on lava, behaved like a Lava Monster, etc.  That's probably because I didn't use the fixed cfg Axel mentioned in his topic.  Either way, once I made that change, the infamous infinite crystal drain bug appeared.  By this point, I started talking privately to other users here.  Jessietail helped me fix this and the crashing problem with first-person view.  After these trips to the cfg, things snowballed.  One fix lead to another, which lead to an idea for something else, and the cycle repeated.  

Before long, I stumbled onto aiden's mod.  It was this mod that gave me the push to try to solve the mining laser bug, which I ultimately did: http://www.rockraidersunited.com/topic/7985-mining-laser-bug-solved-well-partially/


From here, things just started moving like clockwork as I became more familiar with the cfg and the maps.


Suffice to say, I'm hoping I can produce something that doesn't fall into the "just another mod" category.


I'll update my progress as things move along for those interested.  If you want to contribute to the project in any form, comment here or PM me.  

My hope is that this becomes a collaborative effort, since I have no experience with modeling or making biomes.  


Currently I feel almost ready for a beta release, so keep an eye on the overhauls forum ;)


With that, I retreat into my hole (SlugIN.wav plays).

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