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This is a thing with words

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About this blog

A blog area where I throw my ideas out to the community and other random ramblings I feel like putting out here (might be a bunch)

Entries in this blog


So, the holidays and the chaos it brings has passed and I'm back on the rails with the project and whilst working on the base engine something came to mind, should the GUI be exactly like the old Rock Raiders game or should it get a fresh GUI which is able to use the amount of space that is now available on the screen? Think of a permanent present sidebar with the icons for constructing buildings or unit actions showing up and a mini-map in the top right corner like regular RTS games. What do you guys think?


Lego Rock Raiders Reloaded will be possible

Hi there, I said I would analyze the (available) code to Lego Rock Raiders and see what I can do with it and today I have come to a verdict. I will be able to reconstruct the game engine with the data I have available and the insights created by just looking at the overall configuration of RR and the game mechanics. It won't be easy nor will it be a swift task but it can be done and it will be done. One of my work projects has been postponed til 2017 and the other one is almost done so I feel like I can start on Rock Raiders Reloaded come next week and below is what I will start working on and what I will be planning to do for now with the project.


When I start I will be working on:

- The base engine (camera controls, HUD, resource control)

- Starter elements (Tool Station, Rock Raider, Solid Rock, Dirt, Drills and Shovels)

- The start of the Rock Raider AI system (I noticed how bare bone it actually is in the original game and will improve quite a bit)

- Basic map design.

- Keeping everybody up-to-date with what is going on.


What I am planning to do with the project itself:

- Recreate the Rock Raiders experience the best I can.

- Improve AI for everything.

- Make modding a lot easier on the new platform.

- Fix a few things that were broken/glitched in the base game (Ore Refinery using more ore than it needs because of zealous Rock Raiders; Trucks dumping more resources than a site needs;)

- Redo the way that drilling and using lasers on walls works by giving the walls HP instead of the system that RR used.

- Change the Laser Towers into base defense structures which engage enemies in their range when a red alert is active and maybe nerf their EC usage or just remove that altogether.

- Create a way of patching that makes sure you don't have to download the whole project every time there's an update.


What I am planning for when the project is stable and has what it needs:

- Keep improving the project.

- Create a multiplayer mode (co-op for now, PvP in whatever form will require some more thought beforehand).

- Work on a more complex sequel to Rock Raiders with more resources, buildings, vehicles and a ton more.


Let me know what you guys think so far and I'm curious for your opinions and ideas. :)


A Lego Rock Raiders remake

This is an idea that sprung to mind when I couldn't get Rock Raiders to work on my PC (even with all the helpful tutorials on this forum) and I wondered "Why hasn't this game received a remake yet so that we can still play this gem but without issues on newer systems?" And so I started my search for a remake and stumbled on some threads and one abandoned project that could be revamped as a Rock Raiders co-op multiplayer mode.


Now I understood from @Xiron that there were multiple attempts at a remake that nobody finished and I can understand that people will be skeptical but I can assure you, I don't like having to use my old 2003 PC at all and right now I'm forced to use that to play Rock Raiders so the annoyance with my old system will be a constant fuel for me to stay on track with the project. I will most likely will need some help from people with areas I have zero experience in like modeling and animation but other things like voices, sound effects, music and videos can be carried over from the original if I'm not mistaken. My idea is to just focus on creating a remake that is very true to the original but with a few additions which should make modding a lot easier like a custom map selection screen and a custom campaign selection screen. And after that I will focus on working on that multiplayer co-op addition and maybe after that start on a version with more complexity and a sort of grand strategy addition to it with more buildings and an expanded story line/campaign (could be just the RR story line but more complex or a sequel where they yet again have an incident in space).


I have been rambling on for a while now, tell me what you guys think and if there's people who show interest I will go on with posting more information about this project and discussing ideas with you people :) .


In general I won't be able to invest much time into the project right now this December with two work projects which have to be finished and the holidays coming up. Begin 2017 I can start working on it with a reasonable chunk of time next to helping out with @bphillips09's project wherever I can.

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