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the spooky terror of nick bluetooth



it has come to my knowledge how much galidor has been spoken of lately and I decided to pop in to see what all of it was about and holy cr*p, I have something to share with y'all.


a little while back on the solekian discord (which is a server full of chumps from bzpower and the likes where we praise solek and make memes - silly I know), we had a discussion about galidor and some guy said this:



I was like "oh my, is that last part true?" and suddenly my interest of this mess started to peak. 

so I went to check the actor of nick bluetooth's instagram account and oh boy he wasn't fooling around with us.


at first, it was weird yet rather toned back from this poor fella because according to the guy I was talking to, he hasn't gotten a new role since 2002 - well major roles. to be honest, it's pretty sad considering his work for the show was pretty decent and I liked it.


but to be fair, doing work for one of lego''s failures wouldn't hurt your career right? :P


but yeah that's pretty it. I found this interesting enough to be shared with y'all. 














Without wasting any time, let's begin.




As I said in the last part, it's probably after the events of Soccer Mania. 

The Brickster has been jailed again. But not on LEGO Island, but in LEGO City.


After being sent to the future, Edward wakes up. By the time he woke up, the police arrived. 

Because The Brickster made Knights Kingdom involved in Soccer Mania, the police arrests the young Knight. 

(If you haven't chosen any different ways.)


In the prison, he meets The Brickster, and both of them destroys the police station. Soon after this event, the Alpha Team story will begin.

With the City been transformed into a zombie town, Edward and The Brickster fights the zombies off.  Until Ogel arrives. He will be asking you a question: To be his general in his army, or to be destroyed by himself. If you agree to the offer, you'll be his general. If you don't, you will be fighting  him. (I haven't been thinking about the alternative way yet).


After becoming the general of Ogel army, Edward finds the Alpha Team members and destroys them.

In this time period, Dash will be finding Cam in Ogel's Base. (You will be playing as Dash, don't worry).


After the general fees the battle, the story of the Alpha Team game will be the same. 


Princess Storm wakes up on LEGO Island and... That's the part of the story I've been thinking about right now. Sorry for any cliffhangers!)





The game is a massive 3D open world with many places of the LEGO themes being involved in the story! Like LEGO City,

LEGO Island, Knights Kingdom, Adventures, Rock Raiders, Alpha Team, Xalax, and many more!


In the game, there will be alternative part ways to beat the game. And with different endings, of course. 


Like in here: Edward is arrested by the police, what would Edward do?

1) Fight the police.

2) Get sent to jail. 

3) RUN


Instead of fighting the normal way in RPGs, the foes you will be fighting, will be in the same place you're visited. Like, you're fighting 

Ogel on LEGO City. (That will be in the game for sure), The same open-world places such as LEGO City, will not be in a specific battle arena. 


Edward and your other party members uses their own unique fighting style.

Like, Edward uses his magic and fights with a sword.

Princess Storm using her fast fighting style with her sword and etc...



The fighting will be co-op based. Like in the beginning of the game, you and your party members are fighting Cedric's forces. The players can spilt up and fight for themselves. 

The fighting style will be inspired by DBZ. With magic involved, I can't think about any fair sword to sword fights anymore.




I'm going to use Unity.  




And also, I hope that you guys can give new ideas to the game. I'll be appreciated by your ideas!


















An Idea For a Game



Sooooooooooo, I'm back on this blog again. Why? I haven't been posting anything in this blog in a long time now.

You've already seen the title, so let's begin.


Well, as for now, I've been thinking about making a game for a while. And while I was wondering, I made a story for the game. 

Soo, here's the summary of the story:


With many battles been lost, Cedric The Bull, the leader of the Bulls, seeks help from Willa The Witch. After some time, Cedric, as a dark magic user, attacks the Lion's Kingdom. During this time, the son of King Leo, Edward, returns home from studying magic from Majisto, saw the destruction of his own home. Him and his sister, Princess Storm, and Richard The Strong, tried to defend the more powerful Cedric from killing King Leo and Queen Leonora. But they failed. Edward, enraged, attacks Cedric, but was not successful. Cedric, unfortunately not pleased with the behaviour of the three brave Knights, sending them into the future. 





It's after the events of Soccer Mania. More info in the next entry.




Action-Adventure RPG. That's more like it.





Actually, I will be splitting this entry in half. Why? Because, this is what I have been thinking about in some weeks now. The next entry will be ready to release in tomorrow.











Rant about Gaildor: Part 2

Well, here we go again. Time to discuss the matters of the worst LEGO Theme ever made:



The sets were pretty mediocre, like really mediocre...


What the hell is this? A Motorcycle mixed with a shark? Too much for creative solutions, I think.




Well, this isn't odd, right? A flying teenager with jet wings? I have this set and if had to be honest with you all, I kinda like this design. Off to the next one!




I wonder how the designers of this theme had more rapidly expanding the same problem every damn time.



Looks like the original toa mata is compatible with Gaildor sets, cool.


If I had to be honest, if Gaildor had the same design elements of Cybots, it would be a better idea and it would be better in sales or heck, even better than BIONICLE'S Sales.


So yeah, that's it. 

Share your own personal opinions on Gaildor in comments section down below. Or heck, send me more ideas for this blog. Cheers!





Rant about Gaildor: Part 1

There's one particular LEGO Theme that is known to be the worst of the worst. You all know what I'm talking about:



If I had to be honest with you all, I did like Gaildor when I first saw it on my older brother's old LEGO World Club Magazines many years ago. Eventually, I watched the episodes from the show on Youtube.  After I watched the only two seasons of the show, I wanted to get more Gaildor, and sadly, I did later find out that the theme's sets were bad.  Like REALLY BAD...  If more hadn't occurred with my interest of theme,  I wouldn't even care for anything that was LEGO related at that time. 


With my 'little' opinion of Gaildor being done, I'd be back with a part two of this rant about the "worst" LEGO Theme. I'll like to hear your opinion of Gaildor in comments below! Cheers!

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