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Dazz's Dazzling Blog

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a joint effort between you and me

alright so I've taking a course on HTML via codeacademy and one of my projects is to make a HTML and CSS powered website from scratch

what I need you guys to do is provide me with wacky 90's lego gifs like this beautiful one I inexplicably have saved



my deepest darkest secr3et

yeah ive been hiding this one for a long time but

you know that unforggetable jammester  terrev video where he throws fish around for like a minute and a half


i'm in  that

i bet you cant find me


Star Wars: Rogue One

They've just released a teaser trailer for rogue one. I'm pretty excited! I wonder what all of your thoughts are on the trailer?


test one two three

hello I've been playing around with my new PC (don't worry I'll post the benchmark results later this week) and I just wanted to try gfycat with warframe because there's some really cool effects in the game 

right now I only have one link but I'll make some more later


link 1:



Dazz used LDD for the first time in 2 years

During a completely bored and silent night I decided to download LDD and boot it up, because I wanted to toy around with LEGOs but I can't be asked to go through the giant mess where I keep my LEGOs and worlds sure doesn't have the parts for this kinda thing.

After 1 hour of toying around with ideas, I found a cool use for the horse carriage connector.



It's nothing impressive, but I like how I was able to make something cool with not alot of parts.

If you guys want the LMX or whatever it's called, I can give y'all it.


building a computer for 500$

HI GUYS today i'm gonna talk to you about me building a new computer for just 500$;, let's get to the parts:

AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-core CPU

MSI 760GMA-P34(FX) Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard

G.Skill AEGIS 16GB (2x 8 gb sticks duh) Memory

EVGA Geforce GTX 960 2GB SuperSC ACX 2.0+ GPU

Thermaltake Versa h25 Mid tower case

Thermaltake SMART 650w 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power supply

Total price: 466.66 (without shipping)


I could do a bit better with the CPU  and upgrade my video card from 2gb to 4gb but in the end for the cpu isn't compatible with the motherboard so It'd overall be more expensive than what's past my price range

as of now I have one major goal:

Run most modern games in 1080p 60fps in high settings


I'm ordering the parts today and they should come soon so I'll benchmark and give you guys the results SOON ok?




entry 2-2:2 part two redux

howdy guys

as you've probably noticed (or not let's face it lol) I haven't exactly been the most active on this forum for 2 months, (granted I wasn't exactly before but y'know i was regularly browsing) due to school and life in general. BUT after that's been cleared up I have a bunch of free time now, and getting ready to build a brand-spankin-new PC  (wow!!!!!!!!) I actually wanna make another blog about the whole process of making a new PC, and benchmarking it yada yada yada.... but for now I just wanna say hello users, and newer users!




I'm feeling inspired to do something

keep ur eyes open ppl.


Steam Autumn Sale date was released

just a quick "prepare-your-wallets" sort of deal where I wanna let you guys know that steam's annual autumn sale starts on Wednesday, November 25 on 10 AM pacific and ends on Tuesday, December 1st 10 AM Pacific


the first blog entry

howdy, I'm somewhat bored and I've decided to make a blog on here! I don't have anything really intresting to say, but I'm gonna talk a bit about undertale (no spoilers)

ok so, I'm doing a pacifist run, right???? I did the second to last boss and was a dumbutt and used most of my healing food

now I'm at the final boss, with no money to buy more recovery items, and I still don't know what to do with all the dog residue i have??????

anyways, besides that I also wanted to say that if you haven't played undertale, and are planning to, don't watch anything or read up on anything about it -- it's an experience that you definitely need to experience firsthand and let's plays/livestreams/whatever kind of ruin the magic you'll go in without knowing alot

also the music is fantastic like wow it's the most varied soundtrack I've seen from a 8-bit "retro" game

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