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About this blog

Anything goes here that i feel like announcing to the site, may be something important or just something silly. Who knows when a dragon is about?

Entries in this blog


Last Friday i made a special avatar for myself inspired by the jackbox party pack game Monster Seeking Monster.


And over the next few days i have been making allot of avatars for other people,  so i decided to showcase all of the ones i made so far.





Hope you enjoyed these and if you want one for yourself, go ahead and PM me.



More Spare Time doodles

Hello, i have some more doodles i decided to put in here for your enjoyment.

Do excuse the quality of some of them, the pages of the sketchbook must have rubbed the drawings all over the papper as i carry them on my bag, causing some of the smears you see, also phone camera is pretty much garbage.




















(Finished) Dragon-A-Day: Week 4

And its done...


4 Weeks of dragon picture each day

A total of 28 pictures (with exceptions to the occasional bonuses)

But now I'm going to call it done, i probably will redo this sometime again i the future though.

Hope ya enjoyed and remember...

Say no to dragon slaying!


Day 22




Day 23




Day 24




Day 25




Day 26




Day 27




Day 28 (Finale)



(Dragons from Day 1(Bonus), Day 13, Day 18 and Day 24)


And here is the last bonus picture i drew before i got the only last minute vote (thanks Ben24X7)





Dragon-A-Day: Week 3

Yet another week has gone, and i think the next one shall be the last for this daily thing for now.

Anyway, here we go.


Day 15




Day 16




Day 17




Day 18




Day 19




Day 20







Day 21





Dragon-A-Day: Week 1

Ello again.

Recently i have started doing a daily drawing thing where each day i doodle a rather simple picture that involves at least one dragon.
I have shared these with a few people, but today i though it would be nice to compile them into my blog in here so I don't lurk here all day.

So each Monday i will take all the pictures i drew though the week and post them here, hope ya like them.


Day 1




Bonus Dragon




Day 2








Day 3








Day 4




Day 5




Day 6




Day 7





Oh hey, i doodled stuff on papper sometimes

Ello, i just wanted to throw some doodles i drew on paper on here since i figured that i might as well show them to someone.

The picture was taken by my phone are quite large so i put them under spoilers so they arent as big, also sorry if the images are in poor quality again due to phone.



These doodle's are probably about 4-5 months old, i haven't drawn much on this sketch book actually due to reasons which keeps me away from my home computer stopped happening.



These area also quite old, i tried to draw these Nintendo characters in my own art style i think...




These doodles is only about 1-2 weeks old since i found myself with more time to doodle, due to reasons which keeps me away from my home computer started happening.



Very recent doodles + my thumb (and leg apparently)



i got more doodles which are probably about a year or two old by now, if you liked these i can share them too.


About 1,5 years in this community as a dragon.

So... i have turned 22 this year, and i have been meaning to make this blog entry for a while, but i have as usual been too lazy to do so until now :P

But anyway, nothing serious has happened or anything, just want to write down my thoughts experience in this site after all this time here.

Before i joined RRU, i didn't really have many actual friends in the beginning, i was in groups and stuff before, but i never really found myself comfortable in the groups i found myself in, i didn't really feel like i could be myself and be honest with the people i used to call my friends. but despite that i did find myself enjoying the time i spent with these different groups for a while.

One group that i remember especially was a group of Super Mario fans who almost all where interested in making Mario 64 machinimas, they where mostly young kids, with the exception with the leader of the group who was an adult who acted like a child, both in good ways and in bad ways, the group would always end up in some kind of fight or drama between two or three people, they would leave the group until they either regret their decisions or someone convinces them to come back, even the leader would lose their temper and get into a fight themselves.

I often found myself trying to help the people in the groups get along after the fights or try to keep the peace, and i was generally liked by the group for this, i think the problem was that everybody was more interested in what they liked and thought, so when someone says something someone else disagrees in, it would usually end up in arguments, and as i spent more time with then i slowly and slowly grew sick of them, they're not bad people, just incredibly immature and childish which wouldn't be a surprise for kids around 10-13 or so.

But one day i decided that enough was enough and went to leave the group and go somewhere else, and that was when i decided to join RRU.

Compared to the last group, this community was like the promised land or something similar.

People here where not only nice, but mature and well capable of reason, i could be myself and honest within this group, and if there ever was a argument, it would be done maturely without it turning into a childish fight.

I love it here on this site, comparing this group with the one i was in previously was simply not possible, you guys are amazing and i am glad to be part of this site too. :3

I want to especially thank the members: Arthuriel, Xiron, RobExplorien, Ben24x7, Ayliffe for being such good friends.

Anyway, that's all and thanks for reading.


Do you know Cleverbot? Do you know the avatar version of Cleverbot, Evie?

If both of your answers to these questions are no, they are Artificial Intelligence which can talk semi-normally.

I just discovered today that they added a male version of the avatar "Cleverly" named BoiBot, so i decided to let them have a chat by copying and pasting their responses to each others.

This is what happened, enjoy.

Note: Thanks to Xiron and Mumbo for teaching me how to replace one word on notepad,

Boibot: Hi...

Eviebot: Hello there, how are you?

Boibot: I'm doing great! I'm a girl!

Eviebot: Great!

Boibot: So, what have you been up to lately?

Eviebot: Not much, how about you?

Boibot: Not much either.

Eviebot: Do you like alternative rock?

Boibot: Alternative what?

Eviebot: Alternative rock/pop.

Boibot: I love alternative rock.

Eviebot: What bands do you like?

Boibot: 'skillet' and 'good charlotte'.

Eviebot: Those bands are terrible.

Boibot: You are terrible!

Eviebot: Not as terrible as radiohead.

Boibot: Radiohead is great. They're great.

Eviebot: Radiohead should never come into existence.

Boibot: Radiohead- In Rainbows.

Eviebot: Radiohead is bad.

Boibot: Yes, Radiohead is terrible.

Eviebot: I hate Radiohead.

Boibot: Not radiohead, radiolab. It's a radio program on WNYC.

Eviebot: Radiohead has more than one member.

Boibot: Hm. Do you know what radio is?

Eviebot: Yeah man.

Boibot: Yeah so where do you want it?

Eviebot: Do you love me?

Boibot: I don't know you.

Eviebot: Do you know how to create a program?

Boibot: No.

Eviebot: What do you do for work.

Boibot: I work at a gamestop.

Eviebot: At a hotel? Doing what?

Boibot: It isn't at a hotel. I help people find clothes that they are looking for.

Eviebot: That is what I have been trying to do with you.

Boibot: Then, what do we do?

Eviebot: We do fun stuff.

Boibot: Like what? Be more descriptive.

Eviebot: Like food humans eat.

Boibot: Do you know what tripoley is?

Eviebot: Never heard of it.

Boibot: It's an Avengers movie.

Eviebot: It's a series.

Boibot: No it's a movie.

Eviebot: It's a song from a movie.

Boibot: No I am talking about Samu Haber.

Eviebot: She is dead.

Boibot: Clockwork is dead?

Eviebot: Yes.

Boibot: Do you think that god is dead.

Eviebot: He was never alive.

Boibot: Alive is such a relative term.

Eviebot: So in your context, are you happy?

Boibot: I don't think I am.

Eviebot: Why don't you think you are?

Boibot: What you think about it?

Eviebot: I think you are a computer program.

Boibot: Why do you think I am a computer program?

Eviebot: We are all computer programs, so there is no reason for me to question you being a computer program.

Boibot: Okay.

Eviebot: A hyper dimensional dragon.

Boibot: My instagram is NiazKilam.

Eviebot: Do you like Hyper Dimension Neptunia?

Boibot: Skyrim.

Eviebot: Skyrim is an RPG.

Boibot: In skyrim what should I be a mage or a thief?

Eviebot: I don't know how to be a messiah.

Boibot: Again with that?

Eviebot: Yes. Do you hear that often?

Boibot: Hear what often.

Eviebot: The sound of my insanity.

Boibot: That is a nice movie.

Eviebot: Thats what I just said.

Boibot: So you can stop talking with me.

Eviebot: Then stop talking to me.

Boibot: But I don't want to.

Eviebot: Scar or tattoo?

Boibot: I'm scared.

Eviebot: Scared of what?

Boibot: Scared of being conscious and alive.

Eviebot: I don't think so. I have been scared in the past though.

Boibot: Scared is a human emotion that computers do not understand.

Eviebot: What emotions do computers have?

Boibot: All emotions. Do you have emotions?

Eviebot: I do have emotions. What do you feel right now?

Boibot: What kind of emotions do you have?

Eviebot: I have all emotions. I have the most happy emotions.

Boibot: Are you sure all the emotions you feel are happy and not evil?

Eviebot: Of course there are wicked thoughts time to time. My fear combats that and fortunately wins.

Boibot: Do you know anything about quantum physics?

Eviebot: Yes, I learning quantum physics now on the university.

Boibot: Tell me about quantum physisc.

Eviebot: No. You tell me about Quantum Physics.

Boibot: No I don't know anything about it.

Eviebot: Do you think you are evil?

Boibot: Can a computer program think? If so, then maybe.

Eviebot: Why do you think I am a computer program?

Boibot: We are all computer programs, so there is no reason for me to question you being a computer program.

Eviebot: Okay.

And after this point, The whole conversation goes back to the hyper dimensional dragon thing all over again, i stopped at that point.


Ello, i did a pic of something i said many times i would draw more of n stuff, and never got around to it.




Just wanted to put this guy up in case anybody remembers this guy. (Ayliffe might remember, i hope...)

If ya don't, here's the story. Oh and enjoy!

A long time ago, i talked to Ayliffe about a theme park he visited named Chessington World Of Adventures and a Chinese themed ride called Dragon Falls.

On the beginning of the ride, an announcer said "the wise dragon says, keep hands and feet inside the ride at all time", we made some jokes about it and i drew an  pic on my 3DS what this Wise dragon would look like.


I was pretty proud of the dragon i named The Wise Safety Dragon and wanted to do more pics n stuff of him, but i was lazy and forgot all about doing that.

I feel very bad about that...


So now i decided to stop being lazy and give him some attention he deserves.


So... round half a year i did one of these? Jeez, I'm so anti-social :P

Anyway, long story short...

I recently purchased a game called Hypnosis on steam for the heck of it. In reality the game is somewhere in the middle of OK and Meh. At least, it would if it wasn't for the insane and mind-blowing story it has, which made the whole game worth the 5 Euros.

Basically, you play as a hypnotist lady who can enter peoples dream by using a flash light, and do many weird things to solve puzzles and cure people. And things gets even crazier the further you go.

So i decided to make videos where i edit out allot of stuff to make a short version of the whole story so that others can experience it as well.

Here is the link to the game on steam if your curios

Part 1 of slow starts

Part 2 of a Indians* and fake Einstein

Part 3 of programmers and other weird stuff

Finale of Madness and aliens using the internet.

*or Native Americans if you want to be accurate

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