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Wow I've been away for some time.

Hey Been away for awhile because I got a new Desktop PC that is far better than my old one and have been distracted. Also started playing an MMO called Rift which is pretty cool. Anyways hope to catch up on everything I've missed related to RockRaiders. Hopefully Y'all haven't missed your favorite Energy Crystal and Chocolate Milk devouring Wolf too much. :P


(UPDATED!)Download RRWolfy's Data Biome Here!

Let me know what you think of my first biome attempt!

Update: Seems most of the things that didn't work were due to the pictures accidently being saved as 24 bit. uploaded a new version that works.

So don't forget to download the fixed version I uploaded on the 28th!

Update fixes the following:

  • Erosion tiles
  • Lava Tiles
  • Ore Seams
  • Slimy Slug Holes
  • Multiple of the alternate images

PS: I do plan to make a somewhat better looking version sometime.


Core Blimey! a new custom map!

Created a new custom map based on an idea left in my Improved Custom Map Slots thread about having raiders starting levels on both sides of the planet.

in this level they meet in the middle at Planet U's Energy Core!

Object of the map is to collect 100 energy crystals without being slaughtered by lava monsters or running out of oxygen.

Note: Map is currently untested. I will test it and upload pictures within the next couple of days.

EDIT: Just spent the last hour trying to figure out why the level isn't working correctly on the level select screen and still can't figure it out. If it works for anyone else lemme know so i know it is def something wrong with my config and not the level.

The problem is it shows up in top left corner of level select screen and with the wrong image. clicking on it crashes game...

Edit: turns out i just added it to config incorrectly.

Download: Here


Custom Map Requests!

I recently made a new Topic in the RockRaiders forum so people could submit their own custom map ideas for mappers in the RRU community to use. I wanted to remind people to go ahead and post their ideas even if they are still pretty vague. the submission guidelines were mainly just for helping determine which is more likely to be made first if multiple ideas are submitted. since none have been submitted yet there should be no need to worry about that and I encourage people to submit their ideas even if they only have a passing interest in Rock Raiders. any ideas are welcome even ones that are simple art levels such as asking for a level shaped like a cat.

Lastly if for some reason you would like me specifically to create a map using your idea you can submit it as a comment on this blog entry instead.

Original Topic

I'm currently experiencing a bit of mapper's block so thought I would post a place for people to submit their Ideas either for me or another RRU Mapper to create.

Basically this is intended to be a place where you can post your ideas for new missions in hopes that I or someone else will make them. The basic rules for requests are as follows:

  • Include as much detail as possible
  • What type of monsters should emerge and should there be any bats or slugs? How Many?
  • What buildings might you think should be pre-built?
  • What is the Mission Objective?
  • How hard should the level be, Easy, Medium, or Hard?
  • Should the level be fast paced? How long do you think the level should take?
  • How large should the map be, Small (<30x30 squares), Medium (312 - 502 ), Large (512 - 752 ), or Giant (762 and up)
  • Is there limited Oxygen?
  • Is there water? rivers or lakes?
  • Is there Lava? rivers or lakes? does it cause erosion?
  • Hidden objects/enemies?
  • Pre-placed objects/enemies?
  • any special paremeters or restrictions?
  • What Biome will it use?
  • Anything else that might be important

Remember these are only basic rules to help make your idea more likely to be made, not all of this is 100% required.


I have been meaning to bring up the idea a long time ago but kept forgetting somehow. Anyway while using the 7-zip file manager to add a Readme to the zip/7z folder after it had already been compiled it occured to me that having a program that worked at least somewhat simialr to 7zip except for Wad files instead would be extremely nice to have. What I mean by that is it would be great to be able to enter the wad files with the program and be able to see that file tree as well as to be able to extract or add/delete individual files inside the wad. It also occurred that if they think it might work anyone who might decide to make this program could posibly just use the open source from 7zip and somehow add support for wad files? I would think it may be possible since I assume the compression method couild maybe just be copied from one of the programs we already have.

Anyone like the idea or think it's possible? not sure about what language 7-zip is written in but I know I havent been able to get microsoft visual studio express to install correctly and that has stopped me from learning languages that use that.


Created a new level based off the classic game Minesweeper. It is actually a pretty large map but it should not be too hard if you are careful. Just watch out for lava!

Oh and make sure that your raiders are trained as Boat Drivers ( I forget the actual title) before you start this level because you need the Starting Raider to be able to drive the Rapid Rider to Finish the level.

PS: What I did was I used my CrystalCloning Easy Training Map to train 20 raiders in everything and then saved it as file 5 because even if it gets reset to 0% completed by a mod it does NOT reset your raiders.

Screenshot Below: (Curtesy of Heightmap Converter Beta)

Download here

Or here

v2.0 beta Here


Arctic Frenzy! New Custom Map.

I created a new level that is meant to be a sequel to Level09 (Frozen Frenzy). In this Mission you have crashed in the very next cavern due to the engine in the Tunnel Transport Icing Over. In Order to escape You must colect 50 Energy crystals while avoiding the many hazards.

Let me know what you think and please post any comments or feedback. :)

Download: Here (Or from Attachment)

Will likely add more close up screenshots later.

PS: If you open this map and frozen frenzy sided by side you can see where they would connect in the bottom corners. :P

EDIT 05 - 02 - 2014: uploaded some screenshots I made while fooling around on this level trying to stay awake. (got woken up early so Im sleepy today)

You can see them here


Choose a name for the map I had in mind.

Anyway, I was planning to make a map that uses steep height levels and wanted to name it after a famous mountain.

the easiest name to work from seemed to be Mount Kilimanjaro.

So here are the choices.

1. Mount Legomanjaro

2. Mount Kilimanlego

3. Mount Kilegomanjaro

4. Suggest your own idea in a Comment

Update: I have made a lot of progress on the map and although I have not even started on the Npl I wanted to submit a sort of pre-release version of the map so I could get feedback as well as to serve as inspiration for anyone who wants to come up with their own name for it. I attached both the regular map files as well as the mcm file this time. Also uploading a few photos of the middle/main part of the map which is about 1/3 of the full map.


Wolfy's Official Unofficial Contest HOORAY!

Basically I was planning on adding a Rock Raiders United Logo of some sort right below level 25 in my Custom Map Slots Mod (and my Ultimate Map Pack Mod as well) to separate the Original Levels from the Custom Levels. I thought it would be a great thing to have in there but, I was having trouble finding a way to make it blend in correctly with the level select screen. So after some thinking, I decided that instead of simply asking for help I would make a little contest out of it so anyone in the RRU Community could contribute! MUCH more interesting this way don't you think? There will also be a contest to find the best replacement for the Locked level images (Level"xx"G). The Reason for this is since the Level images take priority over the background, (Excluding the color Black, which is automatically ignored) if I take out all the caverns from the Custom Map Area of the Levelpick image It will allow me to more freely position the Custom Maps on the Level Select screen,but it cause the current Level(xx)G images to show incorrectly as seen in the screenshot below.


Contest Details and Entry Rules.

  • There will be 3 separate Entry types as follows;

  1. Logo (Header)
  2. Logo (Footer)
  3. Level(xx)G Image: That's the picture you see when a level is not yet unlocked.

Rules and Requirements;

  • One Entry of each type Per Person.
  • All Entries should be in Bitmap or Jpeg Format.
  • Entry types 1 & 2 must be EXACTLY 640 Pixels Wide and preferably no more than 200 tall
  • Type 3 Entries I would Prefer be of equal height and width.
  • For optimal Resize quality Type 3 entries should be no less than 350 square pixels and no more than 750 square pixels. (350 by 350 through 750 by 750)

In other words so it can be easily resized to fit a variety of custom level images.
Entries must be submitted by end of Deadline (EST Timezone)
Entries should be Named to fit the following template:

Entry(x) - by (RRU Member Name)

The x should be the entry type. 1, 2, or 3.

  • Entries of the third type should not contain any monster, vehicles, buildings, or anything else that would give it a specific theme that might not match certain custom maps.
  • Entries must be no more than 10mb (shouldn't be hard)
  • Entrants agree that RockRaiderWolf reserves the right to judge the winner IF there are few or no votes made in the poll( Poll will be posted after all entries have been received and displayed)
  • Entrants agree that RockRaiderWolf has the right to use the submitted Image(s) in any future RockRaiderUnited related content as long as credit for the image is given to the creator of the Image.
  • Entrant agrees that they did not steal the image from someone else. ( Unless or whoever has the right to the image, does not object to it being used. I will accept Images containing the logo found at the top of the RRU website.)

Once the final submission deadline is reached I will re-upload all the entries into a gallery which I will link to below and then I will add a Poll where the RRU Community can vote for the winners!


First Place Prize for each Entry Category is as follows:

  1. Image is used in my mod as the Header that separates the Original Levels and the Custom Levels.
  2. Image is used in my mod as the Footer that will be shown below the Custom Levels at the bottom of the level selection screen.
  3. Image is used in my mod as the new Level(x)G image for all the RRU Custom Levels.

All three winners will also be given the chance to work with me to make their own Idea for a Custom Level, if they wish it. It's not like I'm famous so if they already know how my help may not be needed.

Runner ups for each Category will be listed and they will also receive the following gag prizes:

  1. 1st runner up will get their very own RockWolf Tool Store Guarding Canine!
  2. An awesome Rideable Slimy Slug!
  3. Your very own Rock Whale! (Food supply not included)
  4. Your very own Lava and Ice Monster Powered Heating and Cooling system!
  5. A Tiny Rock Monster with real Energy Crystal Gnawing action! (Warning: do not feed more than one crystal per week or it may grow large enough to eat YOU!)
  6. One free ride in the Tunnel Transport!
  7. Their very own pet bat! (Sonic Blasters not included)
  8. Dynamite! (Warning may or may not be Pre-Lit.)
  9. One Energy Crystal (Warning: May be Radioactive)
  10. One Building Stud (Note: May be just a 2 by 4)
  11. One Chunk of Oreo (May or may not be a stale chocolate chip cookie)
  12. One pile of Rubble. (Tiny Spiders May or may not be included.)

Ok Good luck to all and to all a good fight! :P

May change deadlines based on feedback.

Tentative Entry Deadline: 11:59PM(and 59 seconds) Nov 23rd 2014

Tentative Voting Deadline: 11:59PM(and 59 seconds) Nov 30th 2014

EDIT: Updated the contest based on feedback of Aidenpons. Instead of a Separate category for the RRU initials logo and a fully written out Rock Raiders United logo, INSTEAD the first two categories will except both(including a combination of the two) and are specifically for choosing header and footer logos.

Note: Please submit entries as comments below and not as Private Messages.


About this Blog

I plan to use this blog as a way to post intermittent updates to whatever Mods I am working on, as well as request help on things that are lower priority. I may also post the more unimportant or rhetorical questions I may have.

Okay then, I officially declare this blog... OPEN! (Cuts big ribbon with a pair of giant safety scissors.) Anyone have some confetti? :)