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My music.

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Nick Nuwe - On Thin Ice

Surprise! It's an Irish folk song. Except it's got guns! This is probably my new favorite track of mine, even with all the repetitions (which by the way are very intentional). This track is like 80% stuff I've never used or tried before, so it's got a very fresh sound. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!





Shadowblaze's Summer Catchup

As promised, here's a single post containing some of my videos, from this summer onwards!


This is a TouHou style track I started two years ago right after finishing Champion Battle, but I remade it from scratch with my new composition style. Unlike other tracks inspired by the same source, this one is a full-fledged composition!




This one is a rather unusual track for my standards, being more focused on experimental atmosphere and ambience than anything. Melodies are very scattered and are by far the least important element here.



This is a pretty basic House track, it's nothing too extreme but it's definitely a refreshing take on such a stale genre!



And last, but not least, this is a track I made as an example to show to a game developer who contacted me. I didn't even get to send it to him, so I decided to upload it. :P It's a JRPG-syle background music with very Japanese-y elements and floaty harmonies.



And that's all! Enjoy!


Nick Nuwe - Hallows of Harvest

Here's the music I made for Halloween this year! It's a little late as the blogs weren't fully implemented back when I published this track, but better late than never I guess.


Enjoy! 🎃



I will be rolling out a couple other tracks from this summer over here in a couple days to not overflow the blogs section. :)


Nick Nuwe - Chaos Attack

The butterfly has flown out of its cocoon. Or something.


This is my magnum opus. I've never made something so complicated, and I'm really proud of it (despite the short duration). Feel free to count how many time changes there are, and what tempo this music's in. :P




I need some data and you're my focus group.

I apologize for the sassy title and blog post in general. :P


I decided after much deliberation that it's time I do a soft-reboot of my channel. After 5 years of complete staleness, it's time I actively start promoting my brand by sending some cheap EDM music to people like Dubstep Gutter and Berzox, as that's what cool people do these days.

But mind you, it's going to be just a phase. :P I will be doing what I have to until I can start making again the stuff I want, I hope you understand what I mean. Besides, it's not like I despise EDM. If it's not repetitive and unoriginal garbage like most of the releases on UKF I'll most likely see some good in it, and try to incorporate it in my style. My plan is to start making both EDM and VGM in the future, as I enjoy them all the same, even if for different reasons.


So, what I mean by soft-rebooting is: I should change my name again, to something more thought out and unique, that will sound acceptable for both for EDM and the more VGM and cinematic side of music. What I found was this name: Nuwe.

The Nue is a mythological Japanese creature which "has the face of a monkey, the legs of a tiger , the body of a Japanese Raccoon Dog and the front half of a snake for a tail" (Wikipedia), basically a chimera. It's also known for being very mysterious and enigmatic, which led to a shift in meaning of its name to "man of mystery". Now, to me this name sounds glorious. Super simple to write and remember, I like how it's pronounced, and it's got that meaning which perfectly fits what I do (many styles under a single identity, sort of like a chimera?). The only problem is that "nue" in French means naked (feminine), which is stupid.

So I used my Nihongo no kakikata no takumi to rewrite it in a less equivocal way, and got Nuwe, which is even better, because for reasons I cannot explain here it looks stylish to Japanese people. Additionally, in Afrikaans apparently it means "newer" which is a plus.


So that's the name I wanted to go with. The alternative is to use a pseudonym where the first name is a shortening of my actual first name and Nuwe as a fake surname.


I was also thinking that maybe the logo could use some tweaking. Thoughts about all of this? Any critique to make? Please don't hold yourself back. You're my focus group and I want to hear everything I can from you. :P


Shadowblaze - Mecha Brawler

Not to be confused with Mech. :P


I won't be uploading music too regularly in the next few months, even, unfortunately. I'm quite busy with school, the soundtrack I'm working on, games... In other words I won't have time to make music for YouTube and y'all in general. Sorry!




Shadowblaze - Skeletal Symphony

Ladies and gentlemen! It's the moment you've all been waiting for! The Horde of Horrors versus the Vault Hunter


This Halloween track is a proper Dubstep, with an extended intro which should remind you of typical Halloween music, so if you really hate super heavy bass stuff you still have something to listen to. If you aren't ready and you're sure you will get spooked when the bass drops, close this page now. Or don't.




Shadowblaze - Maze of Scraps

A new creepy and dark Earthboundy 16-bit music! This time I made most of the sounds from scratch instead of using any soundfont. Someone might notice that I actually showed a preview of it on Twitter, but the sounds have changed a lot since then.


Enjoy! :D




Ambiency Music and Twooter

Nothing big today, just officially announcing that I'm on Twitter, as well as the fact that SoundCloud is done. I might consider increasing my upload time someday...


What makes this video really worth it (as basically I've told you all that's in this video) is the extremely cool, 40 seconds long ambience track in the background. You don't hear this kind of music every day. Completely free of charge*, made exclusively for you.



*Terms and conditions may apply.


Shadowblaze - Hall of Worlds

Hello! It's a new music. My brother asked for it. Here it is. Yay.


"I do try to make it resemble what the music makes me think about. Namely colors and sometimes shapes" (on the Barrage blog post): Welp. That means I have some form of synesthesia. Ain't that cool.





Shadowblaze - Psychic Battle

It's that time again! Shadowblaze versus Consistent Schedules! Fight! This is gonna be a hell of a match.


A new 16-bit music with orchestra and very derpy sounds in true Earthbound fashion. Enjoy! :D





Shadowblaze - Barrage

I usually write a lot of stuff for my music on SoundCloud or YouTube, but in each one I write something different to reward who checks both of them. You could go check. :P


Enjoy! :D





Shadowblaze - One Step From Downfall

A Mega Man style music! It actually is quite far from that though, but I don't care. I like this better. :P I really enjoy the melodies here, I'm sure even who doesn't usually listen to this kind of music (electronic-orchestral-metal-Touhou?) would like it.


Enjoy! :D





I don't know how many people here actually like Ratchet & Clank or its soundtrack, but you can listen to this even if you aren't a fan of that game. But mind you, this is quite different from my usual stuff.


This is a track supposed to mimic as much as possible the style of the music from the original trilogy (the third game in particular). Enjoy! :D







Shadowblaze - Gyrant

A new music! This time it's Dubstep. Still, I didn't make that kind of EDM that sounds all the same. This tune's got some interesting sounds, including an Erhu, a Hawaiian guitar and a voice used as an instrument. :P


So, enjoy! :D




I didn't post this right away because I couldn't get on RRU for some reason. But finally I got the problem fixed (thanks Xiron and Ayliffe!).


Shadowblaze - Morning

Whoa! A new music! And it's... in Major Scale? Why? Why not?


It's one of my favorite tracks of mine, hopefully you'll like it as well. So, enjoy! :D





Shadowblaze - Dying Town

Finally, a new music! I have some more ready, so my schedule shouldn't be too random in these next few weeks.


This is an ambient track, inspired by Earthbound, as well as Borderlands (not too much though). It's got 16-bit limitations too! :D


The video should also be in a slightly higher quality, I did some stuff to make it look less blurry. I'm not sure if it worked out well or not.





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