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About this blog

Just a blog about me and my adventures in the world of game making- and playing.

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BIONICLE 2: The Game Promo Banners

Want to help spread the game's name throughout the forums? Well this is your chance! I have made some nice promo banners. They do fit with the signature rules (each is 800x228).

Just copy and paste the code into your signature:

Kiril banner:


Vahi banner:




Main Menu - What do you want to see in it?

So, I decided to take a break from modeling, and begin to make a raw mockup of how the main menu would look.


I still need something else for the button on the right bar. It can be up to two things as the exit button can go elsewhere.


I'm currently developing a game (BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui). It will be a 3D, mainly shooter game. It will also have RPG parts in which you can talk to citizens of Metru Nui. It will be linear, but after you complete the game, you will be able to free roam.

I'm currently working on some copyright issues, but so far everything is OK. (Everything went wonderful.)

Want to help? I'm currently searching for:

- Coders/Scripters (preferably with experience with Unity)

- A music composer Taken

- A 3D model designer (for the level design) Taken

- An artist Taken

- Level design ideas guy Taken

- A screenwriter Taken

- Story writer Taken

- Voice actors (see available characters below)

- Toa Vakama Taken

- Toa Nokama Taken

- Toa Whenua Taken

- Toa Onewa Taken

- Toa Nuju Taken

- Toa Matau Taken

- Toa Lhikan Taken

- Nidhiki Taken

- Krekka Taken

- Eliminator Taken

- Turaga Dume Taken

- Makuta Teridax Taken

- Turaga Lhikan Taken

- Turaga Vakama (narrating) Taken

- Tehutti

- Nuhrii

- Vishola

- Ahkmou Taken

- Ehrye

- Orkahm Taken

- Miscelaneous voices (male) Taken

- Miscelaneous voices (female) Taken

If you want to contact me, you can PM or contact me via Skype.

I will also make sure you are credited properly.

Happy building!


Hello RRU!

So this morning I noticed something I hadn't noticed. (off to a great start, ain't we?)


On other sites, blogs are a premier-only option. (yes, I AM glaring at you, BZPower.)

So I'm glad here it isn't that way.

I will post updates on what's up with the game I'm making. Cause I did mention I'm making a game, right...?

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