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Can anyone help identify this handwriting?

This may be a bit of an unorthodox blog post, but my family has been going through historical documents and found this particular one with a name we can't decipher. I just wondered if anyone here could take a look and maybe work out what the name is?

I have three 4000x3000 images below. The first shows the inside of the document itself; not pictured is the front page featuring a printed ATS badge (we're an English family). We think that the right picture was stuck in the page while the left one was added later - I've pixellated them to protect our identities as we believe one of the people in the left photo is related to us. It's that tiny handwriting in the bottom-right that we can't work out.





I thought that perhaps the middle name is Daniel, with a fancy squiggle at the end, but ultimately we're not sure. Again, if anyone is able to help then we would really appreciate it!


Con Man - Indiegogo Campaign

Where do I begin? With the incredible inspirational cast, the brilliant TV show that was such an unsung hero, the fans that carried the show from defeat to impossible success, or the new show which is being produced in commemoration?



For those unaware, Firefly was a TV show which aired in 2002 but was cancelled short by Fox in 2003. The network even shifted the pilot episode so that it wasn't shown first. It was an admittedly difficult show for many to get into, but no one who has watched more than 4-5 episodes has been able to stop themselves from becoming hooked and finishing the series. Unlike so many films and programmes, the cast weren't focussed on the money from the job, nor did they keep to themselves and perhaps a few other members of the cast. Rather, and pretty uniquely so, the entire cast became a family who supported each other through the show, preferring to watch other cast members acting their parts rather than heading off to their own trailers. They are still tightly-knitted today, more than a decade later, appearing at conventions for this short-lived TV show because they adore the fans who, in turn, adore them. So much so, in fact, that through the support of the fans the Serenity movie was made. I'd like to write so much more here, but I feel it would be better to skip straight to the point. A simple search of "firefly fans" is enough to get you started if you want more information.

Two days ago, Alan Tudyk (one of the characters in Firefly) began an Indiegogo campaign for a new TV show called "Con Man" (short for Convention Man). This show is effectively about the cast themselves, but set in an alternate universe - rather than being called Firefly, the show is called Spectrum, for example. In it, Tudyk will feature many of the encounters he has had with fans of Firefly at various conventions, as well as tell his story. You can watch their trailer here, they explain it a lot better than me...

Whaddaya want?

Please, please, please donate some money toward this campaign. I've never posted anything like this on RRU before, but the people behind this project are such wonderful people that it deserves recognition.

I don't have any money/I don't want to give any

Not a problem. Just spread awareness of it, tweet/post/blog/etc. about this incredible show!

At the time of posting, they've already been pledged over a whopping $1,200,000 (I'm sitting at about 0.01% of that!), well over the initial goal of $425,000. If they can reach $1,750,000 they are able to produce all 12 episodes of the series!

I'm beggin' ya'll, please lend your support. Thanks! :)


JJ's Avatar Comic

Hopefully some of you noticed that, over the past couple of weeks, my avatar changed through photographs I took of my LEGO Rock Raiders. I thought I'd have a little change, and remembered Xiron having a little joke by zooming in on his avatar closer and closer a while back, so thought I'd take it one step further.

I've put together the different stages of the comic strip and posted them here for memory's sake. Who knows, perhaps I'll do one again in the future?


I did a lot of Photoshop work on each panel, in particular to darken the background so that the main characters stood out in the small avatar space. Maybe someone will recognise the font too?

Also, the eyes aren't Photoshop'd. Back when I bought my first Rock Raiders set, my dad (an artist and model painter) offered to paint on red eyes just like in the game. I love it :D


Vector Raiders - Concept

I've been itching to get back into modding recently, and while I have been working behind-the-scenes on some new content for Rock Racers, I thought I'd go back to an old 'project' I start a while ago. I had the idea of retexturing LEGO Rock Raiders into a vector-style environment, using just single colours with two tones of shading - a single shadow colour and a single highlight colour.

Below are the Solid Rock and Ground textures I've produced as examples of the modification I have in mind. I've never textured before (Rock Racers, on the whole, involves taking things that have already been made and editing them), so I can't say it's good, but I like it.


You might want to click on the above image to get a better zoomed-in version.

The textures are currently 512x512 resolution, but obviously being vectors they can be scaled much larger if necessary. However I felt 512x512 is adequate. Additionally I think the tiling has worked well, as they fit nicely together while still having clear division lines.

So, whaddaya think? Should I make some more or is it not worth the effort?

Update 08/01/2014: Here you go aidenpons, I've made some Dirt Wall textures, and also Rubble. :D



Does this look more promising?

Update 13/01/2014: As mentioned in my latest comment below, I've added Loose Rock, but haven't fixed the colours on any of the other textures yet. Loose Rock is basically the Dirt texture with bigger rocks and no gaps, just as in the game it is a slightly more compacted form of Dirt.



Poor Face-Melted Miniature

Firstly, this is based on a status update I made so I'll just copy over the background story of it...

I help run a Warhammer 40,000 club at our local primary school. One day after a session we had a look through the models they had painted...

...That's when we found this poor chap.

In typical RRU fashion (oh people here are so brilliant), insanity took over. I've made this blog post as I wanted to save the resultant creations in one place, it was a great laugh :D

Firstly, the original:


Next, Arthuriel recreated it in this beautiful masterpiece. His details are captured so well:


After which he further PUN-ished the face-melted model:


And finally I took it a little too far and made a GIF animation:



I had a few ideas for a Flash game for LEGO Rock Raiders, however whether or not I'll make one I haven't decided. I did recently decide for certain though that I'd like to see how an LDD-to-POV-Ray rendered character would look animated, and below are the results. I basically used the same programs and decals mentioned here to create a few dozen renders of Sparks in different positions, and strung them together into a simple application where you can move him around using the arrow keys.

Note that the reason he is so small (32x32 pixels, you may need to zoom in as I forgot to prevent scaling) is that I figured it would be handy to have it set up in case I did decide to make a grid-based (Android, most likely) game.

Check it out here.

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