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Originally created due to database errors

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Here's one I did.


I still want to see If I can dig up some older ones I remember doing. We're talking about something only playable on one of these:






I recall there was a particular funny scene of a LEGO helicopter coming in for a landing hanging from a string, when suddenly a mounted bulletin board accidentally falls down and crushes the whole town.


A SERIOUS Lego Ninjago Poll

I had some serious internal struggle trying to find out my feelings about one of LEGO's most serious IPs. So I made this serious poll to get some serious answers about said serious topic. Maybe you guys can get me off the fence.


A few weeks ago I started writing a blog entry but then never finished it. Today I remembered it but was too lazy to finish it but HERE IT IS ANYWAYS. It was basically me just being bored. perhaps I can provide some laughs with my sorry excuse for writing. (YAY SELF LOATHING HUMOR)


"This is a rant. Yes that means I, Yajmo, am not only bored, but also ANGRY. 

Chapter 1: Bad Fish

It all began about a year ago when a young and naive Yajmo received a Lenovo edge 15 laptop on his birthday. "Wow" screamed Yajmo "I can't wait to try it out." The handsome lad swiftly installed Google Chrome and began to surf the seas of the internet. It a was a few hours later when the brave Yajmo noticed something quite jarring. "Gazooks!" whimpered Yajmo "There be ads here!" These ads were different from standard advertisements on the internet. Yajmo could tell that these ads were from malware. After some sleuthing Yajmo determined that the source of this malware was none other than the Lenovo company itself. (gasp)

(Ok, I'm tired of writing this in third person)

So anyways the malware was called Superfish and wass pre-installed onto several Lenovo products. Apparently there was some lawsuit about the program and now Lenovo's doing damage control and even has a guide on how to remove the program on their site. Jeez Lenovo What were ya thinking?

Chapter 2: Stomp

Fast forward about 10 months. Comp gets stomped. Mad pain points are felt within. In the end I guess the only one to blame is Lenovo myself. Oops.

Immediately after the stomping I rush the comp onto a stretcher and begin to do damage analysis. There is no signs of any cracks or scratches, but when I press the power button... Nothing. "NOOOOOOOO its all over! Its bricked" I thought. Then I notice a light illuminating on the laptop indicting signs of life. I rush over to my TV and plug it in to it via an HDMI cable. I gaze into the blackness of the TV and then into the blackness of the computer screen. A few seconds pass but then there it was on the TV, my desktop. I momentarily celebrate. The computer is not totally dead. The only non functional component of the laptop is the screen. My celebration diminishes as I recall that replacing/repairing a laptop screen is no joke and can often cost a fortune lot."


To be continued but not really unless something weird happens


MOC Mario

So forever ago I began an MOC. Then I gave-up on it. Then I un-gave-up on it. (wat). After many cycles through these states, hopefully it will have been worth the weight wait.

Here it is



A while back I had to write a satire essay for English class. It was supposed to be following the structure of this satire: http://art-bin.com/art/omodest.html

Recent shout box activity reminded me of this essay so I figure I will post it here. Its a bit wordy and confusing but it was supposed to be. You guys might get a kick out of it. or you might kick me


Instruction and schooling stands a decidedly imperative benefit to the sound presence of a well fabricated social order. However, the specific standards that have been long since essential for the curriculum of a student have, disappointedly, in recent years become deficient. This year unambiguously has provided many days of precipitation, particularly frozen. These periods of this meteorological conditions, prevent attendees of courses from undertaking their attendance of courses and thus they cannot acquire completely that knowledge that is mandatory of them for the designed curriculum. Fortunately these problems will be no longer encountered after if society seriously considers restructuring much of the English language.

To resolve the complications of having no remaining time to work, one must simply remove the negligible actions that keep them occupied and distracted from what an enriching education. The first step is the removal of any teachings of grammar and spelling from the school systems. Non-profit studies by the Institution of Educational Careers in Technological Advancement done in government funded educational schooling establishments have shown that 75.312% of schools have a literacy prose unit which is taught. The mandatory standard curriculum nevertheless has no requirements regarding grammar and therefore any teaching of it in these schools is one of the mentions distractions. Therefore any existing schools that fall in this 75.312% should be restructured and refocused. This change would allow for an educational experience which has more time to focus on preparing students for standardized tests.

Along with the change of grammar and spelling within teaching procedures, is there overall acceptance of discrepancies. Nearly the entirety of the guidelines is restricting, and the enforcement and correction of them requires precious time that could be used to educate students. The same can be said with spelling. The production time and in some cases value can increase exponentially because of the social obligations the public has imposed on them. Several sources agree that ones that enforce grammar with a stern hand are comparable to Nazis with their unacceptance to any alternatives and thus have earned the title “Grammar Nazis†from several respected sources of the World Wide Web’s nomenclature. These practices should not continue as they are both insensitive and encourage a slow work pace. Instead a rather lighthearted approach should be taken on grammar and spelling. Constructing sentences is much more efficient when features such as tenses are more liberally used. Also alternative spellings which abbreviate word dimension are to be encouraged and praised.

A study done by the University of California has shown that when two individuals were to express the same phrase on a piece of paper the one which corrected grammatical errors and spelling mistakes took up to 4.556 times longer than the one who used the recommended efficient methods. Nine of ten teenagers also claim to use these methods occasionally on cellular devices. Once these methods are passed as acceptable, work will be done at a much quicker pace in all classes of education and in all workspaces. Some may possibly debate that these approaches will provide for a very confusing communication between individuals. New research has discovered though that persons aged four to six have no complications communicating in this manner so it should not impose any difficulties to any individual beyond the age of four.

To help lead even more efficient lives, and classroom activities, I propose a simple innovation in communication. This improvement is a new punctuation which would take on the following appearance: “»â€. This punctuation is referred to as the boost. The boost indicates the reader or speaker to read or recite more rapidly. This accelerated pace would help students gather information from textbooks faster. Along with the inclusion of this punctuation, comes the retirement of another. The comma as it stands is an often used punctuation notifying the reader to stop. This pause is justifiable at least in punctuation such the period which separates sentences but not in the comma. Experts estimated that over 13% of a person’s life time is spent pausing in between clauses at commas. These clauses gain nothing from this break and the suspension only litters treasurable time. Most commas would likely be replaced by the boost or just no punctuation at all as none is in point of fact necessary at that moment.

An experiment was done at the Corporation for Fast Thinkers and important data points are shown below.


“I’m going, to, make him an, offer he, can’t refuse.â€


“Im gona mak him an» offer he cant refuse.â€


The improved variation had a 43.4% quicker verbal retirement and was quicker to write.


“Toto, I’ve got a ,feeling, were not in, Kansas anymoreâ€


“Toto» Ive» gota feelin weren’t» in Kansas »anymoreâ€


Subjects had more fun saying the second boosted variation


“Let’s eat, Grandma!â€


“Lets» eat» Grama!â€â€


The meaning of the sentence was lost The improved variation was quicker to say and more efficient.

As one can see» the results do not lie and the » boosted speech is much more beneficial as the efficiency in the classroom will be likely to triple.

In the future»if these actions are implemented»as this very text demonstrates» then the educational systems will prosper and in circumstance complete the entire curriculums perhaps months before the previous par. Any days of education missed due to» inclement weather will become negligible. Some may argue that there are better ways to do this that do not involve the liberation of grammar standards but all proposed »methods showed clear »signs before they were even half developed. One suggests that schools actually become stricter on grammar at a younger age to help build an alleged foundation for their later years too prevent the confusion that caused the grammar unit to need to be reviewed. “This is encouraging people to be Grammar Nazis†says Mike Godwin “It is not humaneâ€. Other solutions were also suggested such as making a more flexible curriculum in the case of an unforeseen event. This idea is»with all due respect»preposterous. The standard curriculum is a well-designed respected and sophisticated entity that has been perfected over many years. To modify this would be a massive insult.

& so i end my moldest proposal wit a cal 2 action» join the cause to liberate »grammar & if you ever» make a» mistake» don’t go »back »and fix cause th is is the 2014 and is the yeer right now of efficiecys beginin and its not lik ppl cant undertand wat ur talkin bout wen u ms. spell. This is a resolution and will help »maked the schools better» and everyday»life and technologie» and science and you shood take the respondability to take action in your school. Talk to ur principla about liberating grammar & helped »your school.


I modded Lego Racers 1

Ladys and Gentlemen, after many countless nights of hard work, I am proud to present to you the best mod to ever formulate on this this material plane.


Lets take a look at some of the features. :glasses::glasses: :glasses: :glasses: :glasses: :glasses: :glasses:

Many of you players complained that the boats on Imperial Grand Prix were too boring. I mean really, boats in water..., so cliche..... Lucky for you, we fixed that.


That's right, the boat is now on top of the mountain.


PSYCH! the boat is now phasing through the mountain. :glasses:

A lot of players were also upset of the lack of plumbing problems in LR1. Lucky for you we remedied that.


Looks like some one clogged the toilet. :glasses: wow so cool.

Another issue which you all complained about was the lack of chassis customization on vehicles. Im proud to present that the YAJMOD mod allows for any where from 0 to 9001 wheels on your chassis.



Wow, look at all those wheels. :glasses: :glasses: :glasses: :glasses: :glasses:

That's about all I can show you for today for this mod, It should be ready for release by 20XX. Before I go though, let me show you one last thing.


That's right, YAJMOD allows for player to have pet pirates which you can take for walks. :love:

In 20XX, I'll take my money in cash. :glasses:


Happy Halloween!

In the holiday spirit dressed up to a costume party yesterday.

I hadn't a costume for the party that was in a few hours but luckily was able to throw this together and get there only a little late.


edit: i fixed it :)

I put some temporary red coloring in my hair but it wasn't very noticeable especially in the lighting of the picture. Also I couldn't manage to find a skateboard :/

Overall,I think it turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself. :af:


"Sorry I Noob"

Hey there,

I wanted to send a huge apology regarding the recent events.

Please allow me to explain myself and my intentions if that is okay.

I saw the Forum post titled "I am the real Infomaniac" and my initial response was to have doubt as this person could have been anyone. I honestly thought that this person was a troll... I was starting to respond when the thought struck my mind that if this person was a troll then they would look for the person they are bugging the most and follow them around. So i wanted my account Yajmo to not be affiliated with the troll.

This is where i made my first mistake, I made an alternate account... SantaClaus

My wish was to just post something bringing up the suspicion for others to see and be on my way, however I foolishly got involved with the shout box and soon there was a bit of an uproar.

This uproar was not a good thing to happen when a new member joins and I am deeply sorry to Wes and the other members of RRU. I should have just left the forum post alone

Sorry that this is typed so poorly i wanted to get it out as quick as i could. Also note that this is not a duplicate title of my first blog post. Noob and Newb are very different things and this time i was the Noob


The Faces of Duplo

I was looking at some of the old Duplo sets and thought some of the faces on the Duplo-figures were a little bit unsettling.

Theres this one:


which bares a striking resemblence to this face which i've seen spammed places(uh oh am i partaking in the spam?):


And then there's this duplofigure:


The smiles on these are so... i don't know, its probably just me. Some reason to me they both look like they would kill me in my sleep or something and all the while keep the smug look.

Also look at this duplo baby rattle:


It looks like that web-comic parody of Donald Duck called Dolan:


If you haven't seen Dolan before , I dont recomend searching it up because it will probably ruin your childhood in some way... Just don't, its nasty.


"Sorry I Newb"


Hello! I just joined this community and this my first time writing a blog so bare with me here.

In my younger years i did not have any gaming systems so that led me to rely on the computer if i wanted to play a video game. Recently i came across my stash of old games and among them were the games this site is dedicated to. I went to relive some childhood with Lego Island which was probably my first video game ever. However this plan did not go smoothly as many computers have trouble running these games as you all know.

So whilst searching the internet for solutions I came across Jamester and Lair you tube accounts and videos which made me realize that a fan base for these old Lego games exist. So i just wanted to thank the two users for introducing me to the fan-base.

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