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3 AM doodles

y'know that thing? yeah that thing that got abruptly cut off in 2013 because reasons but still haunts me endlessly, eternally


I never draw stuff but for some reason tonight I thought I'd doodle some stuff related to a place in that which I was gonna ditch anyway as it totally didn't fit anything about the game - the theming, story, related gameplay, etc were all super out of place with everything else. I had an experiment with the city layout and a few other things in-game, maybe a few people who I sent screenshots to over skype back then still have 'em. though back then the area mostly revolved around restoring power to a huge lighthouse, and that later became a smaller abandoned nuclear lighthouse somewhere off the coast.


the other core ideas have always remained pretty solid though - a gas bomb went off in the sewers beneath the city and it's turned the citizens into very alpha team-esque drones, the only people not being affected being those with gas masks/airtanks. initially those were the city's firemen, but then I thought it'd be cool to have the "firemen" be baddies with flamethrowers. so picture a big cubic city filled with colorful fog/gas and tank-like robots with big beefy speakers rumbling through the streets to keep the drones pumped up.


you'd use the oxygen buff of some airtanks to enter the sewers (which I also mocked up a few times, they were awkwardly linked to some desert catacombs - I was reaaally trying too much at once) through the gas and do some diving in there, and... the rest is fuzzy as it was around then that I realized the story/world was trying too many different things at once and a lot was up in the air. somehow in trying to find the source of the gas you'd be led to the castle-themed half of the world, and from there off to space, with a lot of convoluted nonsense along the way. yeah it was dumb. the world's been boiled down a lot since then (even though I haven't actively _worked_ on it for almost 3 years now lol), but I still like some of these ideas for this city. so anyway tonight I doodled some stuff about that, sorta merging them with some super half baked ideas I had for a space area.


reminder that I pretty much never draw stuff ever and these were done at 3 AM




now you see why I don't draw


"bonus": oh what do you know I do actually have some screenshots of rough layout/scale tests here. again, these were ***only*** for getting a sense of *how big* things like roads, tunnels, etc should be and *where* they might be - and nothing else.


actually it's just two screenshots


just roads and those desert catacombs I mentioned


yeah there was also this small desert ghost town on the same island for some reason




yes that's a freaking huge record player placeholder. I don't know what that was gonna be for. the streets keep stepping down (though it's hard to see given how rough the visuals are) with a pier at sea level where the lighthouse was (you can see that in the distance at least)


and no buildings there obviously




yeah looks like crap, but again, I never got as far as putting actual work into visuals, besides a few lego models like minifigure stuff. pretty much all the work went into coding actual functionality (I actually got quite a ways and had a lot of stuff working!... even if the code was a poorly written load 'o crap!), and figuring out the layout of things, since that's crucial in a game that focuses on the relation between overworld areas w/ player built towns, and how those affect the underworld/dungeon areas beneath them.