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So throughout 2013-14 my life didn't really allow for any sort of creative work. Frankly it was a sort of creative hell. The only time I had to myself, without anything going on or the danger of anybody interrupting me with some totally unpredictable shenanigans, was late at night. But 2-3 hours late at night (say, from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM) still wasn't enough to work on anything creative (like, say, making games) - it was just enough to relax before another day of having people in my face and doing weird things and getting stressed out.

But now it's 2015, and I have space and time to myself.

All day.

Every day.

What the hell do I do with it.

I'm still in the mode of "get through the day, work late at night". It's currently 2something AM as I type this, my brain is buzzing with things to do in regards to a certain game project I haven't talked about except to a few people yet (it's been in the works for quite some time though), I'm itching to start the day's coding, I'm in productivity mode, 100%.

But I need to get to bed because I'd rather not become totally nocturnal. (I've been slipping towards 3, then 3:30, then 4...)

So I wake up late-ish in the morning, goof off, walk outside, do nothing in regards to this stuff I want to do - and then just a few hours before I go to bed, my brain shifts gears into "let's make a freaking video game".


I need to self-impose a schedule. Hour to hour. Can you guys just.. yell at me or something?

I need to work on this thing early in the morning. Maybe even first thing. That worked well before. Then keep going until I hit a block somewhere, go for a walk, think about it, maybe do internets. Ingest food somewhere along these lines. Attempting to do program-y stuff late at night is what pushed my sleep schedule to be like this in the first place, there's always just that one quick thing you could do and THEN go to bed...

Oh and I'll have an actual physical studio soon enough, shared with my dad. Its own little separate building. It was once a mobile office at a car dealership or something but we're turning it into a studio. It's gonna be awesome. Filled exclusively with techy stuff and LEGO.

Maybe that'll help. I'll get up early in the morning, walk over to the studio, work there - away from mostly everybody else - do my thing, and come back here in the evenings and goof around with friends. I was able to do something like that a few months ago and it worked very well.

Yes. This will work.

Also I hope you guys like in-depth minifigure customization. Seriously you'd better freaking appreciate it.

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