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A blog of photography, writings, and artistic actions.

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The Ace Railgun

The Computer Update Blorg

So I am currently in the process of updating my computer, and after the recent drama I figured a computer blorg would be fun. Several friends (Alcom, @noghiri, and an IRL friend) have helped me compile a computer parts list to make a long lasting and powerful computer (that can handle VR), with enough storage to last me for forever (or at least 'till I use up 3TBs) here's my final part list, if anyone wants to check it out.




I will be posting pics of the build here in this blorg once I receive them all as I am ordering all the parts today, and hopefully they will come within a week give or take.


Edit: went with 16GB of RAM and a 1070 Gforce graphics card

The Ace Railgun

Conlang Blog (Hatsui Language)

Lately I've been working on a language I've dubbed Hatsui, which translates to summer, It is literally called the Summer language, or Language of Summer. It will be spoken by a people who speak a different language each season, Harvest (similar to Autumn), Summer, and Waterrise (similar to Spring). Each language will have similarly designed characters, but with different styles, to be similar to what the people experience in each season.


I haven't fully fleshed out the Conwolrd, though I'll likely get at least as far as the world's politics, maybe some science terms and history, etcetera


Here are the characters for Hatsui, (I based the name Hatsui off of the Japanese name meaning "born in summer" btw, which is Natsu)




There are a couple parts on here where it's just me experimenting with different brush/marker/pen types, and languages names, and various words. To see what language sounds like.

(see upper right hand corner)


The odd characters that look like an upside down y, an M, a n fused with a J and a fancy f are International Phonetic Alphabet characters, which can be easier to use for more complex sounds when  putting the character's sound below the character.

The Ace Railgun

Thu'll Number System and College Finals

Well, I finally had the time to scan what I had of the counting system for Thu'll, and it's Final exam/project time here in the US (for those at college) so i've been working on that too. For my Sound Design class we had to completely mute a clip and replace all the sound using various pre made clips and foaly clips(making our own sounds).

My current timeline:


(that long downward line is all sword strikes :P)

Which was pretty fun, then for my Lightwave 1 class we had to model and finish various objects ranging from dice to Tricycles.

An unfinished version of my project:


And finally I got to create a basic 1-10 counting/number system for my Thu'll language.


So yeah, it's been a pretty hectic week, and having doctors appointments every week doesn't help either :/ (Gender therapy takes forever to get through).

The Ace Railgun

Thu'll 3rd and 4th Character Sets

Well it's not finalized, about 90% of these sets are finished, but I thought I'd share my progress on it anyway. Also, I just thought i'd mention to my actors in ProjectHane that they will have to at least practice their pronunciation in Thu'll, as this is the language that will spoke throughout a majority of the series. Once the dictionary has been completed I will be creating a pronunciation guide, and will try to make it as helpful as I can.

Thu'll 3rd and 4th character sets


The Ace Railgun

The Wonderful World of AMVs, and MADs

AMVs, or Animation(Anime)MusicVideos started out as a cult back in 1982, and the very first AMV was created using a very violent clip from the anime Space Battleship Yamato mixed with the Beetle's song "All You Need is Love".

There are 3 types of AMVs/MAD (MusicArtDance)

Beat sync - AMVs that sync the motion of the music to the these make up a majority of AMVs

Lyrical sync - They pick clips from one or more shows and sync them to the lyric of their song of choice

Mood sync - Using effects the editors of these types of AMVs will manipulate the mood of a series of scenes to fit the mood of the song

In the end it's always about motion, and music. Whether it's motion of emotions, motion of lyrics,

Here are a few AMVs that are great examples of the various types.

Spirit Rush - Mood Lyric, and Beat Sync

Keep Your Eyes Open - Lyric, Beat, and Mood Sync

Teenagerrrrs!! - Beat, and Lyric Sync

I'm so Classy - Beat and Mood Sync

Programs that are often used include After Effects, Sony Vegas, Premier Pro Photoshop, Illustrator, and Final Cut Pro X.

The Ace Railgun

Thu'll Language concept (Part 2 Fur'Dae)

Another set of characters for the Thu'll language has been completed! (sort of) This is the second level of Thu'll characters also known as Fur'Dae. I wanted to focus on making the characters and sounds more complex, yet keep the same flowing nature of the Dur'Dae (First set).


The blotched out characters are ones I didn't like, and the ones that are still in pencil are ones that I'm still not sure about.

The Ace Railgun

A Language concept (Thu'll V2)

I created this language during my spare time between classes, It's still a concept so more characters will be added and some changed. When I started this language I wanted to experiment with different combinations of sounds in a single character such as "tchet" (pronounced "cheht") or "suhe" (pronounced "shueh"). The first set of characters are called the Dur"Dae (Base) characters, and unfortunately my English handwriting is not at it's best. Probably due to the fact that I don't use it that much....


The Ace Railgun

First "Real" entry...

Ok I really had no idea what to call it so there you go... Q.Q Anywho I was experimenting on Inkscape, Gimp, and Picasa for a class project and came up with this wallpaper. Now the writing below the quote is D'ni and translates to Kerath the Great. I am also doing some Myst based artwork for my art class and a lego (specifically Bionicle) stop-motion type video. There won't really be any logical story to it but it will have a story...somewhat...Okay maybe it's just an air battle between Makuta and Toa but still it will be Epic...Or some one will pay...

Here is the Wallpaper:

It is also attached as a download for those who want it :P


Seriously though Why?

So many red underlines...

I'm fading away...

The Ace Railgun

Introduction and prologue

Shorah! (A greeting in D'ni), Konichi'wa!

Well I have decided to start a blog. This will be a first for me since I am not usually much of a blogger but here in this blog I plan to post photographs I have taken in class, any Video Editing or Animating projects, and Novel ideas to share with the RRU gang. I hope to get some good feedback from you guys. I almost forgot the most important thing I am going to share I mean what is a blog on a Lego site with out Legos? I'll also just simply post random funny thing I either think of or create. Hope you all enjoy my blog!

Please do not post any racist, sexist, insulting comments within the blog. Also please follow the forum rules as well.


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