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Today was my first day working for Amazon.


Looking behind the scenes it really hit me how much presence they have in modern society.


Anyway yeah, I have a job at Amazon now. I like it. 


I thought i had more to say


I'm exhausted


Of masks and monsters

The skeleton villains in Bionicle 2015 brought with them a cool new collectible: golden masks that were partially transparent. I really liked this, but only four were made. Tahu and Gali got left out. Nevertheless, I was dying to know how these masks were used in the fiction.


As it turned out, these masks represent the golden masks after having power drained by the skeleton enemies. A cool idea, but one that didn't really get used much. One episode of the web animations was dedicated to Lewa losing his mask and the others getting it back, though oddly it turned BLUE when drained of power rather than the correct green. Pohatu and Onua both lost their masks and immediately got them back, so losing them had no impact, and Pohatu didn't even have his drained. Kopaka didn't lose his mask at all, despite hashing a drained version in the skull warrior set.


I don't really know what point I'm making, I just find it odd. They make new dual-color masks. Only four of the toa get them, and only two show up in fiction, only one having any impact the plot. And then they color it wrong.


It's just odd.


Thoughts on LEGO Dimensions

So yeah, I was actually looking forward to Dimensions, believe it or not. The absurd price tag was a huge turnoff, but I bit the bullet and bought it anyway.

I just finished the game. It wasn't the longest, but considering I played the entire thing straight through with no breaks, I think the length of the game was sufficient. So was it worth the price?

Eeeeehhhhhh. I did enjoy it, a lot, while I was playing. But now that it's over I'm really feeling the hole it blew in my bank account. Looking back on it, it just doesn't seem like there was that much game there. Sure, there are 15 story levels, which is good. But one of the biggest draws of the LEGO series, the huge roster of characters, is completely absent. You only get 3 characters in the base game, and the rest much be purchased. This doesn't really bother me THAT much- after all, that is kind of the point of the game. But lack of characters me lack of unique abilities, abilities REQUIRED for 100%ing the game. I dunno, I may be missing something, but it does not seem like you can 100% the story with only the base set. THAT is complete BS right there, and it is the biggest source of regret for my purchase. I was always quick to defend the game, saying that it's still a complete game without buying any of the expansions, but it seems I was mistaken. Then there are the hub worlds, which I had to waste my limited data on downloading an update for the game (on launch day!) to access, only to be told that I still can't access them because they can only be entered by a character from that series. Two of these worlds weren't even represented in the story!

Oh and on a similar note, though this isn't a huge deal but I feel it's worth mentioning. I felt like most of the franchises were only there for the sake of being there, and didn't really have any significant impact. For the most part it was "LEGO Batman, Doctor Who and Portal: The Game". They made a big deal about getting the original actors for a lot of the voices but very few characters had more than a couple lines of dialogue, and for that matter I'm pretty sure all the Ghostbusters's voice clips were taken straight from the movie. Again, not a HUGE deal, but I had to mention it.

I want to like this game. It's enjoyable, and just taking it by itself I really do like what's there. But to have SUCH a huge upfront price, only to have SO MUCH content that requires EVEN MORE payment to unlock, really takes away from the experience. Do I regret buying the game? Maybe a little. I don't regret PLAYING it, that's for certain, the time was well spent. But the money, not so much. I would love to recomend the game if it was but a little bit cheaper, or had but a little bit more content in it- but as it stands, it doesn't, so I really can't say it's worth it. I wouldn't say to avoid the game completely, but do think really really hard and make absolutely sure you want it before making the investment.

And that's my two cents, or rather, my 100 dollars. 


Coming Soon


Just a little quick sketch I whipped up to promote a project I'm working on.


I don't see why you would be. There's nothing about this image to suggest anything intriguing. But I guess that couldn't be helped.

Oh sure, I COULD have posted something more informative but where's the fun in that?

Also: Sorry I've been slacking, Nog! I'll get back to work I promise!


Sweating the small stuff

Note: I typed up most of this entry over a week or two ago, I've just not posted it for reasons I'll elaborate on in the post itself. Just putting that out there for context.

As I type this, I'm lying awake in bed. Unable to sleep. Worrying. Stressing. About what? I might not know. Maybe I do, but I won't say, because whatever it is I can guarantee it's stupid and not worth stressing over. But I do anyway. Why? Because I can't not.

I happen to be highly autistic. I try not to let it define me, but it's definitely a prominent facet of my character that cannot be ignored. Lots of things make me uncomfortable, things that would not bother another person, things that other people tend to not even think about at all.

There are many examples, too many to remember and most so small that even I don't think about them unless it's what's currently bothering me. But I can cover the major ones.

There's the organisational aspect- if things don't line up right, or if things are in the wrong order, that's a huge problem. The most prominent issue I have with this, and one that seems strange and insignificant, is when two things that are supposed to be the same are different, but only slightly different. Generally if the difference is significant it bothers me less, but if it's just a slight inconsistency THAT's where it gets me.

Since this is a LEGO forum, I'll use that as an example- can't mix old and new greys, I'm not alone in that. Lot's of people hold to that rule. But it also extends to bricks of the same color that are in different states of wear or slightly faded. Even when they're identical in every way, but manufactured in a different year so the little markings on the underside that most people don't even realize are there are slightly different. It's usually not significant enough to notice, but I do. When I was a child it always drove me insane that my brother would build things using both LEGO and Mega Bloks in the same model. I didn't care at the time they were different brands (I do now), but the colors didn't match. Stickers? If even one is only slightly crooked it ruins the whole set. If I have two of the same minifig and the printing is slightly off on one of them, that bothers me. When I'm putting a set together, I have to pay extra careful attention to make sure that the "LEGO" that's engraved on the top of the studs is facing the correct direction.

It's gotten to the point where videogames, something that should relax me, that I should enjoy, do the opposite. It generally has to do with records. The more things a game records, the more it bothers me, and as technology advances more records are kept. A game records the date on which you accomplish something? That bothers me. Records how many times you've played a certain mode, or how many of each enemy you've defeated? That bothers me. Keeps track of which character/vehicle/equipment you use the most often? THAT bothers me. Some games try to make your copy uniquely your own, and I hate that. I don't want my copy of the game to be any different than anyone else's, even if the difference is only in little insignificant numbers tucked away in a sub-screen that no one looks at. I know they're there, I can't ignore them, I hate them.

This "almost but not quite" thing is probably the worst of it. I can handle when things are completely screwed up. I can handle when things don't match at all. I can handle complete chaos- what I can't handle, is when something looks so close to correct that most people wouldn't even stop to consider that it might not be. I do. And I notice the subtle inconsistencies, and they eat at me.

Then, on the other hand, there's the social aspect of it.

This part I'm having a lot more trouble putting into words.

I am always worried about what other people think of me. I am always terrified of upsetting or offending someone. I'm always worried I might say or do something that someone else doesn't like. I try my best to avoid confrontation, and when confrontation happens, I try to get out of it as quickly as possible while also watching my words carefully to make sure that I don't say anything that I might regret later- but I'm a bit slow, so that doesn't usually work that well. It takes me longer than most to properly formulate my thoughts, and when put under pressure I sometimes spout half-formed ideas that may not fully express how I actually feel. Then i spend days, weeks, hell sometimes years afterword thinking of what I should have said, and worrying about when those things I said will come back to bite me. Little interactions that most people forget about almost immediately, they stay with me forever. I just can't take it sometimes. I know, objectively, that I'm probably fine. That most of the things that I worry about have been forgotten by everyone else.

However, that's not to say that I'm always in the right. I know that I can be pretty abrasive sometimes. I'm stubborn, and have trouble letting things go. I sometimes speak out when I shouldn't and end up causing the very situations I try to avoid. I can be petty sometimes. I'm sorry for all of this.

That said, it's likely that most of the situations that I can't forget about afterwords are not nearly as big a deal to everyone else as they are to me. I try not to let it bother me, I really do, but it doesn't work like that. These feelings just cannot be ignored.

Even typing up this blog post, I can't help but worry how people will react, if I really want to be saying any of this at all? Even after spending as much time as I did trying to word it as best I could, there's probably parts that I will continue to stress about how I could have said it better. In the end, though, I think it needs to be said. I need to get these things off my chest, and I would like people to know what things are like from my perspective.

I'm not asking for anything from anyone. All of my problems, they are mine and no one else's. I just needed to say something. Maybe now I might have one or two less things to stress about.


The Fall of the Slender Man


I just posted this on another forum, and since i took the time to write it up I figured I might as well share it here as well.

Here goes.

When you were a child, what were you afraid of? The dark? The boogie man? Monsters under your bed? Of course you were, all children are. While your specific fear may have been different, you still feared something. It could be specific, it could be abstract, but it was there. It lurked in shadowy corners, behind shower curtains and under beds. Something was out there, something was after you. Why? What did it want? We didn't know, and it didn't matter. It wanted to "get" us, and that alone was enough to scare us all.

Now, what does this have to do with the Slender Man, you may be wondering?


First of all, what is the Slender Man? I'm sure you all know, but I'll go over the basics anyway. He is depicted as an unnaturally tall, unnaturally thin man in a jet-black suit. His arms are not normal arms, usually replaced by waving tendrils. And he doesn't have a face.

This last detailed has become his most defining trait but is also one of his most overlooked, because there is a reason behind it that most people miss- but that's not really important now.

He stalks children and kidnaps them, and has been known to prey on lost travellers in remote areas.

The character first appeared in a series of photoshopped images made for a 'paranormal photoshops' thread. There were other impressive shops in the thread but the Slender Man quickly eclipsed them in popularity. What did these photographs depict him doing, that could be so shocking? Nothing. Nothing at all. He merely stood in the background while other things were happening in the foreground.

Which is how it should be.

See, this is what made the character so great originally- he didn't do anything, but he was always there. Always waiting, always watching. He was, through and through, the very embodiment of a child's fear. He was the boogieman, he was the monster under your bed. He was the thing that went bump in the night, the creature in the shadows waiting to 'get' you.

His generic, nondescript appearance, utter lack of motivation, and general vagueness of the character made him essentially a blank slate onto which we could project our own fears and insecurities- and it was terrifying.

Unfortunately, what was is not longer what is.

So after the original 'shops, a few other people got in on the action making their own images with the character, and each one was better than the last. Unfortunately, as the library of images grew larger, more people started to notice, and a terrible thing happened- he grew a fandom. And nothing ruins a great story like a terrible fandom...

You ever read fanfiction? It's usually terrible. There are some good fanfics out there, but in general fanfiction is poorly-written and fails to capture the spirit of the franchise on which it is based. Now imagine an entire franchise that consists of nothing but fanfiction... yeah, that's what we're dealing with here.

The issue is, most people don't understand why the Slender Man is scary, so they try to make him scary, which actually works in reverse. They stick him in with insane cults and supernatural phenomena and other 'scary' stuff, and it only hinders him. Someone made a GAME about the character, which features him actively chasing you. Which is not how it's supposed to be. He's supposed to follow without chasing, staying in the background. If you're running from him, that's a problem, because you know were his is (behind you) and what his is doing (chasing you). Suddenly, it's not as scary. You know what the issue is and what to do to solve it (run). Not knowing where, when, what and how is much, much more frightening than anything any writer can come up with, because we will fill in those gaps with whatever we fear the most. The best part of the character was his vagueness, and that is slowly withering as his 'fans' continue to try to define his traits, motivation, abilities etc.

We've now got a split between two extremes, those who take him way, way, way too seriously, and those who can't take him seriously at all anymore. The latter group has reduced what was once one of the scariest things on the internet to a laughingstock, a punchline at the end of an overused joke. Granted, some of the stuff is pretty hilarious, but it still makes me sad that this is what the Slender Man has become... though it's not as bad as the other group, who goes around stabbing their friends because they worship the character as some sort of god.

There's nothing I or any of us can do except hope that the fandom dies and the character either is forgotten or returns to his previous state...

Fandoms. Will they ever learn?

Leave the storytelling to people who actually know what they are doing.


Why can't I finish an RPG?

I play an absurd number of RPGs. It's probably my favorite genre. But I can't help but notice that, despite the amount I have played, I have finished very few. A total of 4, in fact. The World Ends With You, The Last Story, Fire Emblem Awakening and Pokemon X. That's it. Now what have I played, but not completed?

The first 6 Final Fantasy games

The first three Dragon Quest games and DQ9

Every Single Pokemon game

Every Single Fire Emblem game

All three Mother games

Super Mario RPG

the first three Mario and Luigi games

Chrono Trigger

Kingdom Hearts, KH Chain of Memories, KH 358/2 Days, and KH Dream Drop Distance

A few Super Robot Wars games

and probably a bit more that I am forgetting.

...Why can't I finish ANY of these games? I don't get it. I love them to death, play them obsessively, then just... stop. I don't get it.

The ones I finished... well, Awakening and Pokemon X were huge drops in difficulty compared to their predecessors, so that's one factor. TWEWY was simply incredible, I couldn't put it down. The Last Story was a bit eh, but I think the actiony-ness of it kept me engaged (combat was in real time) and the customisability of the armor made me obsessed with collecting new equipment. ...but these are not things unique to these games. Kingdom Hearts has real time combat, but I could never finish those. Most Pokemon games are easy, never finish those. Most RPGs in general have engaging narratives, but I never finish them.

...I don't know why I decided to rant about this out of nowhere but it's suddenly bothering me.


Prime Time

I've always loved Metroid Prime. It's always been one of my favorite games. So you can imagine I was ECSTATIC when I found a copy of Metroid Prime TRILOGY for super cheap at Gamestop recently.

...Some context. There are 3 Prime games.

Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Prime and Echoes are both Gamecube games, and play very similarly. But Corruption is on the Wii and has a unique control scheme.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is, as you can guess, a collection of all 3 games on 1 disk. In addition, the first two games have been redone with Corruption's control scheme. It's incredible.

...However, it was a limited release. So copies of the game are both super rare and super expensive if you can find one.

But I managed to find one, in mint condition, at Gamestop for about $45.

So I bought it.

And decided to play through all three games. In order.

I'm currently about 1/3 of the way through Echoes, but I've been ranting about the game so much I decided to organize all of my thoughts in a blog post.

Here is my experience so far.


Prime will always be one of my favorites. The game is brilliant. It perfectly recreates the metroidvania formula in 3D.

After an epic opening sequence, in which you face off against the first boss, find out that Ridley is still alive and has been rebuilt with cybernetic implants, lose all of your suit's abilities, and escape an exploding space station, you are dropped on an alien planet with no direction other than that you should find Ridley.

From this point you explore the planet, known as Tallon IV, looking for upgrades to restore your suit to full power.

The plot is never directly told to you, but hidden in scan logs scattered all over the map. If you want, you can ignore it completely, because all you really need to know is "upgrade suit, find Ridley."

The only bad thing I have to say is that to get the 100% ending you have to fill up your logbook completely, and some scans are one-shots that if you miss them, tough luck. And some of them are things you wouldn't even think to scan. I missed the 100% ending because I didn't scan Flaahgra's tentacles. I scanned Flaahgra, just not the tentacles. >_>

Otherwise, I just love the game. End of story.

The sequel, however...


Now I'm only about 1/3 of the way through this game, like I said, but already I just want it to be over. Unlike Prime, which felt like a true 3D Metroid title, Echoes just feels like a generic FPS with a Metroid skin.

Now, from a technical standpoint it has improved over the first game. The lighting and textures are better, etc. But the gameplay is far inferior.

First of all, the map is boring and poorly designed. Prime had several areas that connected in different ways, and overall was a very irregular layout but one that still fit together very well. Echoes is a triangle. Three unique areas with one "hub world" in the center.

Also, it introduces a new gimmick: A dark world.

That's right.

Another map that is identical to the regular one, but darker. Joy.


The dark world DRAINS YOUR HP merely by being in it. Unless you are in a safe zone, which are thankfully very common, then your HP restores very slowly.

So, navigation through the dark world consists of running to a safe zone, waiting for your HP to refill, then running to the next one. Rinse and repeat.


The entire game is a giant fetch quest. In each area you have to find keys to get into the temple and fight that area's boss. It's very formulaic, tedious, and repetitive.

To make matters more annoying, your weapons now use ammo. Weapons that are required to navigate the map and exploit enemy weaknesses, can run out of ammo. And they run out very quickly.

Echoes tries to have more of a plot than Prime. And by more of a plot, I mean the exact same amount of plot, only now it forces you to sit through cutscenes and tedious dialogue to tell you things that, in the first game, you could figure out on your own.

The game reuses a ton of enemies from Prime, only they try to pass them off as new by giving them different names and descriptions. And confusingly, the enemies that have the same names look different (though still behave the same). What.

I have to say, Echoes isn't really a BAD game. It''s definitely better than many games out there. But compared to the first game, it's very... disappointing.

I haven't started Corruption yet, but when I do I'll have updates. I have played the game before in the past though, and it's much better than Echoes, so I cant wait to start it.

...That is all.


Why I freaking love the Mixels

You may have notice that lately I have become COMPLETELY OBSESSED with LEGO's new Mixels line.

Here's why.

1. Cost

These sets are VERY cheap. Most decent sets LEGO makes cost upwards of $60, and the cheaper ones are generally pretty boring. But these sets are only $5 each- and for the price, each one is a pretty decent model. I hear about the 'golden ration' a lot in the LEGO community, that when you divide the price by the part count of a set anything under $0.10 per piece is a good deal. Every Mixel contains 50 pieces or more, making them all at or below the golden ratio.

2. The pieces

For how cheap they are, these sets contain a surprising amount of really useful parts. The ball-and-socket joints are great, and the sets contain all sorts of plates, clips, rods, etc. that have many many uses, especially if one is into micro builds. Oftentimes small sets like this contain very few parts with very limited uses, but that is not the case here. The only parts that are not generally useful are the eye pieces, and even those are good if you like making larger scale animal builds. If you don't like the cartoonish characters, don't think of them as model kits, think of them as expansion packs for your LEGO bin, cause that's what they are: A bag of tiny functional elements.

3. Collectibility

OH MY GOD I am addicted to anything collectible, just ask the boxes of Pokemon cards laying around my room. This line, rather than having a few large sets, consists of a crapton of small sets, released in waves of 9 each. Only the first wave is out so far, but two more waves have been confirmed, and I suspect more will soon follow. I just feel so compelled to buy them all, and I suspect I will eventually. Yeah, not everyone likes that, but I do.

4. Personality

These models have a lot of character. They are bight, colorful, expressive and every one of them is unique. I like that. I think they have a certain charm to them.

5. Combinability

The main draw of the Mixel line. I used to love LEGO's old Technic figures- Bionicle and the like. One of my favorite things about these old sets was that, if you had the right ones, you could combine them into one big epic super-model. Sure, you can do that with any LEGO set, but they encouraged it with instructions for official combiner models that actually had a role in the story, that were unique canonical characters. I haven't seen that recently, but Mixels are bringing it back. For any two Mixels you buy, there is an official combination you can find on the website. You don't need specific ones- every combination is valid. The entire line is built around combining the guys in different ways. That is awesome.

Yeah, I've heard a lot of woe directed towards this line. Most of it towards the show that goes along with it. There is a simple solution to that- Don't watch the show. I agree it's not quality TV, but I'm willing to put up with it if it means that LEGO keeps making sets like this.



How the SMLC is ACTUALLY constructed.

Hey all, I just finished my own recreation of the Small Mobile Laser Cutter and thought I would share my thoughts on it.

First of all here it is:





(EDIT: Just noticed I forgot the yellow "V" plate on the back of the laser. oops.)

Both of the models posted on this forum (by PeabodySamn and Oboe Shoes) seemed to assume the teal on the back was a solid mass, but it's actually two seperate pieces that are not attached.

So what's so ming blowing about this?

Well, see the gap between the laser and the chasis on the front?

It's also on the manual image.

And both models lack it. So what did I do?

You ready for this?




I have to thank PeabodySam and Oboe Shoes though, their models helped me figure out a couple sections that were confusing me.


Textures pls

So I decided to go ahead with it, I'm starting to put together a texture pack for Minecraft using the LRR textures.

I've been resizing them down to 16x16 and it actually looks surprisingly good.

I've still got to edit them to tile vertically but that shouldn't be too hard.

Another issue is what goes where. For example, the 'Dirt' texture from LRR makes a crappy MC dirt texture, so I used 'Soil/Cavern Floor' instead. I tried using loose rock for cobblestone but it looks bad, same with rubble as gravel, but I think I can fix that one.

But more to the point of this blog, I need more. The textures in LRR are not diverse enough to cover all of the materials in MC. I need Grass, I need bricks.

So what I need, is textures from OTHER Lego games. I know that they have been extracted, as people are messing around with them, but I don't have any other then the LRR ones.

So could someone provide me with the textures/tools to extract them?

the Racers and Island games are top priority, but if they don't cover everything I guess we'll have to move on to others. Eh.

Have Island's textures been extracted? I haven't seen anyone messing around with those.


Help is appreciated, thanks in advance.


It is my birthday and I drew a picture


/u/Radar_OReilly_AMA is my new Reddit account that I just made today so that my reddit cakeday lines up with my IRL one.

I intended to post this to reddit to get all of the karma, but, IDK what subreddit to post it in. Probably either /r/gaming, /r/nostalgia or /r/lego.

So yeah, as of today I am 18 and legally an adult US citizen.

Also Pokemon Origins is out in English so that's cool. Gonna watch it as soon as I get the chance.



Really TT?

So I'm just playing LCU when...


Oh? What is this I see?




And the lights... why use the hinge blocks if they are attached to THE WALL?



WTF is this bullcrap?

So recently I was in the toy isle of a local store looking for some cheap Transformers toys (oddly enough I did not find any. The entire store contained not a single transformer. Odd. Though I did find a LEGO set the resembles Optimus Prime).


While I did not find what I was there for, I did run into a bunch of toys that were just blew me away (in a bad way.)

Let's start with the bird-pocalypse, shall we?

I hate angry birds. Despise it. So It appalled me how many toys there were angrybird-themed.

Check it out:


Angry birds Hot wheels


Angry Birds K'nex LEGO ripoff


Angry birds STAR WARS JENGA!?!?!?

I'm not imagining this, am I?

I think I just borked my brain.

And speaking of K'nex's LEGO ripoff, we have this.


I actually read about this in Nintendo Power before it went under, but still. WHY NINTENDO? My kart looks better than these and these are actual official licensed merchandise with custom parts made for it and it is worse than something I threw together in LDD in an hour or two. WHY NOT SIGN UP WITH ACTUAL LEGO? It would assure some level of quality at least.

And on the topic of LEGO's competitors, we have this hodgepodge of MEGA BLOX licensed sets.

I have no comment.


And lastly,



Dafuq. I Don't even, like, what even IS this?

Bah toys. What have you been doing while I wasn't watching?



Today was my last full day of school. Exams are next week, but those don't count.

Well what has happened the last two weeks? I'm not sure, really- my mind is clogged from all the things that happened in the last two DAYS. Well, specifically one thing, that being the German comic.

I STILL CANNOT FIND THE OTHER HALF AND ITS KILLING ME and I literally cannot think of anything else right now.

I wrote this out of obligation but it's lacking in content. Hopefully I will write more once I get my mind sorted out...

EDIT 1: OH YEAH! In a few days my friend is going to sell me a few old LEGO games he doesn't want anymore. I'm not sure what all he has but I'm excited to find out!


Oh, it's been two weeks already? Definitely snuck up on me there. (Guess what? Chrome's spell check insists that "snuck" isn't a word. Chrome user, try it. Type in "snuck" and behold the dreaded red underline.)

Ehem. SO.

What's new in the life and times of Fush?

Well I've bought several DLC maps in FE Awakening. I have the Lost Bloodlines pack and the Smash Brethren pack. I have enough credit left for one more map pack but can't decide on one.

Also, as mentioned in my last status, the music. These DLC maps have legacy music, returning themes from previous Fire Emblem titles. I love it. But as I just discovered, while you can replay a DLC map as many times as you like after clearing it, the music gets replaced with a generic "random encounter" theme. BS. I love the DLC, I love EVERYTHING about Awakening, so don't let this one complaint reflect poorly on the rest of the game. But this is BS. I payed for that music, dammit!

Speaking of Awakening, I am currently on chapter 25, which is the last chapter before the final boss. So almost complete. I just can't seem to get motivated to finish it, which is why I've been playing DLC to procrastinate.

Soon, though. Very soon.

Haven't really been playing much of anything lately. A little Castlevania, a little Fire Emblem, and that's it really.

I'm planning to start LPing sometime soon. I gots the software required, and I think I've decided on a game to do first, all i need now is to find a mic. I might have to buy a new one off Amazon if I can't find one around the house.

Other than that there isn't much to say.

I feel like listing a few pet peeves, so I'll do so now.

1. When people do not capitalize proper nouns.

This is my biggest pet peeve. I can let it slide if it's just some dude on the webs with poor grammar overall, but when they do this on national TV it is out of hand.

2. A few very specific English mistakes that bug me for some reason.

Among these are:

-Saying "could care less" rather than "couldn't care less

-Saying 'dead as a doorknob" instead of "doornail"

-Pronouncing "cavalry" as "calvary"

Removed third one. I think I was probably correct, but I don't want to evoke another one of my pet peeves by claiming that people are doing something wrong unless I'm absolutely sure that this is the case. So playing it safe.

Well i just had to vent that.

I'll have you know my list of pet peeves could go on for pages. I've thought of compiling a list and posting it all at once, but I think I'll do this instead: Post a few with each update.

Well that is all I've to say.



We have weapons! [MOC]

So remember that "Quadrupedal Mech" I posted a while ago?

I said that I wanted to make a spider-tank but since I forgot to give it weapons I made it a 'recon unit' instead?



I deleted the cockpit, leaving the legs intact, and built up from there.

The cockpit is now ugly as s*** since I had to make it smaller to fit the guns in there... I can do better, I know, but I was lazy.

I'll fix the cockpit eventually. Hopefully.


I need to make a thread for these things. Maybe I'll do that soon. I have all the smaller models to upload, but I keep putting that off...

So yeah, just wanted to show that off.


EDIT: I have continued work on this model, and made some major improvements.

Here is the most recent version, as of 05/02:


See comment below.


Biweekly Update #2

Well I want to be the kind of person who, when I say I will do something, I see it through to the end.

Still haven't quite gotten there...

The point is, I said I would force myself to blog every other friday, so here I go.

Surprisingly little has happened in two weeks.

Oh wait.

Make that, "unsurprisingly."

Well what can I say?

Well first I think I should mention that I deleted the first update because it kind of got to me... but I'm over it now.

Progress on DR is as slow as ever. It's probably better to not even mention it again until I have something significant to show for it.

The Metroid obsession passed pretty quickly. I got stuck at an annoying boss in Super and kind of lost interest, beat Zero Mission again (the game is ridiculously easy, I should see if there's a difficulty option next time) and since my brother took all the Prime games, I couldn't play them. Sure there are other games in the series but why bother? I've beaten Fusion already, II is boring, and Other M is just... no. Not even going there.

Point is, I ran out of fuel for that obsession too quickly, so now I'm sort of just drifting. I haven't yet latched on to another franchise.

Oh! But I did start playing Avalon Code. That game is severely underrated. Needs more love <3

Since it's only the single game, with no other installments, it's not really applicable to the whole phase thing, but I'm still playing it semi-consistently. Not obsessively, though.

(when I latch on to/obsess over a franchise I usually play all the games I can simultaneously, hopping from one to another when I get bored with it.)

Anyway, good game.

Yeah, I don't want to oversell it so I won't shower it with praise, but if you have a DS you should definitely check it out. If you feel like it. You'll like it. I should stop now.

So... Still haven't beaten Awakening. I'm on a chapter which is not fun at all, if I could only skip it I'd be done by now. It's not terribly difficult, either- plus all my units are way stronger than they should be, due to my excessive grinding. But as it stands I'm not motivated at all to go through this tedious, unfun chapter. Even the couple times I have attempted it, I was in such a rush to get it over with I end up making an incredibly stupid mistake that gets one of my units killed.

Not. Enjoying. This.

So despite how much I love said game I've kind of stopped playing it consistently. It's frustrating though, since I was (and am again) so close to beating it- and yet I still have not.

But I digress.

Anything else to say? Well I would like to post those small MOCs I mentioned some time. Not in this blog, but maybe soon.

and... I can't think of anything else. I'll just end it here.



Writing dialogue

Well I took a walk just before.

When I walk, my mind is free to wander.

When my mind wanders, I write dialogue. Yeah.

As my mind was wandering, writing subconsciously, I thought up a few things that might make for a witty status update.

A lot of things, actually.

So i thought, hell, this will never fit in a status update. Better blog it.

Okay so first of all, it's an emotional scene-

scratch that, back up.

First of all, I don't want to talk about the plot or content of what I wrote. I hate being vague, but I will have to.

So anyway it's an emotional scene after an important plot point (vagueness ahoy!) which in and of itself worries me.

It's hard to generate emotion in an audience. Especially the emotions you want.

Sad, emotional scenes can either fall flat or become unintentionally hilarious if not done well.

I really, really hope I don't go that route.

I noticed while writing that, much to my surprise, the characters kind of developed themselves.

So i have my antagonist, right? And up until this point I had literally not given him much characterization at all save for, "he's evil, m'kay?" But as I'm writing this scene, this guy's lines just flow naturally from nowhere, at suddenly, much to my surprise, I now have an antagonist with a personality. One that I had not expected. Weird.

See, this is why I do all my writing while walking. I always seem to do it best that way.

But of course this brings back my first point. While the dialogue may convey this guy's personality well to me, I don't know if it will do so to the audience.

One way to find out, though. I need to have someone proof read it... probably my brother, he's an English major.

I like writing. I don't think I could ever write a novel or anything, but stuff like this I can do.

Oftentimes (such as just today) I'll be writing something and find that I've written myself straight into a horrible cliche. I hate when this happens. I'll write something that, despite being a perfectly reasonable and realistic thing to say in a situation, is so horribly, unforgivably cliche that it kills the entire mood of the scene.

Then I have to do a mental backspace and start over, making sure to steer the conversation in a direction to where it won't come up.

I hate when that happens.

And it happens a lot, since the subject matter I'm dealing with borders terribly close to it.

Fate vs. Free will... oh, how I loathe this subject, and how I loathe myself for writing my story in such a way that it became an integral part of it...

I have to be very careful when addressing this issue so as to not do the things that annoy me about all the Fate vs. Free Will stories I've heard... So many cliches to avoid, so so many cliches...

This particular scene, thankfully, has nothing to do with the fate vs blah situation but it still had it's cliches to avoid.

The other challenge, larger challenge really, was that this scene, while an emotional character moment, yes, also serves the purpose of exposition. (to many commas)

And several times the antagonist's lines trailed into a monologue and I had to remind myself "hey! you're hero's kind of BSODing right now, 'kay? There is no way he's just gonna sit and listen to this!"

So here I have to keep things short, tell the audience exactly what they need to know at this point, in a natural and realistic conversation. But there's so much to tell... I'm working on determining what is essential to know at this point and when (and how) I can fit in the rest...

Well that's what I had to say. Felt like sharing.

Anyone happen to need a writer? :P

Just asking.

(P.S. Yo Tahmira, hey, yeah, I haven't forgot about the BIONICLE script. Just so you know.)

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